Low Frequency Inverter 48v Manufacturer

Partner with Leeline Energy – your trustworthy solar products supplier. 10+ years of experience and a network in 150+ countries. The ESTABLISHED supply chain system is there to help you buy a low-frequency inverter 48V! You EXPERIENCE a sales surge and trust buildup with our standardized solutions. 

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Premium Low Frequency Inverter 48v Features

Leeline Energy KNOWS your low-frequency power needs. Your sine wave inverter journey starts here! Our INVERTER doesn’t rely on a single ability, as it has the following features:

Dual Output

Our low-frequency inverters come EQUIPPED with dual output for smart load management. This MEANS it can connect two outputs independently.

Not only this, but On-the-Go USB helps MANAGE them like never before. It ALLOWS downloading data, updating software, and rewriting parameters. Satisfied customers advocating for your BUSINESS.

Advanced Technology

Get ready to be BLOWN by our double CPU intelligent control technology. Give an excellent performance BOOST, making real-time monitoring a breeze.

But wait! How can we miss boasting about our LCD display? It allows customers to take more CONTROL over power frequency in low-frequency inverters. Ultimately boosting your sales with POSITIVE reviews from inverter evangelists.

Dedicated DCP Chip Design

Our pure sine wave inverter technology comes with a low-frequency toroidal transformer. What does it mean? It provides the SAME power frequency and better operations.

COMPLIMENTED by our tested dedicated DCP chip design. Customers enjoy the same power frequency and STABLE operation. You get happy customers that spread a positive IMAGE of your BRAND. 

Full Protection

Pure sine wave inverters featuring high-efficiency MPPT controllers. It provides all AC power and DC voltage PROTECTION. The most sought-after capability in solar low-frequency inverter technology.

On top of that, battery auto-restart and WIFI/GPRS monitoring are there to SAVE the day. Who doesn’t love a free REP boost? With this president-level protection, customers leave the best reviews. RELIABLE SOURCE of energy, making you their first choice. Boosting your revenue and credibility in the market.

Battery Smart Charge Design

Our pure sine wave inverters are PROTECTED against a 3X power surge. Ensures a dependable power solution based on 2-5KVA capacity. AUTO RESTART, OVERLOAD PROTECTION, and more for an awesome battery power system.

It is coupled with a battery-smart design and extends service life. Enhance the product’s APPEAL, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and USABILITY. 

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Advantages Of The Best Low Frequency Inverter 48v Services

Sufficient Inventory

Sufficient Inventory

We have tons of INVENTORY on hand 24/7, flowing through every ship channel under the sun. That’s your ticket to staying in front of the pack and being flexible in your Low Frequency Inverter business.

Always being stocked up gives your BUSINESS a safe, snug, and steady boost.



You place ORDERS without the hassle of any MOQ limit. And that’s a quick win to keep your inventory costs low. Only purchase what you need for the project, which is a clever way to MANAGE your budget.

This flexibility allows your business to run SMOOTHLY according to the market demands.

Strong supply capacity

Supplier evaluation

Choosing low-frequency inverter 48V suppliers is like PICKING the right partner. It’s about good prices and high-quality products – fostering a lasting relationship.

We ensure you get a steady supply, VIP treatment, and extra care in times of support needs. All this HELPS you dish out top-notch services to your customers. No kidding!

Leading Technology

Top Technical Capability

TOP-TIER photovoltaic module production is at the heart of our operations. It guarantees high energy efficiency. We’re tech-savvy and constantly upgrade our know-how to stay ahead of the game.

This keeps your solar business well AHEAD of the curve. Earning you praise and admiration in your industry.

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

WORRIED about costs? Not with us! We believe in SECURING the fairest prices to deliver top-notch products. All that without burning a hole in your pocket.

Matching consumer needs and boosting your market share becomes a walk in the park. With our support, you stay COMPETITIVE in the market.


Short lead time

You see a LEANER inventory and heaps of saved storage space. Experience a NOTICEABLE spike in product quality – especially crucial for heavy-duty industries.

Skyrocketing yield rates and shrinking operating costs. And with our quick turnaround times, experience business runs as SMOOTHLY as butter.

A Wide Range of Applications













Low Frequency Inverter 48v Production Line

Our SPECIALIZED low-frequency inverter 48V production line employs cutting-edge technology. We adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring efficiency and reliability. All this is for top inverters with no hassles and MORE customer trust.

Product Parameters

Input Voltage(DC)12V12V24V24V24V
Nominal Voltage220VAC
Voltage Range154-265VAC (AC Model);185-264VAC±3V(UPS Model)
Rated Power800W1200W1600W2400W4000W
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Transfer Time<8ms
Bypass ModeYes
Saver ModeYes
Input/output ProtectionCircuit Breaker
Charging Current25A30A28A40A65A
PWM(Optional) controller Voltage15VDC-30VDC30VDC-60VDC
MPPT(Optional) controller Voltage15VDC-150VDC30VDC-150VDC
Maximum PV array power400W800W1600W
Maximum PV array open circuit voltagePWM:30VDC, MPPT:150VDCPWM:60VDC, MPPT:150VDC
Maximum solar charge current60A
ProtectionsOver load, over temp, over charging, battery low, battery reverse connect, high AC voltage etc.
LCD indicator statusAC input voltage, AC input frequency, PV voltage, PV current , Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery voltage, Load current

Power Up Your Brand with Low Frequency Inverter 48V Solutions! Boost Wholesale Success – Request a Quote Today!


Fill your inventory with our high-quality and low-frequency inverters. We have all the necessary CERTIFICATIONS, including CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO14001 & CSA. Enhances customer confidence and expands your business market share.

Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

The EXCELLENCE of our low-frequency power inverters is guaranteed through rigorous quality checks. Your business builds a strong image from our safe products.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

At Leeline Energy, we are your TRUSTED sourcing partner and procurement ally. With a decade of excellence, we know our game. We have the infrastructure, manpower, and industry insight you could ASK for.

Our supplier’s low-frequency inverter 48V presents a SIGNIFICANT opportunity for increased sales. COST SAVINGS through our RELIABLE sourcing process. Attracting and keeping those LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Say ciao to the headache of juggling MULTIPLE pure sine wave inverter suppliers. Thanks to our low-frequency inverter 48V witchcraft, we connect customers with factories. Ensure that your purchases make the utmost sense.

What motivates us to undertake this? Well, to make your dreams come true. You PUMP up your market share and grow your business profits. Trust us, it’s a win-win.


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Dealing with the niggles of low-frequency 48V inverter transactions? It can be a real pain in the neck, right? That’s where we come in. We REDUCE dodgy quality issues, late deliveries, and creeping transport costs.

Time for you to say goodbye to those operational migraines by shifty partners. Let’s switch gears to make the game all about beefing up those PROFITS, shall we?


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We get our hands on the best low-frequency inverter 48V manufacturers. We’ve got quality covered, and professionalism is a certainty! Trust us to understand your every need and tackle any issues like PROS.

Come on board. Let’s create value at each interaction. Our products are the absolute WINNERS for taking your business to new heights. 

standardized procedure

Leeline Energy’s wholesale low-frequency inverter 48V procurement process is clear, consistent, and standardized. Every project adheres to the HIGHEST level of service from start to finish.

Trust us in delivering top-notch quality and reliability in everything we take on. All you get is wowed CUSTOMERS, standardized products, and next-level market status.

custom solutions

We understand your UNIQUE low-frequency inverter 48V needs. We suggest personalized product or service options that ALIGN with your requirements.

So, let’s team up for custom solutions that are tailor-made for your customers. All this helps you GAIN trust and attract recurring customers.

Our Payment

Enjoy FLEXIBILITY and trust in your transactions. We offer multiple payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. It all ENSURES a secure and worry-free experience.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

Get the BEST bang for your buck with top-notch product specs, quantities, and quality. Our market research and competitive intelligence are the best in business.

It’s about making smart choices that help your Low Frequency Inverter business grow in the long run. Maximize your Brand SUCCESS chances with data-backed decisions. 

  • Supplier Management

Let’s take your supply chain to the top by evaluating and monitoring Low Frequency Inverter 48v SUPPLIERS like a hawk. We go through hundreds of them!

Make your business more resilient and efficient. OFFER affordable Low Frequency Inverter, attracting a wider customer base.

  • Contract Negotiation

Let us handle the transactions like a pro with our expert NEGOTIATION. We’re all about keeping things legal and fair.

It keeps your business safe for long-term growth and successful partnerships.

  • Order Management

Have you ever felt like juggling hundreds of balls at once? That’s what MANAGING orders can feel like. Consider confirmation, tracking, changes, and cancellations as good to go!  Get premium PACKAGING and inventory confirmation like none other.

We’re sticklers for standards and eagle-eyed when spotting potential issues. A smooth-running supply chain that KEEPS your operations humming and your clients grinning.

  • Logistics Coordination

Don’t worry about logistics coordination. We HANDLE the nitty-gritty of transportation, warehousing, and distribution of Low Frequency Inverter 48v. And we do it in style.

BOOST in operational efficiency.Happy customers basking in the glow of reliable and punctual deliveries. You expect less DELIVERY COMPLAINTS, strengthening your reliability. 

  • Installation Support

Ever bought something only to REALIZE you have no idea how to install it? We’ve all been there. That’s why we provide top-notch Low Frequency Inverter installation support with easy-to-follow instructions and handy videos.

This way, we take the STRESS OFF your customers and rev up your order turnover rates. The cherry on top? A shiny reputation for your business and a big fat tick in the success box.


How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our Low Frequency Inverter 48v Factory

Our low-frequency inverter 48V factory is a state-of-the-art automation unit. We are all about MAKING top-notch products in our production unit. Showcase to your customers our versatile and reliably built products. You LEVERAGE overwhelming customer trust and business.

factory inverter

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Say GOODBYE to drab and dicey packaging. We prioritize safeguarding your goods with delivery partners like DHL and FedEx! Your customers will be OBSESSED with your brand and be back for more of your fantastic products.

inverter package

Successful Project

inverter case

Slash Your Energy Bills Today with Leeline Energy’s Innovative Solutions

Leeline Energy is the name of CHANGE in the energy sector. Yeah, we don’t source boring, run-of-the-mill solar solutions. We sort and provide CUSTOM-BUILT solar solutions for low-frequency inverter 48V systems.

Need proof? CHECK OUT our recent gig in Malaysia.

So, this local engineering lad, Rayyan, came to us. He WANTED a custom-built 48V low-frequency inverter system on his site. Bashful, he was not.

Alright, we said. We GOT this. Being all brainy, our engineers precisely UNDERSTOOD what the Malaysian market needed. And so, we rolled out our top-notch 48V system for killer ENERGY efficiency.

But that’s not all. This baby was DESIGNED with low frequency to ensure stable AC power output. It is just the PERFECT solution for the energy demands of our vibrant Malaysian friends.

We didn’t just emphasize quality; we made it a BIG deal. Our German-grade controllers have advanced features. So, they take safety and longevity seriously to PROTECT against DC power surges.

And the cherry on the top? Thanks to our state-of-the-art inverters, they CAUSE a significant slash in energy expenses. We included high-performance lithium batteries in the package. They meant a UNINTERRUPTED power supply, securing peace of mind for the end-user.

As the results popped up – drastically lower electricity bills compared to PREVIOUS bills. Our Malaysian partners couldn’t help but be impressed.

This success story sure makes us a HOTSHOT in the energy solutions world. But more than that, it highlights our commitment to the most efficient solutions. In Malaysia and more than 150 countries, we’ve got you COVERED.

inverter case
What our CUSTOMERs say


I’m OVER THE MOON with the low-frequency inverter 48V service! Leeline Energy, you guys are absolute champs. Energy INDEPENDENCE = dream comes to reality. The inverter’s performance? It BLEW me away. Integration? Seamless with my off-grid system. Thanks a bunch!

Loyce J Guss

Leeline Energy rules the solar scene! Their GAME is all about reliability and versatility. These dudes are epic and KNOW their stuff. The powerhouse inverter design effortlessly HANDLES my house’s off-grid power needs. The impact? Everything runs SUPER breezy. Big thanks for delivering a product that TRULY stands out!

Tammy F Pickett

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Low Frequency Inverter 48v

    1. When should you use a low frequency inverter?

    The low-frequency power inverters are suitable for larger appliances and motors. They use a robust design ideal for large motors, off-grid, and backup power systems.

    2. Should you leave your inverter plugged in all the time?

    It is unnecessary to leave the low-frequency inverter chargers plugged in all the time. Doing so can result in more power consumption. Turning the low-frequency inverter chargers off when unused is better to conserve energy.

    3. Can we charge a solar inverter battery while using it at the same time?

    In general, charging a solar inverter battery while using it simultaneously is feasible. However, it’s crucial to check the specific model’s specifications. Some inverters may have restrictions or recommendations regarding concurrent charging and discharging.

    4. How do you assess the quality of a solar panel and a solar inverter?

    You can check the quality of a solar panel by its efficiency and certifications. Besides that, researching product reviews and manufacturer reputation can also provide valuable insights. This way, you can better understand their performance and longevity.

    Enhance Your Brand’s Energy Efficiency with 48V Inverters. Wholesale Opportunities Await – Inquire Today!

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