80w Solar Panels Manufacturer

Take time to SEE how we MANUFACTURE the 80w solar panels. 10+ years as TOP-NOTCH solar suppliers. Strict QUALITY control. DELIVERY of WORLD-CLASS solar panels. All for your WORTHY business. Let your SOLAR BUSINESS on the top. ENJOY YOUR SEAT as a market leader. 

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Premium 80w Solar Panels Features

We offer tailored 80-watt SOLAR PANEL solutions. Get idea design, required power, and desired quantities now! 

High energy yield

Bifacial cells have an 18-21% MORE efficiency. A SHUNT RESISTANCE prevents power LOSSES. EXCELLENT low-light effects produce ENERGY in shading conditions as well. 

Delivering such a HIGH-efficiency SOLUTION is not the PRIZE for consumers. But also, your solar panel BUSINESS starts grabbing new consumers. OPTIMIZE sales graphs! 

Multi busbar technology

Multi-Busbar technology Guarantees HIGHER LIGHT TRAPPING. MORE POWER generation booking HIGH efficiency 80-watt solar panels. One MORE thing. It is the PID resistance. OPTIMIZE performance! 

Furnish the CUTTING-EDGE technology solar panels to your Buyers. Get their CONFIDENCE in your business. A BETTER business CREDIBILITY is your LUCK now! 

Light reinforced glass

One GOOD NEWS for you — BOMB solar module. It has HIGH STRENGTH, hardness, and ANTI-HAIL features. Say GOODBYE to cracks due to BLOW. Moreover, the light transmission is QUITE impressive. 

Aesthetic DESIGN and ULTIMATE strength turn on your consumers. COMPELS them to REPEAT their purchases. It helps YOU make more bucks. 

Enhanced reliability

No matter whether there is a High TEMPERATURE or high humidity, solar PANELS are working. All thanks to the SALT, ACID, TEMPERATURE, AND AMMONIA resistance. Plus, they TACKLE the fire conditions — Certified to FIRE CLASS A! 

Stay active in the COMPETITION game in the MARKET. BRIGHTEN your BUSINESS NAME with reliable 80-watt solar panel modules. 

Severe weather resilience

We have DEPLOYED anti-weather FEATURES. A wind load of 2400 PASCAL and a snow load of 5400 PASCALS keep your SOLAR safe in stormy weather. Stabilizes the energy PRODUCTION. It makes them DURABLE. 

Turn on the DURABILITY mode on all your SOLAR PANEL modules. LET a huge WAVE of consumers come in instantly! 

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Advantages Of The Best 80w Solar Panels Services

Quality Control

Quality inspection

From testing solar panel materials to RESILIENCE, we check. Filter out DAMAGED, UNFUNCTIONAL, and LOW-QUALITY products. Our TEAM takes prompt ACTIONS. Glow your BRAND presence with RELIABLE solar panel modules. Enhance customer trust.

Flexible Ordering 

Flexible Ordering

ONE or more SOLAR PANEL deals. Test and DECIDE. Grab quality. It enables you to make INFORMED decisions. Get a FREEDOM of solar panel quantities. STABILIZE and SCALE your BUSINESS PERFORMANCE! 

Excellent After-sale

Premium after-sales service

Help you with product installation and replacement. No matter what problems arise, we are at the FRONT line to mitigate your concerns. Avoid SOLAR PANEL PRODUCT issues in the LONG RUN. Get a SMOOTH and exponential chart of your solar panel BUSINESS! 


Guaranteed Safe delivery

Don’t worry about the DAMAGES in shipping. Our PACKAGING comprises MULTIPLE safety layers. Top-notch LOGISTICS INFRASTRUCTURE with fast processing. Keep HEADS high with consumer satisfaction. Oust all their worries. STOP losing potential consumers anymore. 

Safe Payment Method

Secured Payment Channels

Leave the PAYMENT frauds on the BAY. We have DEPLOYED the SAFEST payment options. Simple and straightforward transaction procedures without complexities. Transact with CONFIDENCE. GET ECONOMIC freedom by SAVING your bank information. 

Competitive Price 

Reasonable Pricing

Our TEAM quickly finds the COMPETITIVELY PRICED deals. No compromise on the QUALITY. Measure the profit margins as well. Get a REASONABLE price with the INTEGRAL 80-watt solar panel solutions. AMPLIFY your BUSINESS GROWTH. 

A Wide Range of Applications



Commercial Building

Commercial Building





House Roof

House Roof

industrial use

industrial use

80w Solar Panels Production Line

Every single ASSEMBLE process is in front of you. We get the MAXIMUM POWER-producing solar cells. CONGREGATE them on the PCB. Test their FUNCTIONALITY and POWER output. It gives you an EDGE over your competitors. Become UNDEFEATABLE in front of your consumers.

Product Parameters

Model TypeZM-A-P-80
Nominal Maximum Power (Pmax)80W
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)17.76V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp)4.51A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)21.65V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)4.62A
Cell Type:156mm x 78mm
Cell Arrangement36 cells in series
Dimensions(mm)780 x 670 x 30 mm
Frame(Material Corners,etc.)Anodized aluminum alloy
Maximum Series Fuse Rating10A
Number of Bypass Diode2
Module Efficiency15.53%
Cell Efficiency(%)18.30%
Weight (KG)6.15KG
Power Tolerance0 to +5W
Front Glass Thickness(mm)3.2mm
Junction- BoxIP65, 2 diodes
Cable2.5mm (IEC) / 12AWG (UL), 900mm (650mm is optional)
ConnectorsMC4 or MC4 compatible
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)-0.410% / °C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc)-0.346% / °C
Temperature Coefficient (Isc)0.065% / °C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature45.3 ± 2 °C
Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Warranty90% of 10 years,80% of 25 years.
Packingcarton or pallet

Switch on profitability! Elevate your brand with our 80W solar panels. Unleash the potential of sustainable energy in your wholesale business. Illuminate your path to B2B success!


Entering the GLOBAL SOLAR PANEL MARKET? We take you with us through  CE, TUV, ETL, CGC, UL, and FCC certificates. Expand your CONSUMER base. Blow your BUSINESS speed at the INTERNATIONAL levels. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Let us have a THOROUGH 80w solar panel factory inspection. Test the EQUIPMENT. Monitor WATERPROOFING and dustproofing features. Plus, we check the harsh conditions resistance as well. SAY TA-TA to consumer Complaints about QUALITY. STAY in the SOLAR panel MARKET for extended periods

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Think of a DREAM team you need for your SOLAR PANEL business. With 10+ years and 1000+ deals, we ensure 100% satisfaction of our CONSUMERS with desired solar panels.  Our HARD-WORKING team confirms the RELIABLE SOLAR panel deals. PREMIUM solar panels for our consumers. 

DEVELOP your BUSINESS with our trustworthy solar PANEL deals. SOAR your sales. EARN higher revenues. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Stop WANDERING for 80w solar panel SUPPLIERS, as we ALREADY have them. An endless list of TOP 80w solar panels SUPPLIERS in the town saves your HEADACHES. Save the DAY. GET our gift — inventory PROCUREMENT and QUALITY checks

Run your SOLAR PANEL businesses like the MASTERS. IGNITE UNLIMITED development of your BUSINESS! 

Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Time to TAKEOFF the flight of all the RISKY B2B deals. Avoid sourcing scams of fake products. Verifying Sourcing QUANTITY and quality.  We also scan in person to ENSURE the payment of all the B2B contracts is 100% SAFE. 

Unleash the POTENTIAL of GUARANTEED B2B deals. SAVE yourself unnecessary LOSSES to scammers. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Only VALUABLE SERVICES; that is our MOTTO. You DIRECT us, we do. Let us know your SPECIFIC requirements for SOLAR panel modules. We DRESS it up like the KING’S CROWN — OUR PROMISE. 

Our TEAM EXCEEDS your expectations for 80w solar panel wholesale. Let you GRAB the customers’ LOYALTY. Gleaming reviews for your BUSINESS! 

standardized procedure

We are GO TO TEAM for your 80w SOLAR PANEL wholesale modules. Our TEAM handles every SINGLE STEP with extreme professionalism. No more ERRORS in your solar panels. PERFECT functioning is there. Get INTERNATIONALLY standard MODULES. 

That DRIVES the international CUSTOMERS MAD for your solar PANEL modules. They can’t RESIST seizing this OPPORTUNITY anymore. 

custom solutions

You dream of the DESIGN we TRANSFIGURE. It makes the PERFECT COMBINATION for the TAILORED 80w solar panel modules. Banish your CONSUMERS CONCERNS by focusing on their FAVORITE solar panel options. 

Keep them SMILE ALL THE TIME. Enjoy a NEVER-SEEN RUSH just to buy your SOLAR power modules. 

Our Payment

No hidden FEES. No more FRAUD payment options. Our bank transfer, Paypal, or credit cards are quite safe. We have TESTED them. Avoid the RISKS of losing the payment information to SCAMMERS. Get FINANCIAL peace. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Let us KNOW what QUANTITY, quality, and specs you need for your SOLAR power modules. We assess all the DEMANDS to meet them on time. Give you SKILLED market intelligence as a BONUS! 

Launch the RIGHT 80w solar panels wholesale MODULES. And skyrocket your PROFITS.

  • Supplier Management

Quit worrying ABOUT the suppliers anymore when we are THERE to sort it out. Our TEAM OVERSEERS your 80w solar panels suppliers. Tracks their PERFORMANCES. And ensure the OPTIMAL results. 

Save TIME. Give it your BUSINESS. SPEED UP your BUSINESS popularity with proper marketing! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Don’t entangle yourself in COMPLEX legal processes. Our LEGAL team TAKE care of it. We DRAFT the LEGAL contracts. Get it SIGNED. Save you from UNNECESSARY hassles

Relish TOOTHLESS solar power system contracts. Take BUSINESS to NEXT-LEVEL with EFFECTIVE strategies. 

  • Order Management

Take the burden off your SHOULDER. From ORDER confirmation to BRINGING CHANGES and cancellation, we UPHOLD all. Hang around the world-class 80w solar panels wholesale. 

Conserve OPERATIVE costs. MINIMIZE the EXPENSES on pesky supply chain processes. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistic team offers FAULTLESS packaging and SHIPPING. You receive an ORDER; we pack it. Ship it to your CONSUMERS. OFFER the REAL-TIME tracking. 

Trust us— WE SHIP all your right product on time. REDUCE solar power systems RETURNS due to late or damaged shipments! 

  • Installation Support

Worried about the INSTALLATION? It is easy peasy because of the DETAILED videos we offer you. You also get PHONE help and remote guidance. EASE up your CONSUMERS by offering the EASY to INSTALL solar power modules. Offer them PREMIUM BRANDED experience. Get better REPO around the consumers.  

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 80w Solar Panels Factory

Our 80w solar PANEL factory is a TOTAL BEAST in power production. LATEST tools. Fast SPEED. AND corroborated ACCURACY with CNC machines. Grab the INTEGRAL solar POWER system solutions. BUILD A POWER brand presentation in the SOLAR power market.  


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

HIGH-DENSITY and MOISTURE-proof packaging keeps your PANELS safe. We handle the CUSTOMS clearance headache just for your SAKE. Get Delivery at your DOORSTEP with GUARANTEED safety. ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS status with our BRANDED packaging. 


Successful Project

Successful Project

Transforming Businesses: Mr. Dimitri’s Choice for Solar Excellence

We are not boasting about how successful we have been throughout the SOLAR PANEL journey. But our CUSTOMERS appreciate our success. 

Take the EXAMPLE of Mr. Dimitri, who loved OUR DEAL so much. He decided to STAY as our PERMANENT consumer. 

Want to know? Listen up, then! 

Mr. Dimitri is a STORE owner in ITALY. He had to INVEST more money to pay up ELECTRICITY bills for his STORE. And then, he turned their HEADS to us. 

Talked to our EXPERTS and told us requirements. 

  • Solar panel 80 watts. 
  • A complete BATTERY SETUP to store the power from SUN. 
  • Charge controller to help Him CONTROL the sun’s energy. 

Apparently, it seems a SIMPLE DEAL. But we had to INVEST more time in research. And we even SUGGESTED him to buy the BATTERY with INVERTERS. And guess what? He fell in LOVE with us just due to EXPERT’S solutions. 

After the quest, we found him the PERFECT 80-watt solar PANEL solution. 

Do you know why he CHOSE us? 

Let me tell you why:

  • Maximum POWER OUTPUT of our 80-watt solar panels. 
  • Complete shipment FACILITY to his city. 
  • Easy installation plus GUIDES with videos and remote help. 
  • After-sale SERVICES reaching out to consumers far from the COUNTRY. 

That is the REASON behind our immense popularity! 

What our CUSTOMERs say


It was my first order with Leeline Energy. And their shipment arrived on my doorstep in California. Unbelievable quality. Loved their work! Thank you, Big boys. 

Audrey M Lynch

I can’t describe how good the Leeline energy team is. Absolutely stunning performance. They help you in every solar panel deal. Loved their work. Thank you

Jennifer C Woodland

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 80w Solar Panels

    1. How do I connect a 130-watt solar panel to an 80-watt solar panel?

    When connecting the solar panels, consider voltage, power, and other features. They must be compatible. If they are suitable, then you should go for a connection. 

    2. Can I use my 80-watt solar panel to charge a 75-amp car battery?

    Yes. It is possible to charge the 12V battery of a car with 75-amp. If you get enough sunlight to generate 4-5 amp, it is possible to charge.

    3. How many hours will an 80-watt solar panel charge a 45AH battery?

    First, determine the VOLTAGE of the battery. It will take around 7 hours for the FULL charging of the battery. Take it as an estimated time for the battery. 

    4. Will an 80-watt solar panel charge a 12V battery? 

    Yes. It will CHARGE. This is because charging is more dependent on the VOLTAGE. So, you can charge a 12V battery with an 80-watt solar module. 

    5. What size battery do I need for an 80-watt solar panel?

    Battery aims at storing the energy. And you can use the FORMULA to calculate energy: 
    Energy = Power x Time. 
    Calculate the time for solar light and multiply it with the power of 80w. The result is the BATTERY power you need.

    Brighten your wholesale future! Choose our 80W solar panels for unmatched quality and performance. Empower your brand with sustainable energy solutions that redefine B2B success. Start shining today!

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