600w Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy comprises a team of SOLAR ENERGY experts ready to provide  one-stop solutions. The team offers the GUARANTEED efficiency of the solar products with optimal performance. You get RELIABLE solar panels suppliers and stand out from your competitors.

Scale your business with our LEELINE ENERGY experts!!

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Premium 600w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy deploys cutting-edge technology to produce the premium quality 600w solar panels having a couple of designs, sizes, and thickness.

High energy generation.  Comprising high-efficiency solar cells, it delivers energy even in low light. Anti-shading performance makes it a BETTER CHOICE for your customers. There is an increased probability of selling such a solar kit.

High-Quality Material.  Different layers of glass, EVA film, aluminum, and POE film make it an ideal choice. Deployment at any place is the best.  Your customers can get a LONG-TERM solution for their solar panels.

IP 68-rated Waterproof.  An innovative glue-filled WATERPROOF SYSTEM ensures the safety of your solar kit. Your customers will be safer and get efficient energy even in RAIN.

Non-Destructive cutting technology. This technology prevents MECHANICAL DEFORMATION. That means your customers can use it  in every condition. Whether they want to deploy it in harsh environmental scenarios or normal ones.

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Advantages Of The Best 600w Solar Panels

PID resistance

Guaranteed PID resistance

PID(Potential Induced Degradation) resistance ensures the safety of your solar panel kit. Your customers have a BETTER EXPERIENCE with long-term usage.

Less shading loss

Less shading loss

Energy loss is very much low in shading conditions. ANTI-SHADING PERFORMANCE wins the heart of your customers and cuts their costs on energy.


Practical warranty

12 years product warranty is enough to PROVE the AUTHENTICITY of the solar panel kit. Thirty years of power performance surely save your customers from potential budget losses.

quality control

Strict quality control

We implement an uncompromising quality CRITERIA to test quality. Your customers can secure HIGH PERFORMANCE with your 600-watt solar panel kit.

supply chain

Established supply chain

An established supply chain provides access from sourcing to shipping. Your customers remain at EASE while dealing with a 600-watt panel kit.


Customized services

We provide personalized packaging. Our customization services will facilitate your customers from every aspect. You’ll get branded packaging. Quality solar panels. And required features. All these improve your business reputation.

A Wide Range of Applications

solar panels for charging electric cars

Solar Panels for Charging Electric Cars

solar panels for charging phones

Solar Panels for Charging Phones

solar panels for industrial

Solar Panels for Industrial

solar panels for inground pool

Solar Panels for Inground Pools

solar panels for van

Solar Panels for Van

solar panels on house

Solar Panels on House

600w Solar Panels Production Line

Solar Cell sorting. The manufacturing team ARRANGES all the solar cells. Prepares them for the series welding.

High-Speed series welding. Once sorting has been done, it is time to make SERIES welding. Speedy welding reduces the TIME.

Visual Inspection. The inspection team LOOKS at the solar system. If it is fine, then move to the next step.

EVA paving. This step ensures efficient solar systems. It absorbs light. And helps GENERATE ENERGY.

Junction Bar Welding. Experts make the junction. Then welding occurs at each intersection.

Laminating. The purpose of lamination is to insulate the solar system. It PROTECTS the system.

Encapsulation and framing. Framing and encapsulation is a step toward finalizing the solar panels. 

EL testing and packing. EL testing detects any defects present. Packaging helps in storing the products.

Product Parameters

Rated Maximum Power at STC645W650W655W660W665W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)37.237.437.637.838.0
Short Circuit Current(Isc)18.4118.4618.5018.5518.60
Maximum Power Current(Imp)17.3417.3817.4217.4617.50
Module Efficiency20.7%20.9%21.0%21.2%21.4%
Standard Test Condition(STC)Irradiance 1000w/m2, Cell Temperature 25 Centigrade, Air Mass 1.5
Maximum Power-PMAX (Wp)488492496500504
Maximum Power Voltage(VMPP/V)34.734.935.135.335.5
Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A)14.0514.0914.1314.1814.22
Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V)42.442.642.843.043.2
Short Circuit Current-ISC (A)14.8114.8514.8814.9214.96
NOCT:Irradiance 800W/m2,Ambient Temperature 20°C,Wind Speed 1m/s.

Drive wholesale success with our high-performance 600W solar panels. Energize your brand and future-proof your business. Partner with us for exceptional quality and service – Illuminate Your Wholesale Journey!


CERTIFICATE makes you an easy entry in GLOBAL MARKETS. You expand your business in foreign countries. We provide ISO9001, CSA, and TUV certificates.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our professional inspection team TESTS all 600-watt solar panels. Determine power output. And SENDS you a detailed report regarding the QUALITY. You’ll be out of any QUALITY risks with it.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy has a RICH EXPERIENCE in sourcing suppliers and quality 600 watt solar panels. With over 10 years in this field, we have WORKED with thousands of customers on SOLAR PANELS. Not a single person has COMPLAINED about our quality. Our TRUSTWORTHY and timely solutions save costs and prevent scams.

Boost your SOLAR PANELS business with our professionals.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

We are not just a SOURCING GROUP. Instead, we offer all sourcing, customization, and shipping opportunities in hand. You can explore the most suitable and RELIABLE 600w solar panels manufacturers. Contact them—store 600-watt solar panels wholesale in our warehouses. And finally, ship to your customers.

Save your HASSLE with our reliable one-stop sourcing solutions.

sourcing agent

safe business

Reduce Transaction Risk

We monitor the manufacturing process of your 600 WATT SOLAR PANEL KIT. Check the discrepancies in the QUALITY. And request for quality IMPROVEMENT. Our 100% transparent deals remove the FEAR of transaction, quality, and quantity scams. Our logistics even ship products on time to PREVENT any shipping delays.

Relieve the fear of any POSSIBLE scam with our professional services.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


Clients are our STATION. Before sourcing, we jot down the DETAILED requirements of our customers. Check their QUALITY REQUIREMENTS. And even give them some suggestions to drive the BEST 600-watt solar panel kit for their solar power system.

You explore the BEST 600-watt solar panel kit available!!


We believe in INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. It is because we ship to our customers GLOBALLY. Our professional team implements standardized PROCEDURES for assessing quality. Provides you with quality services whether sourcing, shipping, or storing your 600-watt solar panel kit.

Grab the STANDARDIZED approach to all the solar kits you need!


Our professionals listen to the customers. Know what CUSTOMIZED solutions they want. And provide them with the required WATTAGE AND high module conversion efficiency. You can expect the customized packaging to impress your customers and promote your 600-watt solar panel systems.

It is time to INGRAIN your business with PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE.


Our Payment

We have flexible payment options. You CHOOSE the favorite without any risk of TRANSACTION SCAMS.

Western Union

Level up your solar business with our experts now!

How We Support You?

Here are the services you can expect from our team.

Demand Assessment. We note the number of solar panels you want from the suppliers. Understand the voltage and power requirements. And order the suppliers. Our MARKET INTELLIGENCE boosts your business with the right SOLAR panels.

Supplier Management. Our team SELECTS the suppliers based on their performance. Evaluates whether they fit your SOLAR BUSINESS or not. And then monitors their performance to ensure the best DEAL. You avoid scamming CASES.

Contract Negotiation. Once we settle for the SOLAR PANEL and costs, our legal team prepares the contracts. It helps in NEGOTIATION and agreeing on the quality. You get a seamless and NON-STOP experience with contracts.

How We Support You?

Order Management. We help integrate your online stores with us. Our team TRACKS all your orders. Packs the SOLAR PANELS. And send them to your customers with exact shipping times. You win high customer retention with effective ORDER MANAGEMENT.

Logistics Coordination. Leeline Energy has COORDINATED logistic services with the warehouses. We store your solar panels in our WAREHOUSES. And ship them to your location. You enjoy TRACKING FACILITIES.

Installation Support. We not only source but also help install solar PANELS. You get detailed videos on installation instructions. It lessens the EFFORTS for the perfect installation of solar systems.

Catalyze wholesale success with our 600W solar panels. Fuel your brand’s growth and sustainability. Partner with us for top-tier quality and service – Empowering Your Business!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of 600w Solar Panels

We have 18000 Meter Square area factory. You get CUSTOMIZED solar panels wholesale solutions at affordable costs.


Packing & Delivery

We pack your 600-watt solar panel kit in ROBUST PACKING. Guaranteed timely delivery in such boxes ensures your products’ SAFETY from damage in transit.


Successful Project


Mr. Duckett from England purchased 600 WATT solar panels.

Mr. Duckett is from England. He wanted a perfect solution for the 600 WATT SOLAR PANEL KIT for a solar system. So, he contacted our team and let us know the QUALITY requirements. 

We sourced the best SOLAR PANELS factory with a complete solar system setup. After the installation, we can’t describe his happiness. He appreciated our efforts and ASSURED us of the recommendation to friends.

John from Australia purchased our 600 Watt solar panel

John lived in Australia and called our team for a 600-watt solar panel kit. In actuality, he wanted it for the RESIDENTIAL AREA. There was one requirement. Solar systems must be efficient. 

We scrolled hundreds of solar panels factories. And provide the BEST 600 WATT solar panel kit. After a week, he called to thank us. That was a great experience indeed.

What our customers say


The Leeline Energy team is a blessing. They are second to none. When working with them, they guide me at every single step. Due to endless effort, I could grab a 600-watt solar panel kit. Good luck!


I loved working with the team. They are more than the business partner. From sourcing to shipping, I have no words to describe their dedication. I will work with them 100 times if I get a chance.


People Also Ask About 600w Solar Panels

1. Can a solar panel get wet?

A solar panel kit can get WET unless it is waterproof. In such cases, it is not EFFICIENT that much as before. Therefore, you need to clean your solar panels wholesale properly.

2. Can I connect 600W solar panels to a 150 Ah battery?

Yes, you can connect. But ensure the battery specifications match the SOLAR PANEL kit. Otherwise, it won’t work perfectly. However, a charge controller can PREVENT overcharging.

3. Do solar panels need a lot of maintenance?

Technically a big NO!! They don’t require maintenance. However, you must maintain the inverter and manage the battery bank annually. That is NOT A BIG COST, either.

4. Where in the UK is best for solar?

If you install solar panels in roof space, peak sun is ESSENTIAL. Otherwise, you might lose some efficient ways to generate electricity. In the UK, Cornwall and South West Region have potential solar rays.

5. Do you need planning permission for solar panels?

A solar panel does not need permission. The government has already permitted you to install it. Sometimes, permission is NECESSARY for domestic or commercial installation.

Rise your solar business from scratch to the sky through our assistance.

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