Portable Solar Panels for Camping Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a maverick in the new GREEN ENERGY solution space. We make your business EASIER by providing what you need in one place.We have a kick-ass SUPPLY CHAIN system. And rock-solid connections with the BEST portable solar panels for camping SUPPLIERS globally.

That means a wider range of high-quality solar panels at killer prices. You level up your product offerings and keep CUSTOMERS SMILING, earning you MORE MONEY.

Boost Your Solar Brand Today!

Premium Of Portable Solar Panels for Camping Features

Leeline Energy is a MASTER in the RENEWABLE ENERGY space here to build your business.  

Anti Reflective Glass:

Our camping solar panel is the bomb! They’ve got anti-reflective glass that boosts TRANSLUCENCY by 2%. And they MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY when they’re soaking up those sun’s rays. Plus, we’ve improved their module conversion efficiency by another 2%. 

People get OPTIMAL POWER output in any outdoor setting with decent sun exposure. It helps you drive SALES GROWTH by attracting more CUSTOMERS seeking high-performance solutions.

Consistent Power Supply:

Our portable solar panels are perfect for your customers’ camping trips! The consistent solar power supply means they’ll keep MULTIPLE DEVICES simultaneously juiced up. These portable solar panels are designed like magic. Masters at converting solar energy even in LIMITED DIRECT SUNLIGHT or cloud cover. 

So this portable power station gives people usable power off-grid worry-free! You establish a reputation for RELIABILITY and QUALITY amongst your customers. And it leads to increased CUSTOMER TRUST.

High Transmittance:

These bad boys have a high transmittance. They transmit 60% more than those old polycrystalline cells. Plus, our SUPERIOR monocrystalline solar cells make super-efficient power stations. 

And they OUTPERFORM other panels in terms of energy consumption. Our portable solar panels get you AHEAD in the MARKET!

Self-supporting stand:

Portable solar panels level up camping trips! These bad boys come in a nifty case. The case not only protects and carries the panels but also doubles as a built-in KICKSTAND. That makes setting them up on a car camping trip or any other camping trip a breeze.

And people maximize the energy captured for MORE POWER. Plus, they enjoy direct charging through handy USB ports. This BOOSTS SALES opportunities and your BUSINESS GROWTH!

IP68 waterproof rating:

These monocrystalline panels for camping are built to be WATER-RESISTANT. This makes them off-grid living rock stars. That’s thanks to their IP68 waterproof rating. Made with TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS (ETFE film) that are durable.

These solar panels work in any weather condition. You get an enhanced reputation as a TRUSTED SUPPLIER of high-quality solar products.

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Portable Solar Panels for Camping by Types

Polycrystalline portable solar panels

Polycrystalline portable solar panels

Our polycrystalline are incredibly MULTIFUNCTIONAL. These seamless portable power stations work with a variety of devices. They come with two USB ports, one type-C port, and enough power

People charge MULTIPLE DEVICES like a cell phone, a laptop, and more directly. That means you grow your product offerings and target DIFFERENT customer segments.

Monocrystalline portable solar panels

Monocrystalline portable solar panels

These panels for camping rock a HIGH CONVERSION rate. That’s thanks to top-tier monocrystalline cells. This means optimal power output for your customers! 

They give you a rock-solid REPUTATION as an advanced green energy supplier. And it skyrockets your sales volume, leading to ENHANCED BUSINESS performance!

Foldable portable solar panel

Foldable portable solar panel

Foldable solar panels for camping are designed with convenience in mind. The panels FOLD nicely, making them easy to carry around. These bad boys double as many people’s go-to portable power station. 

So, it EXPANDS your addressable market. And both new and old customers are SATISFIED, leading to GROWING PROFITS.

Experience Greater Convenience and Sustainability by Incorporating Portable Solar Panels into Your Camping Equipment – Get Started Today!

Advantages Of The Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping Services


Modernized production process

The modern production line is our crown jewel! We MINIMIZE errors and improve product QUALITY. This means suppliers enjoy HIGH PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY from the elimination of human errors. You proudly offer the BEST portable solar panels to build CUSTOMER TRUST and boost SALES!

solar panel

Multiple shipping options

We confidently offer a variety of the BEST transportation methods in the industry. It is super easy for you to maximize efficiency and plan logistics. That gives you an UNBEATABLE competitive edge in the GLOBAL MARKET.

Safety and Reliability

100% quality guarantee

You get top-tier solar panels, guaranteed! With our 100% product quality assurance, you MINIMIZE RETURNS and DAMAGES. And delight your customers to foster long-term LOYALTY for your wholesale SUCCESS.

customer support

Reliable after-sales support

Rely on an amazing after-sales service system to set your brand apart. It generates WORD-OF-MOUTH buzz and keeps your customers coming back. Plus, you build a rock-solid REPUTATION in the market.


We offer dedicated OEM/ODM portable solar panels for camping manufacturers. That means, you have the power to STREAMLINE production and SAVE COSTS. You’ accelerate product development while saving time, effort, and resources for increased PROFITABILITY.


Independent Certification

The wholesale portable solar panels for camping are covered with the necessary CERTIFICATES and LICENSES. They prove your compliance with industry standards. You get boosted CREDIBILITY and take your brand’s POPULARITY to new heights!

Creative Applications of Solar Panels









Street Lights

Street Lights

Office Building

Office Building

Precise production process

Our production process is simply the BEST! We ensure that this baby runs smoothly, efficiently, and with a professional touch. You’ll see an increase in PRODUCTIVITY and save money on MANUFACTURING COSTS, too!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Industry-leading certifications back these solar panels. These include CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, CSA. And they help build a stellar brand reputation and greater market competitiveness.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We offer comprehensive solar factory audits and quality inspection reports. This guarantees product safety for camping portable solar panels suppliers. Plus, your reputation will soar as our high standards minimize RISKS and COMPLAINTS!

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Let me tell you why we’re the real deal. With our 10 years of experience in sourcing products, a huge team, and loads of know-how, we’ve become EXPERTS at what we do. Trust us to be your rock-solid partner for your B2B needs. 

We won’t just find you CHEAPER portable solar panels for camping. We make sure they’re RELIABLE and meet your requirements! You offer your clients the BEST PRODUCTS, ensuring that they are SATISFIED.

One-stop Sourcing

Why go through the hassle of dealing with MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS when we’ve got you covered? We know the ins and outs of portable solar panels for camping factories better than anyone. 

And we understand exactly what our customers need. We handle your needs with an all-in-one approach, from PROCUREMENT to QUALITY CHECKS. 

You STREAMLINE your procurement processes. Plus, you SAVE on COSTS associated with reduced supplier management.


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We try to reduce your transaction RISK on your portable solar panels for camping! No one likes dealing with sketchy suppliers or getting hit with UNEXPECTED COSTS. We take product quality seriously. 

And we ensure that you receive top-tier products and services without any surprises. This allows you to focus on what matters most: MARKETING and CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We’re all about serving you, our awesome clients. Your needs and interests are our MAIN concern, so we’ll always help you. From top product QUALITY to stellar SERVICES and VALUE, we’ve got it! 

This facilitates you to provide portable solar panels for camping that meet EXPECTATIONS. Ultimately it allows you to have positive REFERRALS and HIGHER PROFIT margins. 


Standardized Procedure

When it comes to our service process, we are it. We make sure every step is handled with PROFESSIONALISM and RELIABILITY. You expect world-class quality in all our projects or services. 

This establishes you as a reliable provider of portable solar panels for camping. From the HIGH REPUTATION, you reap increased sales volume. 


Custom Solutions

Leeline Energy team take the time to understand what you’re looking for in portable solar panels for camping. This allows us to create CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS just for you. Our goal is to get you exactly what you were hoping for. 

You easily achieve BRANDDIFFERENTIATION. And you attract NEW CUSTOMERS seeking tailored solar services and products.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (11)
  • Demand Assessment

Our experts research and analyze specs, quantities, and quality requirements. We take the guesswork OUT of finding the perfect portable solar panels for camping. This allows you to position yourself and stay AHEAD of the COMPETITION!

  • Supplier Management

We handle the hard work. That’s from evaluation to selection and monitoring of their performance. So, you save on UNNECESSARY EXPENSES and time and focus on GROWING your business!

  • Contract Negotiation

Let us take care of the nitty-gritty of contract dealings. Our team negotiate, draft, and review terms to guarantee FAIR and LEGAL transactions. You sit back and focus on other areas of your business, such as CUSTOMER ACQUISITION.

  • Order Management

Allow us to help ease your order management load. That includes confirming your solar order, tracking it, and making changes or cancellations. Plus, we ensure TIMELY DELIVERY and MINIMIZE any supply chain risks. You save on operational expenses as we take on the load.  

  • Logistics Coordination

Leave those LOGISTIC HURDLES to us! We’ll do your transportation, warehousing, and distribution. Trust us to make sure solar panels arrive on time and in ONE PIECE! This ensures customer satisfaction and REPEAT BUSINESS.

  • Installation Support

You get step-by-step instructions and videos, along with online guides. All this makes the process installation a breeze. And it IMPROVES your SOLAR business operations as you enjoy REDUCED post-sales issues. 

leelinesourcing team (10)

Our Payment

You can choose PayPal, bank transfer, or using your credit card. We’ve made sure it’s all safe and secure for you. This allows you to build a TRUSTED IMAGE with your customers.

Western Union

Ready to Make a Positive Impact on the Environment and Your Camping Business? Explore Our Range of Solar Panels and Start Your Solar Journey!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Portable Solar Panels for Camping Factory

Our factory is a productivity powerhouse! We churn out products efficiently. So you can keep up with market demands and SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES. This allows you to stay AGILE in the game and become UNBEATABLE!

factory13 (1)

packaging & shipping

No need to stress about customs clearance – our specialized service takes care of it all. Your solar panels will be delivered hassle-free. That SAVES you TIME and establishes you as a market leader in RELIABILITY.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


80kw solar power equipment for Konza Building in Kenya

We hooked up our fantastic clients in Konza with an 80kw solar power system. Not only did it give them a SUSTAINABLE ENERGY fix, but it also showed off how renewable energy rocks in the new city.

Our customers got all they needed. They got 310w solar panels, a 384V solar controller & 3-phase 415V solar inverter. Plus, a snazzy solar battery and more! Expectations met with RELIABILITY and EFFICIENCY for their shiny new sun-powered solution.

Colombia 40kw off-grid solar system

We hooked Ymero up with a badass 40KW solar system for their small SUPERMARKET in Colombia. They immediately said goodbye to HIGH ELECTRICITY bills and obnoxious generator noise! 

We also supplied some custom IOT technology. Now, they get a stable power supply, REAL-TIME energy generation data, and maintenance reminders. Their expectations? Blown away!

What our customers say


Leeline Energy gave me killer portable solar panels! They’re the cream of the crop and perfect for juicing up all your devices on those quick CAMPING GETAWAYS. You’ll love their power bank feature and three USB ports – charging cell phones has never been easier. 

Not to mention, these babies are super light with thin film panels, making them an outdoor adventure essential. And if you need reliable power while you’re on the move, their portable generators are a must-have!

Cecilia L Hagen

Leeline Energy totally rocks! Their portable solar panels are seriously the bomb – no joke, they’re the best out there. When I go on my short camping trips, their PORTABLE POWER STATION is enough to juice up several devices. Those small panels? They’ve changed the outdoor game for folks like me. Thanks a million for this amazing product and top-tier service!

Cody R Bucholz

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Portable Solar Panels for Camping

    1. How do I buy the best portable solar panels for camping?

    To be honest, the best portable solar panels are those that costs $1 or less per watt. They come in all sizes, so pick the one you think is “portable.” 

    2. How long would it take to heat up a bathtub with a small portable solar panel (for camping)?

    If you want to heat a liter of water by 1 degree Celsius in just one minute, you’ll need about 70 watts. Use this nifty formula to do the math!

    3. What is the best portable solar panel for cell phones and tablets that can be used while camping/hiking?

    Don’t stress about finding the absolute perfect solar panel. Any will do! Size matters more.

    4. What should I look for in a foldable solar panel?

    Go for tough portable solar panels. They need to be able to handle all kinds of rough conditions and weather if you wanna use them outdoors.

    5. Should solar panels be flat or tilted?

    To get the most out of your solar panels, tilt them just right to catch the best sunlight. The optimal angle will supercharge their efficiency and power delivery!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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