Solar Backpack China

Leeline Energy is your one-stop solar backpack supplier. Where you benefit from our decade of renewable energy experience. Launch your brand with a smooth supply chain and a strong SOLAR Product. Build confidence in customers and grow your business!

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Premium Solar Backpack Features

Leeline Energy is a solar backpack manufacturer that UNDERSTANDS customer requirements. We show dedication through products with the following specifications.

Maximized efficiency

Offer around 92% charging efficiency. Ensuring customers enjoy PROLONGED USAGE with fast charging. With 21% energy conversion efficiency, users can harness more solar power.

Customers enjoy prolonged device usage with fast charging. They get a sustainable and convenient on-the-go experience. Attract more eco-friendly consumers towards your brand and increase its reputation!

Stable voltage

Our solar backpack with solar charger comes with Apple Quick Charge and multiple USB ports. Customers enjoy stable voltaic systems and a reliable battery pack to PREVENT DAMAGE!

Grow your business by offering reliability, innovation, and technological compatibility! DISTINGUISH your brand by providing stable charging options on the go!

Portability & Versatility

Where there is light, there is power! The backpack is perfect for outdoor activities due to its portability! Easy-to-carry and REMOVABLE DESIGN make them more of a portable power bank for trips.

Let’s increase your business appeal with user-friendly designs. Get your customer SATISFACTION and more positive feedback with referrals!

Optimal backpack storage

RFID blocking and water-resistant zippers are more than optimal backpack storage. Enjoy increased FUNCTIONALITY with the magnetic suction. Get 99.9% protection with a slim band. Store your essentials, like a water bottle, in the side pocket of the bag.

Get your customers’ trust seeking more SECURE OPTIONS. Repeat buyers and recommendations are coming your way!

Fashion style

Feature lightweight material and an ERGONOMIC design. They have reinforced studs and an adjustable chest buckle. Breathable cotton straps reduce stress and keep users in a comfortable position.

Receive word-of-mouth referrals for your business. Take it to new heights with a satisfying customer approach.

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Solar Backpack by Types

Laptop backpack

Laptop backpack

Charge multiple laptops at once with a USB port! Our water-resistant gear with a battery pack is the ULTIMATE solution for daily use. It features a water and scratch-resistant design.

Provide your precious customers with a high-tech solution. Attract digital nomad customers and earn more profit!

Outdoor hiking backpack

Outdoor hiking backpack

Leeline Energy provides LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY-TO-CARRY solar panels powered backpacks. They have water-resistant nylon and polyester materials. Convert direct sunlight to ELECTRICITY easily.

More than enough to charge customers’ devices with a USB port. Customers enjoy portable and efficient backpacks. You get increased profits!

Casual backpack

Casual backpack

With THREE-DIMENSIONAL honeycomb designs. These solar backpacks OFFER ventilation, adjustable shoulder straps, and waterproof technology. Our flexible solar panel-powered backpack provides headphone cable holes.

There is no need to deal with the inconvenient cables and say goodbye to any wall outlet! Provide your customers with FUNCTIONALITY and drive your sales more than ever!

Powerful partnerships start with Solar Backpacks! Light up your wholesale business and showcase your commitment to sustainability. Unleash the potential of green energy – let your brand shine, let your profits soar.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Backpack Services


OEM/ODM Service

Build Solar Backpack BRAND in a short period. Get tailored designs SPECIFICATIONS for diverse customers to increase your brand approach. You speed up the brand launch and become a WELL-KNOWN BUSINESS GLOBALLY.

production equipment

High Process Standards

We have sophisticated production units. Means no HUMAN errors and flawless production. Lead the competition with our high-end solar backpack. Our top-notch FLEXIBLE solar-powered backpack ensures RELIABILITY for your business.

quality control

Strict Quality Control

We inspect each product on quality & energy efficiency standards. FEWER RETURNS and LESS BREAKAGE, saving you money. Expect a positive approach to your business with our reliable solar charging bag.

Flexible Ordering 

Flexible Ordering

Order any number based on your ACTUAL NEEDS, remain budget-friendly, and focus on sales. Beat competition without the restriction of minimum orders. GENERATE MORE LEADS for your business.


Necessary certificates

Our lifepack backpack and power bank meet standards and are accepted worldwide. Sell not only in LOCAL markets but globally. It helps your business increase its credibility and broaden your business access.

100% On-time Shipment

Fast Shipping

The finest logistic infrastructure. COVER EVERY SPOT on the map. Smooth transportation. We never miss deliveries. BE ON TIME with fast shipping services to increase the cheerful business appearance and EFFICIENCY.

Creative Applications of Solar Backpack



Charging devices

Charging devices



daily use

daily use

Office use

Office use



Precise production process

Faster production and testing of solar panels life in AUTOMATIC FACILITY. As solar backpack wholesale providers, we ensure they have GRADE A materials. Every backpack goes through detailed testing during the main unit inspection. Beat the competition by delivering professionalism to your customers. 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our certifications include CE, TUV, RoHS, FCC, and ATC. Expand your market access and boost your credibility. Open the doors to increased profits and STRENGTHEN your brand reputation.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

A COMPREHENSIVE factory inspection is our priority. We test and inspect raw materials, production processes, and Quality standards. With us, build your BRAND’s foundation on QUALITY and usability. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Collaborate with us for unwavering transparency and professionalism. We are solar backpack suppliers with 10+ years of experience. You get efficient supply chain and production inspection for operational excellence!

Our products help businesses to cultivate the customer’s trust. Encourage REPEAT business, get POSITIVE REVIEWS, and more referrals. Make a solid and positive marketplace appearance to boost your profits.

One-stop Sourcing

Leeline Energy offers your business a one-stop sourcing platform with solar panel products. Our staff looks after each PROCESS from Product design to final shipment processing. 

STREAMLINE your operations! Get AFFORDABLE packages and a valuable supply chain to increase productivity. Customer trust and increased profit are coming your way!

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Risky transactions – say goodbye! TRANSPARENCY in transactions, as we know the value of money for your business. You avoid the risk of fake or low-quality product scams through Supplier auditing. Our team ensures that we offer you FAIR MEANS!

Join us in moving towards more lead generations and increased profit!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Ensure comfort and trust to our customers.SAVE customers against operations costs and business risks. Our experts ensure they provide them with HIGH-END INSTRUCTIONS from start to end.

Remain CONFIDENT in our services! Focus on beating the competition and increasing your brand reputation.


Standardized Procedure

Our expertise in solar backpack SOLUTIONS ensures reliability and quality. Pre-research sourcing STRATEGIES help you increase your efficiency. Streamline your WORKFLOW and increase your productivity.

Superior quality that helps your business attract more customers seeking further services. OUTPERFORM your competitors. Be ahead of the market and grab more MARKET SHARE.

Custom Solutions

We listen, hold, and TACKLE things according to individual customization demands. Customizable UNIQUE designs of solar backpacks for daily use and remote locations. Increase the usability of your Product for users to high sales volume.

Enough solar energy to ALIGN things according to users’ needs. BE READY for your business EMPOWERMENT with our innovative solar backpack!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

RELY on our SERVICES to get solar backpacks according to your needs and order. Your demand for quality, quantity, and SPECIFICATION is maintained. We ensure on-time supply to achieve customer satisfaction and increase your PRODUCT SUCCESS chances.

  • Supplier Management

NO MORE headaches related to DOZENS of suppliers! We keenly observe our Solar Backpack suppliers and their PERFORMANCE to avoid inconvenience.

Remain confident in RISK MITIGATION. Improve your business efficiency and save extra expenses. Be ready to increase your brand reputation! As customer satisfaction is coming your way!

  • Contract Negotiation

Paperwork and contract negotiation are a stress for you! Don’t worry. We are here to SAVE you from it! We help you to draft and finalize your contract. We ensure that we keep things TRANSPARENT for a legal and fair deal.

Focus on your customers’ needs for outdoor requirements and BOOST your market appearance!

  • Order Management

Our squad keeps tracking your solar backpack order of ANY SIZE, from order CONFIRMATION TO MANAGEMENT, until it reaches its destination. Things remain mess-free throughout the process.

Our quality monitoring provides solutions for any challenges. Reduce your workload and help you ACCESS your clients more acutely.

  • Logistics Coordination

Be ready to DAMAGE-FREE and ON-TIME deliveries of solar backpacks. TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING, and DISTRIBUTION. We provide logistic COORDINATION throughout the journey to keep things glitch-free.

You save expensive shipping costs. Reduce operational costs to increase PROFIT MARGIN.

  • Installation Support

We are always at the other end to TACKLE the things for you! We also help people encounter CHALLENGES by telephone guidance and remote support. Provide COMPLETE guidelines for using solar bags.

Our support make the use of solar backpacks a BREEZE. Obtain board skyrocketing APPRECIATION for your positive business approach.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Ditch risky payment methods! Take a step toward RELIABLE PAYMENT sources! Make payments with PayPal, bank transfers, and credit cards. Secure way to make transactions flawless and mess-free. Say no to scams and frauds! Our reliable payment methods help you earn customers’ trust in your business.

Western Union

Unleash the power of Solar Backpacks for your wholesale brand! Shine bright in the realm of sustainability and innovation. profits with green energy solutions. Light the path to success together!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Backpack Factory

Our solar backpack factory has enough CAPACITY to meet the needs of our customers. We can deliver our products on a LARGER SCALE to increase your business approach. Let’s join hands to establish a reliable customer base and beat the competition like a pro!


packaging & shipping

Product SAFETY is our priority so that you save on the cost of replacements and repairs. We deliver solar-powered backpack solutions in STURDY BOXES to prevent any damage. You are all the way to your BUSINESS success. 


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

How We Support You?

Unleash Solar Power: Elevate Adventures with Our Backpacks

Our commitment is to provide customers with solar-powered backpacks according to their needs. John is a keen customer fond of hiking and other outdoor activities. He struggles to keep his devices FULLY CHARGED during his adventurous journey.

John needed a solution to keep things aligned with his PASSION. He was also looking for a portable source of power supply. Only a sustainable source ensures that the COMMUNICATION gears remain powered for SAFETY.

We offered him the best solution with our sustainable solar backpack. Our highly efficient solar backpacks provide reliable features. 

They include THEFT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, water resistance, GPS tracking, and multiple device COMPATIBILITY. These features were essential to keep John safe during his remote location tours.

He was happy to fulfill the power supply REQUIREMENTS throughout his journey. Our solar backpack WITHSTANDS cloudy days. 

So, he was able to generate and conserve energy to charge devices with our PORTABLE bags on cloudy days. John is more confident about exploring the world with a reliable power supply source.

Our rapid solar backpack is a REVOLUTIONARY option for sustainable charging. These solar-powered backpacks meet diverse customers’ demands and ELEVATE your brand reputation. 

So join our hands to EXPLORE the new ways of your business success! We are always eager to provide our customers with COMFORT and CONFIDENCE!

What our customers say


I wanted a rapid solar backpack for my HIKING ACTIVITIES. Leeline Energy stopped my search. I found it one of the best practical solar solutions to CHARGE my devices throughout my tour. The bags were significant enough to comfort me without stress on my shoulders and back. I am happy to have this solar backpack in my COLLECTION.

Ruben L Keyes

I needed a solar backpack provider. So, I ordered a solar backpack from LeelineSorcing, and the DELIVERY was on time. It is an excellent example of craft, and the SPECIFICATIONS are exactly what I was expecting from it. I have TWEAKS to enhance its design, but overall, the product and process make me happy.

Brian K Horton

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    People Also Ask About Solar Backpack

    1. What are the benefits of solar backpacks?

    Solar backpack is one of the most CONVENIENT solutions to meet power needs. They can ENDURE HARSH conditions and help you keep your devices clean and dry in weather like rain and snow. Moreover, they REDUCE your environmental impact.

    2. Can I print my logo on the product?

    Yes, you can print your logo on the products. Moreover, you can CUSTOMIZE your products according to your PRACTICAL NEEDS. It helps you to fulfill your branding and promotional requirements.

    3. How do I choose solar backpack suppliers?

    Consider the quality when CHOOSING solar backpack manufacturers and suppliers. Ensuring certification, customization, pricing, and reliability is ESSENTIAL for a positive business approach.

    4. Are solar backpacks worth it for camping?

    Solar backpacks are one of the most HANDY solutions to meet power needs while camping. They help you charge most smartphones, tablets, computers, etc, with solar power. Solar backpacks are best for CAMPING and ACTIVITIES like hiking, boondocking, traveling, etc.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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