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One-stop solar Appliances supplier For Your Solar project

We know solar appliances MANUFACTURING inside-out. Our UNMATCHED SUPPLY capability wins customers over effortlessly. EXPERIENCE matters, and it shows in our SUPERIOR COMMUNICATION and unrivaled product QUALITY.

Trust us to grow your MARKET PRESENCE and launch new products successfully.

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Advantages Of The Best Solar Appliances Services

quality inspection

Strict Quality Inspection

We cover INSPECTIONS from end to end, so NO SUBPAR products leak through. Bye bye NEGATIVE REVIEWS and hello to MORE SALES and satisfied customers with the BEST solar power appliances!

100% Inspection 

Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY

Leeline Energy RAMPS UP solar production with STATE-OF-THE-ART technology. No better SENSE of precision and automation FOUND ELSEWHERE. Fewer errors, more EFFICIENCY: hassle-free production that SAVES TIME and MONEY!


Professional After-Sales

Our superstar team tackles CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS and warranty issues EFFORTLESSLY. They nip DISPUTES in the BUD. Ensure your brand’s sterling REPUTATION remains intact.

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

STAY AWAY from overpaying with the BREAKDOWN of our PRICING OPTIONS. Receive a QUICK quote within 24 hours. All of this comes after we have a DETAILED CHAT about your needs. Enjoy transparent costs for FINANCIAL SUCCESS!



Forget about the hassle of buying ENERGY-EFFICIENT appliances in bulk. Keep your FINANCES SOLID with enough funds for OPERATING COSTS. That includes labor and WAREHOUSING. Say goodbye to FINANCIAL STRESS and enjoy peace of mind.


Exquisite Packaging

Elevate your brand with CUSTOM PACKAGING featuring embedded logos. ENHANCE its image INSTANTLY. Stand out from the COMPETITION by boosting its UNIQUE VALUE.

Solar Light Appliances

solar street light

Solar Street Light

Our energy-EFFICIENT appliances use high-brightness LED chips. Offer a WIDE LIGHTING angle. Install these solar-powered GEMS at the perfect angle to MAXIMIZE power generation. 

With luminous EFFICIENCY of up to 210LM/W, keep your customers’ homes bright. All this GENERATES TRUST and goodwill toward your BUSINESS.

Solar Flashlight

Solar Flashlight

Gear up with our multi-purpose flashlights that POWER your ADVENTURES! Harness the sun’s ENERGY, providing versatile, COST-EFFECTIVE solutions. Customers can use it for camping trips to SECURITY patrols. 

Effortlessly MEET your customers’ energy NEEDS while INCREASING brand awareness and MARKET SHARE.

Solar Wall Lights

Solar Wall Light

Deliver POWERFUL ILLUMINATION in three versatile modes. High and DIM light settings. That uses MOTION SENSORS to activate the RIGHT amount of brightness. Energy savings when not needed. 

Gain an edge in the MARKET, keeping your CUSTOMERS’ solar power appliances powered!

Solar Spot Lights

Solar Spot Lights

This DUAL INSTALLATION wonder can be mounted as a wall light. The SOLAR POWER appliances can be used in OUTDOOR SPACES like your YARD, PATIO, PORCH, AND GARAGE. 

They also come with an EASY SETUP using included screws. It meets all CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS while establishing a professional CORPORATE IMAGE.

Solar Camping Lantern

Solar Camping Lantern

Each solar-powered appliance gives you MORE POWER cause it can charge in THREE WAYS. We are talking solar, A/C ADAPTER, or BATTERIES. USB output for your PHONE or other DEVICES. 

Easy to use and PERFECT for outdoor activities like CAMPING and EMERGENCIES. That solidifies your position in the market as a trusted brand!

Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light

IP65 waterproof glass and top-notch material make solar lights DURABLE. These outdoor solar lights with spikes or screws are best for creating a landscape. VERSATILE installation offers FLEXIBILITY to customers.

Enhance customer SATISFACTION by elevating their overall experience with LED lights.

Home Appliances

Solar Refrigerator

Solar Refrigerator

The solar refrigerator is all customers need to keep things COOL and SAVE on energy costs! It runs solely on solar ENERGY, so no need for a GENERATOR. 

With options to use GRID POWER or batteries, keep things chilled ROUND-THE-CLOCK. HAPPIER CUSTOMERS and a memorable BRAND IMPRESSION!

Solar Fan

Solar Fan

Flip the handy KEY SWITCH and let those LED lights shine! No more DEAD BATTERIES – it’s RECHARGEABLE for endless use. 

With its solid stamina, it POWERs up your stuff with 6V power for hours. These HOME APPLIANCES place you ahead of the game with a COMPETITIVE EDGE!

Solar Security Camera

Solar Security Camera

Get our solar-powered camera with a killer PAN and TILT CONTROL via the app – smooth moves. CHECK it, you adjust those SOLAR PANELS by hand for ultimate flex. 

They even go full 355° pan and 120° tilt! You BUILD solid CUSTOMER LOYALTY. And you’ll be the talk of the town in the SOLAR energy MARKET!

Daily Appliances

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Snag this WATERPROOF solar energy gem! Rain or splashes won’t FAZE them. Plus, they’re LIGHTWEIGHT and portable. WHEREVER and WHENEVER you need them, RELY on energy efficient appliances. 

And here’s the kicker – all this EARNS you rave REVIEWS! Your GOOD REPUTATION and POSITIVE feedback.

Solar Keyboard

Solar Keyboard

We offer you a boss keyboard that’s slim, light, and badass. This equipment runs on light power, maximizing your productivity levels. Plus, it’s wireless and ultra-thin, with a keypad to dominate those data entries. 

Score some serious REPEAT customers who want to save electricity BILLS, my friend! You’ll have folks coming back for MORE, and keep those SALES!

Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack

This backpack has a solar panel for efficient device charging. Charge multiple devices at once and make the most of that sweet solar energy. Save your electricity bill. Hey, it’s environmentally friendly and tough too, built to handle your everyday use with water and scratch resistance!

With its efficient charging power, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with customers and KEEPING them loyal.

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

You get a solar power bank that’s TOUGH as nails. The DUSTPROOF design keeps it FRESH and ready to rock. Security guarantees include AGAINST TEMPS going HAYWIRE, excessive CHARGES, and VOLTAGE SURGES.

Customers TRUST this bad boy to withstand a GOOD RINSE. Enhancing your BRAND VALUE to electric heights! BUILDS unshakable trust in your solar for appliances.

Solar Radio

Solar Radio

Get your business radio with bright LED bulbs to keep rocking come NIGHTFALL. It also has SOS call, USB power cord CHARGING, and AAA dry battery. Perfect for all the outdoor SHENANIGANS in remote locations. 

Super-loyal CUSTOMERS who can’t stop talking about your BRAND. Get ready for word of mouth to SPREAD like WILDFIRE.

 Solar Umbrella

Solar Umbrella

Our Solar umbrellas have uniform designed structures and are built to LAST. That’s thanks to HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS like metal or durable PLASTIC. 

They’ve got stability ON LOCK, handling strong winds and wobbly surfaces like a boss. Safety FIRST! Your products will stand OUT in the COMPETITIVE MARKET!

Creative Applications of Solar Appliances





coffee shop

coffee shop







Power Up Your Brand: Elevate your business with cutting-edge solar appliances. Unleash wholesale opportunities for growth. Switch to solar and illuminate your success today!


introductionOur solar appliances FACTORY has scored impressive international CERTIFICATIONS. Think CE, TUV, ETL, FCC, RoHS & ISO14001. Improve EFFICIENCY and BOOST CUSTOMER confidence with environmentally friendly solar powered appliance. Help you expand your MARKET SHARE.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Leeline Energy is a Thin Film Solar Panels company with an extensive selection of designs, sizes, and thicknesses.We are solar appliances MANUFACTURERS, that are all about QUALITY. Our factory goes through RIGOROUS audits and INSPECTIONS to ensure safety. Improve PRODUCT STANDARDS. It’s how you build a REPUTABLE BRAND while minimizing risks, complaints, and disputes.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re experts in SOURCING awesome solar powered appliances with a DECADE of EXPERIENCE. Our big team has the right skills to CATER to businesses of all sizes. Count on us for quality solar appliances MANUFACTURERS & factories. 

We SATISFY your needs in the world of B2B operations. Let’s EXPAND your market and LEVEL UP your business TOGETHER!

One-stop Sourcing

Forget about trying to juggle MULTIPLE solar appliances SUPPLIERS. We’re here to SAVE you time and money. With our EXPERTISE and knowledge of the FACTORY GAME. 

Sit back as we handle procurement, inspection, and logistics. Our focus is on ensuring your satisfaction, building long-term connections, and reducing costs.

Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Eliminate worries about risky solar appliances WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS. When you work with us, QUALITY, DELIVERY, and cost won’t cause any trouble. We’ve got your interests PROTECTED through audits, inspections, and follow-ups.

We’re all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and minimizing RISKS and SCAMS. With confidence in our partnership, we close more deals TOGETHER!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Count on us for KILLER SERVICE and SUPPORT with solar powered appliances. Your SATISFACTION is our top priority, partner! 

We excel in R&D, logistics, and sourcing. Get ready for amazing SALES FIGURES with better conversions all around! Say goodbye to CHURN and hello to SUCCESS!

Standardized Procedure

Rely on us for awesome SERVICE and support when it comes to SOLAR APPLIANCES. We’re EXPERTS, absolutely nailing EVERY aspect to ensure PRIMO QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM. 

Climb to the top with RELIABLE panels that BOOST your market presence. Spread LOVE for your brand and STAY AHEAD in the industry.


Custom Solutions

From goals to requirements, we come through. We’ll cook up tailored solar power appliances solutions that suit you right down to the smallest details. No cookie-cutter stuff here, just exactly what you need!    

Get pumped to boost your reputation and SKYROCKETING SALES! You’ve been desiring EPIC SUCCESS, and it’s FINALLY HERE!


How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

We HANDLE ALL the specs, quantities, and top-quality solar appliances. Our research SUPPORTS your work. Build trust and enhance IMAGE and service QUALITY for collaborations.

  • Supplier Management

You DON’T have to worry about VETTING those solar appliance SUPPLIERS. We take care of it! Make sure their production is UNMATCHED. So we help you make MAD sales EFFORTLESSLY.

  • Contract Negotiation

Take a BREATHER, my friend! We deal with those solar appliance CONTRACTS. With our FAIR TERMS and LEGAL know-how, you’re FULLY PROTECTED. Get that sourcing on point for some SMOOTH business GROWTH!

  • Order Management

Our team handles suppliers, quality control, and any issues that pop up. From sorting to PACKING to LABELING – consider it done. Kickstart your solar system appliances biz with FASTER processing and smooth CASH FLOW!

  • Logistics Coordination

Chill while we manage the SHIPPING and storage for your solar appliances. TRUST US to get them delivered on TIME, smooth sailing. You do your thing – MARKETING and GROWING that biz of yours!

  • Installation Support

Let’s get your solar setup rolling with our handy DANDY KIT. It’s got the goods, from NO-BRAINER MANUALS to AWESOME VIDEOS. If you’re stuck, we’ve got killer support for an easy, breezy installation. Score trust, fame, and CUSTOMERS like it’s nothing!

Our Payment

YOU choose how to pay. We have PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. NO SCAMS here! Relax, knowing your info is safe with our SECURE TRANSACTIONS. Watch out for your biz and SAFEGUARD those PROFITS!

Western Union

Illuminate Profits: Transform your brand with our premium solar solutions. Wholesale opportunities await. Light up your business success – harness the power of solar excellence now!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Appliances Factory

This solar appliances factory boasts a SLICK and SWIFT production line. You can meet demand for LICKETY-SPLIT. Plus, those top-notch products/services of yours will bring in and keep customers! Easy peasy!


packaging & shipping

Check out our quick logistics FEEDBACK SYSTEM. Say, see ya to DISTRIBUTION UNCERTAINTY, and hello to smooth planning. It’s like magic – EFFICIENCY boosts, and costs go down! CUSTOMERS dig your awesome REP and biz GROWTH!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


No Digging, Just Delight: Logan Park’s Solar Upgrade with Leeline Energy 

When it comes to solar energy, nobody beats Leeline Energy. Wholesalers and installers know we are all about top quality, we NEVER let you down.

The folks in Logan, New Jersey, wanted to make their park safer and more enjoyable at NIGHT. Only thing is, it wasn’t set up for lights. No worries about pricey solutions – we had a plan!

The issue was that installing LIGHTS in this park meant expensive TRENCHING work – around $63k. But they were also on the hunt for FIXTURES that make the park look and FEEL AWESOME while keeping it secure, ya know?

Guess what, folks? Our ENGINEERING CONSULTANT checked things out. And pointed the customer towards these AWESOME solar light thingies. They’re super COST-EFFECTIVE, easy to install (no wires!), and just what the project needed. Score!

Here’s why they picked us: Our solar lights are top-tier! They save MONEY, NO COMPLICATED installs. No annoying light SNEAKING onto other people’s PROPERTY either. And don’t worry about anyone messing with them – they’re secure!

The plan was simple: We set up 46 solar lights all over the park. That meant no DIGGING TRENCHES and a quicker PROJECT COMPLETION. Bam!

After putting up those solar lights, the park became LIVELIER at night. People loved FEELING SAFE, plus way less electric juice and CO2 went into the air. Success!

The peeps from the TOWNSHIP and park visitors loved those solar lights. They found them EASY to use, MONEY-SAVING, and dang good-looking! Talk about a WIN!

What our customers say


Got Leeline’s energy-efficient appliances and SOLAR PANELS. And I’m just loving the solar power vibes! I save money on my ELECTRICITY BILL. Going green with a smaller CARBON FOOTPRINT and LESS POWER is the best decision I made. Cause I am getting more POWER THANKS to their top-class solar panel system. I highly RECOMMEND it for saving money and making a POSITIVE IMPACT!

Maria A Joy

Yo, Leeline Energy is on point! I get a solar panel SYSTEM and energy-efficient appliances from them. My ENERGY CONSUMPTION went way down, and MY WALLET is hella happy with how much POWER SAVINGS I get. Their solar system really met all my electrical devices’ POWER NEEDS. Plus, they helped me reduce my CARBON FOOTPRINT. 10/10 would recommend them for all your Home appliance and solar POWER NEEDS!

Danny B Stack

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

    Phone / Whatsapp







    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Appliances

    1. Is it good to start a business related to solar appliances in India?

    India has BIG PLANS for renewable energy. We are talking ₹100 BILLION investment, 100 GW solar capacity by 2022. Solar projects = profits. So, YEAH. It might be a GOOD IDEA to start a solar biz in the country.

    2. Where did I get solar home appliances?

    Get NIFTY SOLAR gadgets at Leeline Energy. Power up your place with solar spotlights, a Solar Refrigerator, and a Solar Security Camera. Questions? Hit US up for a BALLPARK on what you need. BROWSE our SITE NOW!

    3. Do solar panels work for small appliances like a fan?

    Absolutely! Solar panels make ELECTRICITY to power your FAN. Don’t forget to know the watts, volts, and amps your DEVICES NEED. 

    For example, say your CEILING FAN needs at least 20 volts and 80 watts with a minimum of 1 ampere current. If your SOLAR SYSTEM can’t match that power, it won’t work. It’s a UNIVERSAL RULE. So, calculate the requirements for all household APPLIANCES and install them ACCORDINGLY.

    4. Can I customize solar products?

    Definitely! You can totally CUSTOMIZE your solar stuff. Leeline Energy has CUSTOM and OEM solar PANELS just for you.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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