Polycrystalline Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a TEAM of SUSTAINABLE energy experts dedicated to delivering solar solutions. We explore the SOLAR MARKET. Find the promising polycrystalline solar panels WHOLESALE. And get you the BEST DEALS in your hand. Plus, our DELIVERY service ensures the ON-TIME shipment to your location with ultimate SAFETY. 

Reduce the hassle and enjoy HIGH PERFORMING business with our experts! 

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Premium Polycrystalline Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a SUSTAINABLE solution company that delivers CUSTOM polycrystalline panels. You get design, power output, and desired voltage features. 

PID resistance:

No more CURRENT SURGES. No more short circuit problems. We have BROUGHT the dad of ALL, ANTI-PID solar cell technologies. Our photovoltaic materials remain undegradable for EXTENDED durations. 

You deliver DURABLE polycrystalline panels. And turn your NEW CUSTOMERS into permanent ones. 

SMBB technology:

SMBB is another rebellion against the LOW POWER output. Our polycrystalline panels DEPLOY SMBB technology. Trap more solar power LIGHT. And collect current for HIGH power output and reliability. 

You impress consumers with EXCELLENT solar cell technology. And make them REPEAT purchases.

Toughened glass:

What if we give you an AESTHETIC solar design with IP-67 grade protection? Sames like a DREAM, RIGHT? But it is no more. Our low iron ULTRA CLEAR tempered glass looks elegant. Transmit 95% of the LIGHT. And resist the hail. 

These panels produce energy for EXTENDED periods. And make your BUSINESS distinct in the solar market. 

High module conversion efficiency:

One significant PROBLEM has been TEASING the customers. We have COVERED it. And it is energy loss. Our polycrystalline panels have a HALF-CELL design. It potentially reduces the POWER losses.

Moreover, the conversion efficiency of 21.16% is QUITE outstanding. 
You deliver high SOLAR PANEL efficiency to your customers. And get NON-STOPSALES.

High stability:

We have CHASING the low light performance for many years. And today, you got in our solar panels. They give EXCELLENT performance even in low light. 

Plus, HIGH withstanding power to wind and snow load leaves NO STONE unturned to impress your consumers. Delivering high-strength POLYCRYSTALLINE PANELS wins CUSTOMERS’ trust In your business.

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Polycrystalline Solar Panels by Material

Bifacial polycrystalline solar panel

Bifacial SOLAR PANELS have brought snow and hail storms to the knees. With a snow load of 5400 pascals and a wind load of 2400 pascals. OUR SOLAR PANELS are there. Standing for the whole day and producing renewable energy.

Your customers don’t have TO maintain them VERY MUCH. 
Boost your BUSINESS reliability with HIGHLY sustainable poly solar panels!

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All-black polycrystalline solar panels

They are the NIGHT KING standing against all the ODDS. All-black solar panels have EXTREME resistance to ammonia and high salt. They perform even WHEN other solar panels don’t in EXTREME weather conditions. 

Build more customer bases by delivering high-performing polycrystalline solar PANELS!

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Polycrystalline Solar Panels by Watts

400w polycrystalline solar panels

400w polycrystalline solar panels

Temperature is the MAIN FACTOR causing significant problems with solar panels. But that is not with our polycrystalline solar cells. They have a LOWER temperature coefficient. And avoid QUICK performance degradation with ANTI-PID features. 

It ensures a HIGH durability of the panels. And turns the heads of CUSTOMERS to YOUR polycrystalline solar panels!

500w polycrystalline solar panels

500w polycrystalline solar panels

We have invested in the ALUMINUM frame to give high TENSILE strength to our poly panels. Increase their POWER output. Prevent AGING of the panels. And keep the corrosions on the PLUTO with anti-oxidation features.

You raise your BUSINESS STATUS by delivering durable polycrystalline solar panels. 

600w polycrystalline solar panels

600w polycrystalline solar panels

No more EXCUSES for lower quality. We have brought another revolutionary higher efficiency POLYCRYSTALLINE CELLS. Energy production has increased. Saving turns the TABLE down. And the lowest degradation saves the MONEY for the customers. 

Skyrocket your SALES with our higher-efficiency poly panels! 

Take Your Brand to New Heights with Our Wholesale Polycrystalline Solar Solutions. Reach Out Now to Discover How Polycrystalline Panels Can Drive Your Business Forward.

Advantages Of The Best Polycrystalline Solar Panels Services

Quality Control

Strict quality control

We deploy the LATEST technology. Implement quality criteria. And ensure the HIGHEST quality of poly panels. You increase business CREDIBILITY with our polycrystalline cells. 

Efficient Production Capacity


Our OEM/ODM services get your BRANDED solar panel types. Help you sell under your Business label. And enjoy a BETTER reputation with quality. 


24/7 customer support

Got a problem? Why wait? Call us. Our 24/7 support resolves all your issues regarding polycrystalline solar panels. It increases customer SATISFACTION rate with our polycrystalline panels! 

supply chain

Professional sourcing staff

Our sourcing staff is VERY PICKY. We smell the QUALITY because of our expertise. Inspect the product. And bring you the TAILORED integrity of solar panels. You enjoy BETTER promotion with high-quality poly solar panels.

100% On-time Delivery

Short lead time

Need products faster and in bulk? Our automated production is QUICK, accurate, and above all, efficient. It produces HIGH quantities in less time. Meets your QUANTITY demands. And helps you sell more to your consumers. 


Quality packaging

What is the idea of ROBUST packaging? That is what we have implemented. Our packaging deploys multiple safety techniques and has high strength. It ensures the secure delivery of the best solar panels. And decrease customer complaints. 

Creative Applications of Solar Panels









Solar Powered Tables

Solar Powered Tables



Precise production process

Our manufacturing process DEPLOYS cutting-edge technology. Produces highly efficient polycrystalline solar CELLS. And meets the CUSTOMER demands for SOLAR CELLS. You start a Chain of ONGOING sales by meeting customer needs. .

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We are here to CHANGE the whole WORLD for you. Our CE, TUV, ETL, and FCC certificates build a SAFETY profile for BUSINESS. And increase your MARKET SHARE at International levels. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Don’t worry about the INSPECTION. We not only take care of polycrystalline solar panel factory INSPECTION but also make reports. You ESTABLISH your BRAND image with ultimate quality. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member4

Reliable and Trustworthy

Maybe you THINK we are new to SOLAR MARKET. Instead, we have been working with the CUSTOMER for ten years. We evaluate the risks of polycrystalline solar module DEALS. Ensure the SAFETY from quality aspects. And assist you in MAINTAINING trusted environments.

You GAIN the authority as a RELIABLE solar power brand! 

One-stop Sourcing

Sourcing, packing, warehousing, and shipping all count on OUR PROS. You have to GET RELAXED. Have some tea. And monitor our SOURCING SOLUTIONS. We guarantee the BEST polycrystalline solar panel suppliers. And grab QUALITY panels! 

Make up your NAME as a QUALITY solar business to attract new customers! 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Before you feel UNSAFE, we have screened the B2B scam risks. Removed all the FACTORS causing scams. And we have provided you only with the SAFE payments. Plus, our shipping SERVICE ensures on-time delivery. 

Our timed MEASURES and 100% transparent transaction keep you safe. That is when You eliminate the risks of B2B while ensuring timely delivery. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are FIRST for us. All others are SECOND. We give ENOUGH time to listen to your REQUIREMENTS. Think for a MOMENT. Give you the BEST SUGGESTIONS. And come up with the tailored polycrystalline solar panels. You get the BEST panels in the TOWN. 

Launch and EXPAND your solar BUSINESS with our quality solar cells.

Standardized Procedure

We are the GREAT PYRAMIDS of GIZA in professionalism. Our experts source and evaluate SOLAR PANELS professionally. Assure the DANDY integrity of the solar panels when sourcing the solar panel type. And increase the reliability of the polycrystalline solar panels with HIGH stability. 

Build a HIGH BUSINESS credence with quality solar PANELS!

Custom Solutions

Change the game right away by FOCUSING on what customers need. Our custom solar solutions will be the BOOSTER DOSE in that case. You’ll get power, voltage, and DESIGN. Light a FIRE in your consumers’ hearts. And become the KINGMAKER in the solar market

Upsurge customer LOYALTY with icing on the CAKE of SOLAR panels.


How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (6)
  • Demand Assessment

Don’t worry; we are JUST with you. We assess your quantity, quality, and specs demands for the Polycrystalline solar panels. Plus, our MARKET ANALYSIS is highly professional. You can MAKE your business popular like FIRE in the jungle with the right solar panels. 

  • Supplier Management

When we say supplier management, it means the whole FACILITY is here. Supply sourcing, evaluation, and performance will discern the BEST-MATCH and high-performing polycrystalline solar panels supplier. You get MORE REPUTABLE solar business. It is possible to win with quality PANELS from polycrystalline solar panel manufacturers.

  • Contract Negotiation

Have you Finalized the contract? We move ONE INCH close to the legal system. Sort out legal documents for polycrystalline solar panels. And settle on terms and conditions. You don’t face any pause in the contracts. Go smoother. And don’t waste time while FOCUSING on business marketing. 

  • Order Management

Don’t distress YOURSELF with overburden. Our professional team handles your orders. Confirms, packs, and ships them to your consumers. You observe REDUCED OPERATIONAL COSTS. Of the whole supply chain due to our professional services!

  • Logistics Coordination

Less time but need quick delivery? Our logistics pros will HANDLE it. We pack, store, and SHIP orders on time. Plus, tracking facilities are the MASTER of the whole shipping process. You don’t have to LOSE customers because of delayed shipping of polycrystalline solar modules! 

  • Installation Support

Solar installation is not a BIG DEAL now! We have comprehensive installation videos. And support you with TELEPHONIC and remote guidance. You can SEND videos to your consumers. Guarantee the installation safety. Save solar panel installation costs. And gain their RESPECT due to ultimate installation safety.  

leelinesourcing team

Our Payment

We have flexible payment OPTIONS. You pay Through Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Credit card. All payment options have Advanced safety. It avoids the risks of bank info theft.  

Western Union

Upgrade Your Wholesale Business with Affordable and Reliable Polycrystalline Panels. Connect with Us to Discuss Exclusive Wholesale Offers and Benefits.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Polycrystalline Solar Panels Factory

Need polycrystalline solar panels wholesale in BULK? A finger snap and boom! Our lightning FAST production system produces solar modules in SHORT PERIOD. And that with 100% design accuracy. You make HIGHER sales without going out of Stock. 


packaging & shipping

Are you tired of high customer problems? No problem, our packaging will take CARE OF IT. High-density packaging ensures safe delivery. Plus, ON-TIME shipment of more SOLAR modules reduces customer concerns. You potentially decrease customer RETURN rates. 


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case 19

Mr. Milne is from New Zealand. And he called us for five polycrystalline and ten monocrystalline solar panels for his office. 

Mr. Milne called us a month ago. He explained his requirements for poly and monocrystalline solar panels. We explore the top solar companies. We bought him fewer monocrystalline panels. 

Later, we helped him install the poly. And monocrystalline solar panels on the location. That has been an outstanding experience. 

Mr. Joshua belongs to IRELAND. He needed suggestions for a giant solar plant in the hotel setup. 

Mr. Joshua wanted to know whether monocrystalline solar panels are the best or poly. We evaluated the demands. And we suggested the monocrystalline solar panels with some poly solar panels. 

He was able to meet energy demands. And called us to say THANK YOU for our flawless services! 

What our customers say


I am very thankful to the Leeline team. They have brought the best photovoltaic cells. And quality monocrystalline solar panels. Their team is rapid. Thank you very much. 

David J Fennell

Last week, my friend recommended Leeline to me for my solar projects. Today, I have completed the purchase of the six poly solar panels. It has been super amazing working with such an outstanding team. They produce polycrystalline panels no matter how many you want. Thank you, leeline, for quality thin film solar cells.

Delores D Packard

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    1. Are monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels better for a rooftop solar system?

    Both mono and poly panels are QUITE excellent. However, mono solar panels have MONOCRYSTALLINE cells with thin wafers. They are a little more efficient but more expensive too. Think about it when installing a monocrystalline solar panel.

    2. Which setting is a polycrystalline solar module most suitable for?

    Polycrystalline panels have cells made with multiple silicon crystals melted. Molten silicon in solar cells PRODUCES more energy. It is good to install in large solar forms.

    3. Which is better for an off-grid scenario, monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels?

    Monocrystalline solar cells are more efficient. But they are expensive. If you are LOOKING for a budget-friendly scenario, polycrystalline panels are the top choice.

    4. Would monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels perform best in a UK climate?

    Both are the best with high performance. You need to ensure your poly or monocrystalline solar cells get maximum exposure to SUN. And produce the MAXIMUM energy.

    5. What is the lifespan of a polycrystalline solar panel?

    Polycrystalline solar cells have a QUITE high lifespan. You can use it for 35 straight years with HIGH power production. A pure silicon CRYSTAL with quality photovoltaic material does not lose performance quickly. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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