200W Portable Power Station Manufacturer

Leeline Energy gets you to source a top-quality 200W Portable power station. Access abundant BUSINESS RESOURCES for fast business development. Professional customization to build brand reputation. 

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Premium 200W Portable Power Station Features

Leeline Energy gets you different battery capacities with a 200W option. Launch a variety of product lines to GRAB customer’s ATTENTION. 

Lightweight Power Supply:

Easy to carry with less weight compared to similar BATTERY CAPACITY power stations. Weight on different models starts from 1.85 kg with handles. Convenient to carry during camping and ROAD TRIPS. 

No noise solar generator with excellent BMS system. Perfect to carry along medical equipment for CPAP machines. Increase user satisfaction through a COMFORTING and FRIENDLY experience. 

Secured Power System:

Safe Charge Temperature of 32-104°F (0-40°C) with Operating Temperature of 14-104℉ (-10-40℃). SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION to keep it safe for all kinds of usage. Certified with RoHS, FCC, UL2743, and UN38.3 to protect against CUSTOMER RECALLS. 

Maintain battery cell health through over-current and over-voltage protection. Mitigate the risks of UNPLANNED OUTAGES and downtime. You easily turn potential buyers into customers.

Reliable For Long-term Uses:

High-quality lithium battery with 3500+ life Cycles and 10-year service life. Charge devices of 240/200W with 250W PEAK VOLTAGE. It is connected to a portable solar generator for reliable usage. 

Reliable power supply with BMS system to ensure LONG CELL life. No power dip and low voltage issues with in-built BMS. increasing customer’s dependence on the Product, leading to REPETITIVE SALES. 

Versatile Ports For Various Usage:

Versatile power outputs for all devices from a portable generator. Two outputs of 12V and 2 USB-C, 1PD 60W IN/OUT, and one 230V AC outlet. We offer CUSTOMISATION in power supply outputs according to your customer’s needs. 

ACCOMMODATE your customers’ specific charging needs through versatile ports. Build a UNIQUE brand IDENTITY based on customization. Build a LONG-TERM customer base by solving customer’s pain points. 

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Advantages Of The Best 200W Portable Power Station Services


Excellent After-sale

We help you with product installation and replacement. Non-stop 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT to make users rely on your BRAND. Increase customer’s trust in your product with the reliability of guaranteed products. 



Start sourcing from a single portable power generator without any limitations. You avoid the hassle of storage and financial stress of bulk quantities. Start BRAND BUILDING through small batches. 

Optimizing Procurement Costs

Procurement Cost Optimization

REDUCE your operational expenses through cost optimization. We get you low pricing, EFFICIENT PROCESSING, and fast logistics support. You get an optimized supply chain with low costs that won’t exceed your budget. 

Quick Shipping

Fast Shipping

Top-notch LOGISTICS INFRASTRUCTURE with fast processing. Reduce lead time to get your portable solar panels and stations to your warehouse. Launch your PRODUCT LINE faster than competitors and grab customer’s attention. 

production equipment

Automatic Production

We ensure strict QUALITY STANDARDS with automation. Effectively Scale up on demand fluctuations to meet bulk orders of customers. You get a high profit margin on bulk shipments with automatic support.


Multiple Secure Payment Methods

Flexible payment options to suit your financial preferences and INTERNAL PROCESSES. You use our international financial infrastructure regardless of your location. Mitigate FINANCIAL RISK through diverse options to ensure Cash flow continuity.

A Wide Range of Applications













200W Portable Power Station Production Line

We ensure quality battery setup for a LONG RECHARGE cycle life. They are enclosed in a compact container with external AC outlets. It is PACKED after a detailed inspection of its RECHARGING and charging performance. Serve high quality to your CUSTOMERS for their enhanced experience.

Product Parameters

Net Weight3.6KG
Dimensions24.2*8.8*20.5 CM
AC+PD Input≈2.5 Hours
60W Solar Input≈4.7 Hours
12V Car Input≈6.3 Hours
USB-C Input/Output1x60W
AC OutputUS:110V /1.81A 200W||EU:220V /1.81A 200W
DC Output12V/10A(120W MAX)
USB-A Output5V/2.4A,1 x 9V/2A
USB-C Port60W
Cell ChemistryLFP
Cycle Life3500+Life Cycles,10-year service life
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Charge Temperature32-104°F (0-40°C)
Operating Temperature14-104℉ (-10-40℃)
Storage Temperature14-104℉ (-10-40℃)

Transform Your Business with Our Compact and Powerful 200W Stations!


TUV and ISO certifications save your BRAND from REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE. Certification ensures products comply with international safety standards. Mitigate customer complaints and dispute risk through credible certified PRODUCTS. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

You get a full supplies assessment before starting mass PRODUCTION. Avoid a fake or low-quality portable power generator and station in your sourcing. Meet customers’ expectations of quality products, leading to a strong BRAND REPUTATION.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leading Sourcing solution provider in Solar Energy products for the past decade. We optimized the supply chain of both big CORPORATE and SMALL ENTERPRISES. You get a quality 200W Portable Power Station at reasonable pricing. 

Our supplier network ensures the best PRICING with uncompromised quality. Increase your PROFIT MARGIN and sales through discounted deals. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

You experience product selection to final shipping services under a single solution. We handle your suppliers, FREIGHT, and ORDER MANAGEMENT. 

Save yourself from HIRING and MANAGING many agents simultaneously. Sourcing updates with continuous order tracking helps in effective communication. FAST BUSINESS development with less management hassle. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Save your enterprise from B2B frauds and TRADE scams. Mitigate supply chain risks that affect your SOURCING and FINANCES. 

Our invoice Auditing saves you from overpricing and HIDDEN COSTS. Mitigate financial fraud risks through our secured payment channels. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Our mission is to strengthen your BRAND to tackle market competitiveness. We ensure backup suppliers to handle sudden market demand. Thrive in SUDDEN demand increase to grab more MARKET SHARE. Mitigate QUALITY ISSUES and Production delays risks of relying on a single supplier. 

standardized procedure

Reduce errors and delays in solar Power panel SOURCING. You timely identify and MITIGATE supply chain risks by having well-defined steps. Increase your supply chain immunity to delay and late delivery risks. Reduce delays for ON-TIME delivery, leading to high customer satisfaction.

custom solutions

Create a 200W Portable Power Station CUSTOM solution for your customers. Design your POWER STATION to charge devices through many USB outputs. Increase the usability of your Product for users to high sales volume. Improve customer experience to get CONTINUED SALES for a strong Brand image. 

Our Payment

Secured Payment infrastructure with many transaction options. Pay through PAYONEER, Paypal, and Debit/Credit card as per your choice. Prevent financial losses through internationally recognized payment channels. 

Western Union

Offer Your Clients the Best in Portability and Power with 200W Stations!

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

See what’s TRENDING in the market through our Demand assessment. We get you favorable portable solar generator designs, quantity, and quality. 

Fast BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT by data-backed product sourcing selection. 

  • Supplier Management

Streamline supplier management to get a quality portable solar generator.

Filter out low-quality 200W Portable Power Station wholesale suppliers. Prevent QUALITY LACKINGS and customer complaint risk on your Products. 

  • Contract Negotiation

We negotiate on your behalf with a 200W portable power station manufacturer. You get the best pricing and SOURCING terms.

Ensure clarity in your sourcing deal with LEGAL CONTRACTS. Reduce miscommunication issues that lead to sourcing disputes. 

  • Order Management

Detailed order batteries and power station confirmation with supplier’s details.  We inspect each component in a 200W portable power station kit.

Add barcodes and labels according to package details. You get less hassle in supply chain management with barcode tracking. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Variety of shipping options, including Air, sea, and trucking support. You get warehousing near ports for a 200W portable POWER STATION. Fast loading and unloading to vessels with reduced transportation costs. 

  • Installation Support

We added a user manual to each 200W portable power station kit. Complete quick CHARGING GUIDEBOOK with LCD display usage control guide. Users install it by themselves, reducing your installation support hassle. 

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 200W Portable Power Station Factory

Automatic 200W portable power station factory to reduce production costs and lead time. You get your portable power supply stations on time at AFFORDABLE PRICING. Provide discounted deals to your customers to increase sales. 

Our 200W Portable Power Station Factory

Expand Your Portfolio with Our 200W Portable Power Stations – Order Today!

Packing & Delivery

We ensure secured shipping without any DAMAGE through Protected cartons. FAST SHIPPING with supervised loading/unloading lowers cargo damage rate. Save rework costs of damaged product replacement with secure LOGISTICS. 

packaging & shipping

Successful Project

Successful Project

Revolutionize Your Energy Game: The Compact Power of Our 200W Portable Statio

Our client, Mr. Lucas, had a construction company in Canada. His workers used to travel to remote sites for CONSTRUCTION. They did not have a Grid-tied electricity supply. So, he requested to design a portable power SUPPLY SOLUTION for his company. 

His energy needs were different for many PURPOSES. First, to support his staff with continuous supply and their devices like a laptop and camera. Then, for ASSESSMENT tools for their work. We DESIGNED a small generator and power station for staff individually. 

They have different capacities from 100W, 150W to 200W. Those systems have car charger options to use in car APPLIANCES. We ensure they are compatible with a pure sine wave inverter for smooth usage. 

We designed a solar panel setup with a large battery backup for assessment tools. It was a 10KW system so that most heavy devices get CHARGED SIMULTANEOUSLY. Perfect for outdoor ACTIVITIES on a commercial level. 

It has fast charging with over temperature and low voltage protection. Now, Mr. Lucas with his team travels freely. Their many AC adapter options give them LEVERAGE to use it for many purposes. He saved his power supply issue with an effective SOLAR PANEL and STORAGE SETUP.

Successful Project
What our CUSTOMERs say


I worked with Leeline Energy for solar panel power stations. It was the best sourcing experience in terms of QUALITY and PRICING. Their staff is very cooperative and helpful in sourcing processes. I recommend working with them. 


Leeline Energy has an excellent sourcing system with CUSTOMIZATION support. DESIGN experts helped me to design a portable power supply. My customer liked it due to its high usability and maximum power EFFICIENCY. You should work with them. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 200W Portable Power Station

    Can I have a sample order? 

    Yes, you get sample orders of all product lines, including a power station. Check battery backup EFFICIENCY and build QUALITY. Place your sourcing order after a detailed inspection. 

    What are your usual payment terms for orders?

    We have wide payment options, including Western Union, L/C, T/T, and Paypal. You use your CREDIT and DEBIT cards, too, along with Payoneer. Discuss with our representative if you prefer any other payment options. 

    How to buy portable power station at a low price?

    Access our 200W portable power station supplier network. Explore different PRICING and QUALITY terms through us. We negotiate on your behalf to get you the best pricing deal for your SOURCING. 

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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