Portable Solar Panels for RV Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a SUSTAINABLE one-STOP solar energy solution company. Our dedicated SOURCING AGENTS get you the BEST portable solar panel manufacturers for RV. And help you GRAB the customized solutions.

Heighten your BUSINESS prestige with our SOURCING EXPERTS!

Elevate Your Brand with Solar Power

Premium Portable Solar Panels for RV Features

Leeline Energy is a SOLAR solution company with CUSTOMIZABLE solar power systems. You CHOOSE based on the power, voltage, design, or thickness. 

Safe and Reliable Protection:

Are you tired of electrical POWER SURGES? No more. Our Solar modules have ADVANCED surge protection. In Over-power or short-circuit cases, your CUSTOMERS remain secure. Plus, our panels have CE and FCC certificates! 

A 24-month manufacturer’s warranty is the fascinating thing about our PANELS. You get CUSTOMERS’ confidence by delivering long-lasting solar modules

Efficient Transformation:

There is an array of single CRYSTAL silicon solar cells. Solar cells provide Less to NO LOSS of power—and longer life spans. There is even a HIGH conversion for solar energy compared to TRADITIONAL solar modules. 

High conversion and USE for extended periods save cost on electricity for CONSUMERS. And creates a TRUSTED environment for your business

High-Quality Solar Cells:

Solar cells in our solar panels for RVs have a 23% transmittance rate. That is almost 60% more light transmittance than other panels. A chance for HIGHER ENERGY PRODUCTION AT HAND!!

High-quality solar PANELS guarantee more electricity production for your consumers. And increase the customer loyalty for your business. 

Smart detection of sunlight:

Cloudy environment? When the sun is not AROUND, Our solar panels for RVs only take 30 seconds to restart. Capture the sunlight with smart detection. And start PRODUCING energy when sun exposure is enough. THEY charge the electronic devices quickly. 

It CONFIRMS efficient production of energy for your CONSUMERS. And improves your BRAND IMAGE! 


There are two main features of the SOLAR PANEL KIT. One is the dustproof feature (IP 67-rated). Another is IP-67-rated water-resistant, making it a MORE RELIABLE solar solution! 

Your customers PRODUCE solar energy even in the rain. And keep the solar panels away from DUST PARTICLES. It attracts new buyers for your solar panels for RVs. 

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Portable Solar Panels for RV by Types

Polycrystalline portable solar panels

Polycrystalline portable solar panels

POLYCRYSTALLINE panels help you charge your RV BATTERIES when going on an adventure. It supports your customers in their travel, too.  These panels give optimal performance during outdoor activities. Keep your customers enjoying picnic parties. 

Make your BUSINESS center of attention with ULTIMATE solar solutions for outdoor activities!

Monocrystalline portable solar panels

Monocrystalline portable solar panels

Is fluctuation in TEMPERATURE causing damage to solar cells? No problem. Our monocrystalline panels have a DURABLE cell design. These can adjust their POSITION by flexing according to temperature conditions. 

Enjoy a BETTER BRAND prominence with a durable design! 

Foldable portable solar panel

Foldable portable solar panel

Want to carry, ship, and grip? A foldable solar panel is the ULTIMATE CHOICE. It has a handy case. And a self-supporting stand. Your customers can take it ANYWHERE. And stand it easily. 

Win more consumers by increasing their EASE with foldable solar panels! 

Ready to Set Your RV Brand Apart? Our Wholesale Solar Panels Offer Sustainability, Efficiency, and Profitability – Request a Quote Today.

Advantages Of The Best Portable Solar Panels for RV Services

Quality Control

100% product quality assurance

Quality ASSURANCE ensures the delivery of quality solar panels. You impress customers. And attract their ATTENTION with more trusted solutions.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Various shipping methods

Our multiple transportation methods allow you FAST and timely shipping. Increase the ease of your customers. And get 100% SATISFACTION from your loyal consumers. 

after-sales service

Timely after-sales service

Professional after-sale SERVICES support you in time. You reduce customers’ concerns regarding solar panels. And turn them into permanent customers. 


Safe Payment Method

All our payment options have MULTIPLE security layers. You safely pay. And avoid fraud with our secure payments. 


No MOQs help you TEST the products by ordering a single item. Think from a broad PERSPECTIVE. And decide whether to make a BULK order or not. You avoid spending money on LOW-QUALITY solar modules. 


Reasonable packaging

Strong and eco-friendly packaging keeps your SOLAR PANELS protected during transport. Help you ensure quality delivery. And always bring more customers with the ultimate SAFETY of modules with eco-friendly packaging.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels



charging devices

Charging Devices



Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Solar Powered Tables

Solar Powered Tables



Precise production process

The production process follows the ISO standardized processes. Deliver the PROFESSIONAL best RV solar panels. And builds a MARKET TRUST in your quality panels. Improve your MARKET RECOGNITION with efficient production! 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We offer multiple certificates, such as CE, TUV, ETL, FCC, etc. It ensures the safety of products. And take your BUSINESS from local stores to the INTERNATIONAL market.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Leeline inspection experts VISIT the solar PANEL factory. Test the EQUIPMENT. Check the solar power system quality. And deliver you a DETAILED report. You gain customers’ RESPECT with ultimate quality RV solar panels. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member5

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a sourcing group with 10+ YEARS of experience. We have thousands of satisfied customers. And millions in TRANSACTIONS. We source the RELIABLE RV portable solar panels SUPPLIERS. Maintain transparency. And get you deals on the TOP-NOTCH portable solar panels wholesale for RV. 

You boost up the BUSINESS progress with our team!

One-stop Sourcing

Tired of SEARCHING suppliers and managing supply chains? Just STOP HERE. Our one-stop sourcing solutions get you the SOURCING. Storage. And shipping of the BEST PORTABLE SOLAR PANELS for RV in one place. You SAVE time. And manage the supply chain efficiently. 

Get a RISING business graph with our one-stop sourcing service! 


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Are you worried about the B2B trade frauds? That is NOT A BIG DEAL! Our security team deploys the LATEST security methods in B2B trades. Gives you multiple payment options. And Ensures a safer and RELIABLE transaction. Plus, we keep the delivery delays miles away with our TIME SHIPPING service. 

Avoid the RISKS of payment scams or delivery delays with our expert team!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customer First is our motto! Leeline agents keep a SPECIAL FOCUS on the customer demands. Think from their perspectives. And explore the BEST PORTABLE solar panels for RV. You save time and BUSINESS resources with our SPECIAL attention. 

Get ahead of COMPETITORS by focusing more on marketing!

Standardized Procedure

Leeline Professional crew implements the standardized procedures for portable RV SOLAR PANELS. We check out the ISO rules and regulations. And test the portable solar panels wholesale for RV. You get access to the DIFFERENT CERTIFICATES. And enjoy positive responses from customers. 

Set an EXAMPLE OF SAFETY by furnishing standard RV solar systems.

Custom Solutions

Have you got specific requirements? Call us now! 

Our team gives the CUSTOMIZATION facility. Just let us know the power output or voltage for PORTABLE SOLAR KITS. You can focus on the customers’ preferences more! 

It is a WIN-WIN situation for your business with custom solar panel options. 

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

The Leeline team understands the SPECIFIC goals of your business. Check out what DEMANDS you have regarding the power output of portable panels. Plus, our MARKET ANALYSIS gives you MULTIPLE scenarios of the market. You make MORE PROFITS by launching the right solar panel kit. 

  • Supplier Management

Supplier management is the KEY FEATURE of our experts. We source the TOP portable solar panel SUPPLIERS for RV. Inspect the portable solar panel FACTORY for RV. And ensure a better quality with 100% SAFETY of the solar panels. You improve your BRAND reputation with QUALITY flexible solar panels.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our crew negotiates the CONTRACT TERMS. Get it signed by your portable solar panel manufacturers for RV. And help you get a SEAMLESS experience. You avoid wasting time. And better present your portable solar panel business in the MARKET! 

  • Order Management

Are you looking for order management? Order management occurs in one place. You receive the ORDER. Our warehouse workers pack it. The shipping team ships it in time.  And potentially REDUCE your burden for managing orders. You save time and utilize BUSINESS RESOURCES in the right place.  

  • Logistics Coordination

The logistics team is in coordination with us. Whenever you RECEIVE an order, our shipping team confirms shipping. Gives a TRACKING ID. You never LOSE a single customer due to delayed delivery! 

  • Installation Support

We have DETAILED videos on the installation of PORTABLE solar panel systems. You send it to customers. Increase their EASE. And win their TRUST by supporting them with a SAFE installation


Our Payment

We have multiple payment options. You CHOOSE any payment option. Our transactions are 100% transparent. And give you ultimate SECURITY. Avoid the risks of fraudulent payment activity with our SAFE payments.  

Western Union

Empower Your RV Brand with Clean Energy Solutions! Request a Consultation to Discover the Perfect Solar Panels for Your Wholesale Needs.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Portable Solar Panels for RV Factory

We have a portable solar panel FACTORY for RV on a large area. That boosts the production efficiency. And help YOU get a non-stop supply of SOLAR PANELS in short periods. You remain AHEAD of your competitors by selling MORE with our FAST and RELIABLE production.


packaging & shipping

Robust packaging keeps your INVENTORY protected during shipment. Plus, our delivery team PAYS attention to your RV solar panels. And ships on time. You decrease CUSTOMER disputes by delivering the HIGHLY INTEGRAL solar panel kit.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Mr. Antonio belongs to Italy and wants a portable power station to generate electricity.

Mr. Antonio often goes on the trip with his RVS. Since it was causing very much electrical energy expenses. So, he contacted our team for solar generators. 

We helped him with off-grid living solar panels. And we brought the most power. He was very MUCH happy with our choice. And he appreciated our efforts. 

Mr. Basit belongs to India and needed five 100w flexible panels for RVs. 

Mr. Basit wanted the Off-grid panels for his recreational vehicles. It has been a great deal. He did not know how to install it. We asked him how many solar panels he needed. 

And then, we provided him with the required NUMBER of panels. And we installed it. Later, he called us to offer us his SECOND project. 

What our customers say


The Leeline team is excellent. I have no words to describe their efforts. They found the best solar power system for home. And they helped me get affordable prices. I loved their professionalism.

Angela J Wright

I loved working with the Leeline team to install a portable power station. They have the best team in the town. And efficient portable power stations. Thank you, Leeline team.

Jeff V Williams

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Portable Solar Panels for RV

    1. Can solar panels run an RV air conditioner?

    Yes. Installing a portable solar panel can PRODUCE LESS noise than a gas generator. Moreover, a portable solar system is ECO-FRIENDLY. So, it is BETTER to install a portable solar panel for an AIR CONDITIONER.

    2. Can I plug a solar panel directly into my RV?

    Yes. You can. But it is not worth it. Instead, use a SOLAR CHARGE controller. Connect your RV BATTERY bank and PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL with a solar controller. And then use it. It will produce enough power. 

    3. Can solar panels be installed on an RV or camper permanently?

    Yes. You must have a CLASP(Alligator clips) or something that ties camper solar panels better. Install the PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL on the curved roofs. Connect your battery bank with a solar charge controller. And start producing HIGH power.

    4. Do solar panel brackets work on a curved RV’s roof?

    Yes. Portable solar panel brackets can be installed. It is TRUE when you don’t have RIGID solar panels. Flexible solar panels offer VARIOUS degrees of movement. And safe installation.

    5. How long can a solar panel be connected to the batteries in an RV?

    There is NO DEFINITE time. You can connect it as long as your equipment is working. And you are GENERATING MORE POWER from direct sunlight. It all depends on your USAGE of portable panels. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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