Commercial Building Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a RENOWNED sustainable energy company nurturing SOLAR ENERGY solutions. We help source, inspect, and ship COMMERCIAL building solar panels to your doorstep. You INCREASE customer satisfaction with our 100% QUALITY ASSURANCE.

Repeat CUSTOMERS and RAISE your solar business worth with us!

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Premium Commercial Building Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is an EXPERIENCED solar company that brings up HIGH QUALITY and efficient solar solutions. 

Hot 2.0 Technology:

Solar panels have the LATEST technology option, like Hot 2.0. There are MINIMAL to NO light degenerations. Your customers find it a RELIABLE solution for the long term.

Excellent Solar Cells:

It has N-type solar cells with TONS of beneficial features. You get BIFACIAL energy GENERATION and resistance to harsh conditions. Longer life DELIVERS the practical results to your customers and increases their SATISFACTION.

Reliable construction:

The components include the RUGGED aluminum frame and iron tempered glass. Aluminum ensures environmental compatibility. High EFFICIENCY fulfills energy requirements for your clients. In addition, you GET more customers with the OPTIMAL performance of solar panels.  

SMBB Technology:

SMBB technology in solar panel for commercial building confirms HIGH EFFICIENCY. It collects more ENERGY by trapping light. You OFFER high-energy solutions.     And increase BUSINESS reputation due to PRODUCTIVE technology. 

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Commercial Building Solar Panels by Types

400w commercial building solar panels

400w commercial building solar panels

400-watt commercial building solar panels have BETTER low-light performance. It has a LOWER TEMPERATURE coefficient with HIGH efficiency. ANTI-SHADING features to ensure HIGH solar power system output. Your customers obtain HIGH-performance solutions.

500w commercial building solar panels

500w commercial building solar panels

These commercial building solar panels have a STRONG mechanical strength. Tested on SNOW and WIND, it can withstand 5400 Pascal and 2400 Pascal, respectively. Your customers INSTALL in any environment without the tension of HARSH weather.

600w commercial building solar panels

600w commercial building solar panels

600-watt commercial building solar panels are SHIELDED, which minimizes the DECREASE in performance.  Energy LOSS is significantly less due to this shielding impact. You deliver the LONG-TERM solution to your customers with less ENERGY loss.

Commercial Building Solar Panels by Material

Monocrystalline commercial building solar panels

Monocrystalline commercial building solar panels

Monocrystalline Commercial building solar panels have BIFACIAL features. That means solar POWER GENERATION is 30% more than a NORMAL solar power system. Twelve years mechanical guarantee and 30 YEARS warranty for SOLAR POWER OUTPUT increase customer TRUST.

all black solar panels

Full black commercial building solar panels

Full Black commercial building solar panels have all the FEATURES in one place. It provides HIGH efficiency and robust MECHANICAL strength. You turn SHORT-TERM customers into permanent ones. 

Polycrystalline commercial building solar panels

Polycrystalline commercial building solar panels

These solar panels have IP68-rated WATERPROOF features that protect from the ADVERSE effect of rain. Dust protection further PROTECTS and improves the EFFICIENCY. It is a full-fledged SOLUTION that impresses clients with power, protection, and DECREASING performance.

Solarize Your Wholesale Vision! Invest in Commercial Building Solar Panels to Redefine Your Brand’s Commitment to Green Energy. Boost Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Lead the Charge Towards a Sustainable Future. Act Today!

Advantages Of Commercial Building Solar Panels

High transparency

High transparency

It has a 91.5% high TRANSPARENCY that allows more energy generation. Your customers ATTAIN RELIABLE high-energy solar panels. It BOOSTS their energy requirements and saves THEIR energy costs to a greater extent.


Superior warranty

Solar panels have 12 YEARS of warranty and 25 years solar power output guarantee.

It helps bring more customers with TRUST and GUARANTEE.


Perfect integration with building

It is compatible with COMPLETE customization for your buildings. Customized OPTIONS at lower prices cut down additional COSTS for your customers.


OEM/ODM Service

Our OEM/ODM services manufacture commercial solar panel FAST and quality adherents. You save DEVELOPMENT time and cost.


Primary source of goods

We have the COMMERCIAL building solar panels factory. Direct factory SALES enable the LOWEST POSSIBLE cost reducing your financial burden.


Customized service

We provide complete customization FEATURES for solar panels. You can add consumer VALUE and offer personalized EXPERIENCE. It will FACILITATE customers and give them a strong reason to choose your SOLAR PANELS.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels

electric cars

Solar Panels for Electric Cars

household electricity

Household Electricity

Industrial applications

Industrial Applications

outdoor power

Outdoor Power



solar panels road

Solar Panels Road

Precise production process

We have a LIST of top COMMERCIAL building solar panels SUPPLIERS. You get more QUALITY and long-term relationships with AFFORDABLE solar products.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We offer CERTIFICATE to sell products. You get CQC, TUV, CE, and RoHS certificates. It ensures safety and CUTS costs on inspection.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We do COMPREHENSIVE inspections and provide reports. DETAILED inspection reports improve your BRAND image and ensure safety.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a SOURCING group with 10+ years in SOURCING solar products. We have thousands of SATISFIED customers for solar projects. You get the BEST sourcing, STORAGE, and shipping in one place.

Get RELIABLE commercial building solar panel solutions with our team.

 One-Stop Sourcing Agent

You don’t have to WANDER around for multiple services. We have ONE-STOP sourcing solutions. Our professional team finds the TOP suppliers. Receive commercial building solar panel wholesale products. Store them in OUR WAREHOUSES. And ship them on time.

Save time by ENJOYING our one-stop services.

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We ensure SAFETY by deploying efficient methods. Our team works with RELIABLE suppliers. To avoid quality and TRANSACTION SCAMS, we visit the commercial building solar panels FACTORY. Assess the production SETUP and the QUALITY. Our 100% transparent transaction keeps you away from fraud.

Enjoy safe DEALS with timely DELIVERY to your customers.


Cell Production Capacity


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Sales Countries

How We Work?


Customers are our PRIORITY. We carefully listen to the CUSTOMIZED features you want. Think from your perspective. And find the TOP commercial building solar panels suppliers. You get QUALITY products with the BEST SERVICES for your solar panels.

Improve your CUSTOMER satisfaction with our PROFESSIONAL services.



Our professional team believes in STANDARDIZED PROCEDURES. From INSPECTION to processing, we find the STANDARDIZED processes. Implement them. And offer you RELIABLE and long-term solutions with customer value-addition.

Win the HIGH REPUTATION of your business!


Do you have the SPECIFIC requirements for the solar panels?

Let the LEELINE ENERGY team know about the customized features. We will get you the BEST-MATCH suppliers. Offer CUSTOMIZED solutions. And obtain affordable prices. It is a win-win OPPORTUNITY for your commercial building solar panels business.

WIN customers with the CUSTOMIZED features from our suppliers.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Leeline Energy builds a STRONG RELATIONSHIP by jotting down the REQUIREMENTS. Our comprehensive RESEARCH and INSPECTION avoid QUALITY issues. Your customers attain the BEST commercial building solar panels with NO ISSUES in the LONG RUN. 

  • Supplier Management

We have an ENDLESS list of suppliers. Upon request, we find you the BEST SUPPLIER. Check quality. And manage your deals. From A to Z, we manage your SOLAR SYSTEM SUPPLIERS. Ensure HIGH PERFORMANCE. And COMPLY with standardized processes to deliver efficient solutions for BETTER loyalty. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Once you agree, we will compile the LEGAL contract. And get it signed by you and the commercial buildings solar supplier. It enhances the TRADING experience and irons out the COMPLEXITY of the deal. With this, you AVOID the HEADACHE of business hurdles and BUILD long-term relationships with suppliers.

  • Order Management

We help you connect your STORE with our team. Manage your ORDERS in one place. Package them. And ship them. END-TO-END order management BRINGS up higher profits. And delivers the SEAMLESS operations of the supply chain.

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistics team is VERY EFFICIENT. From packaging to SHIPPING, we have the BEST venture. Our FAST AND reliable shipping provides TIMELY DELIVERY at affordable rates. Plus your customers GET facilitated with REAL-TIME tracking. 

  • Installation Support

We have detailed videos on INSTALLING solar panels. With our EXPERT instructions, your customers save INSTALLATION costs of commercial building solar panels and ensure safety

leelinesourcing team

Our Payment

We have MULTIPLE payment options to provide you with ease. You EXPECT safety and avoid TRANSACTION SCAMS.

Western Union

Solarize Your Wholesale Legacy! Embrace Commercial Solar Panels for Peak Performance. Catapult Your Brand to New Heights with Sustainable Energy, Cost Savings. Seize Solar Success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of Commercial Building Solar Panels

Our commercial building solar panel factory has an 18000-meter SQUARE area. You get the LATEST technology with quality SOLAR PANELS.


packaging & shipping

Our EFFECTIVE packages protect your solar panels from damage. You find TIMELY and safe delivery to your customers.


Boost your SALES with increased reputation of solar business.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Mr. James Purchased 600-watt commercial solar systems

Mr. James from the US contacted our team to find the best quality solar panels. And we scrolled to our top suppliers.

After finding the BEST MATCH, we provided Mr. James with the TOP QUALITY solar panels. Our experts ensure safe COMMERCIAL solar installation. A week later, Mr. James called us again for the second solar panel. 

He admired our EFFORTS and wanted another commercial solar energy system. And we provided them with a QUALITY commercial SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM.

Mr. Anderson sourced the 500-watt commercial solar systems

Mr. Anderson belongs to Australia and wanted 500-watt solar panels. In actuality, he wanted the customized SOLUTION with COMPLETE commercial solar installation. 

We thoroughly researched and delivered QUALITY solar panels to obtain renewal energy. We even helped him with Commercial solar panel installation. The experience was great, and the customer gave us a 5-star rating.

What our customers say


First, I did not want to work with any sourcing agents. But my friend ensured the high output. And this is what the Leeline team has provided me with. I am their long-term client with complete trust in their services.


The Leeline team is second to none. They deliver instant solutions regarding your solar panels. I loved their commercial building of solar panels wholesale. Thank you, team! Good luck!


People Also Ask about Commercial Building Solar Panles

1. Where can commercial solar panels be installed?

The purpose is to expose the solar PHOTOVOLTAIC system to sunlight. And you can install them at:
· Roof
· Parking lots
· ground-mounted solar arrays
These are good PLACES.

2. Is it feasible to install solar panels all over high-rise buildings?

Yes. It is possible to do. Many Companies have done that. You can determine:
· The structural integrity of BUILDING.
· Availability of sunlight
· Cost of installation.
Above FACTORS determine whether you should install on high-rise buildi

3. Are commercial solar panels different from residential ones?

The main difference is in the solar POWER system GENERATION. Commercial building solar panels wholesale generate 2% more ENERGY. They are more significant than RESIDENTIAL solar panels.

4. How long does it take to install commercial solar panels?

Commercial solar panels take more time than residential. It might take WEEKS to months. It depends on the SOLAR PANEL. You can CONNECT them with local installers to estimate EXACT time.

5. Which solar panel is best for commercial use?

There are two options for COMMERCIAL solar panels. These can be:
· Monocrystalline solar panels
· Polycrystalline solar panels
You can install them as per your needs

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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