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Premium All-in-one Solar Street Light Features

Want customized SOLAR street lights? Our team covered you with REQUIRED design, power, and luminous lights! 

Super bright LED chips

STANDARDIZED LED chips with an efficiency of 170lm/w are game-changing. High luminous intensity will enlighten up your STREETS. No Eye damage risks. Easy and HIGH brightness. 

Set the CLOCKS for high efficiency of the solar STREET lights. Smash all the COMPETITORS to become their BOSS in an efficiency game! 

Efficient solar panels

Fast CHARGING speed. You won’t BELIEVE it is automated with LIGHT sensors. High conversion is REDUCING electricity concerns. And 21% efficiency will CRUSH the electricity bill. 

Make a PLACE IN CUSTOMER’S heart by cutting their Electricity. Offer them POWERFUL solutions. And win over your rivals within no PERIOD! 

Intelligent charging

Total intelligent charging! Our solar street lights work like humans. Senses the POWER. Adjust it according to the WEATHER. And set up charging and discharging rules. 

No more WORRIES about damage to batteries due to HIGH power. Furnish RELIABLE solutions. Optimize your BUSINESS recognition due to SAFE solar panel solutions! 

IP65 waterproof

IP65 waterproofing produces power, whether on rainy or cloudy days. Compatible with LOW and high-temperature systems. Plus, you get the PID resistance. That means your SOLAR LED street light has a LONG life span. 

25+ years warranty period IMPRESS your consumers. And they END up snatching the solar LED street light solutions at any cost! Explode your BUSINESS! 

Smart control system

Microwave RADAR sensors detect microwaves. Intelligent light control changes the LIGHT intensity as needed. The whole management automation will do one thing— controlled lighting systems. 

Timely control ADD fuel to the appetite of solar LED street lights for your consumers. Large sales. Customer rush. And MORE money. All you want is here. 

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All-in-one Solar Street Light by Watts

200w All-in-one solar street light

200w All-in-one solar street light

Dusk to Dawn 200w All-in-one solar street light is on! It has a LONG lifespan. IP65 waterproofing. And high power supply. 

All are going to SAVE you from providing expensive solutions. Drive More SOLAR LED STREET LIGHT deals. And reach the peak of Business. 

300w All-in-one solar street light

300w All-in-one solar street light

Motion sensor is a MAGIC wand. Humans are under the light; light is 100% bright. Otherwise, 50% illuminated. Power SAVING is at its peak.

That is the SECRET of our 300w All-in-one solar street light. Keep shining in the SOLAR industry. And grabbing ECONOMIC freedom with better sales.

500w All-in-one solar street light

500w All-in-one solar street light

Triple installation ways are the BEST PART of our 500w All-in-one solar street lights. Horizontal mounting. Vertical mounting. Or wall mounting. Use whatever eases you up. 

Enhancing customers’ EASE will entice them to LET your street lights in. Earn their LOYALTY. And win their TRUST through easy installation

Wholesale Radiance Awaits: Elevate your brand with our All-in-One Solar Street Lights. Wholesale perks for visionary businesses. Illuminate your success path sustainably. Connect with us to brighten your future!

Advantages Of The Best All-in-one Solar Street Light Services

Multiple Shipping Methods

Fast Shipping

No more slower shipping. Our TEAM ships at LIGHTING speed. No missed DELIVERY dates. 

Customers receive products on TIME. Start relying on your solar solutions. And promote your BUSINESS by recommending others. 


OEM/ODM Service

Let’s partner when launching a SOLAR LED street light brand. We get you the PREMIUM quality solar LED street light products. Ensure large-scale production. And take your BRAND from scratch to the TOP of the list.

Large-Scale Production

Advanced Production Line

Cutting-edge technology equipment with eco-friendly production. We have it. Our ADVANCED production line produces the LATEST tools. And establish you as the SOLAR market commander with the latest tools! 

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

Focus on what your CONSUMERS love the most. How? Customize solar LED street light products. We offer full customization. From DESIGN to desired power, get all. 

Fulfill consumer DEMANDS. They shower LOVE on your brand. And put them into their FAVORITE brand’s list. 

Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

We go through the SOLAR light production process. Test the products before delivering you. Eliminate the RISKS of low-quality parking lot light products! 

Sell BEST QUALITY—beat competitors. And RELISH the feast of success with QUALITY!


Clear-Cut Transactions

We and you: All transactions are there. You TRACK it down. Download receipts. And ENSURE whether they are safe. 

Pinpoint customer TRUST by safe transactions. And avoid LOSING money to cyberattacks.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels









parking lot

parking lot



Precise production process

Our assembly of SOLAR CELLS is next-level. Precise and automated Integration. Excellent quality Control. Expect nothing less than the WORLD-CLASS solar street light solutions. Rise on the TOP by kicking off the competition. And elevate your BRAND recognition. 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


How is the idea of Business expansion? We have got the GREEN TICKETS. Our certificates, like CE, FCC, RoHS, and ISO14001, will take you to US and EU markets. Increase your customer base Internationally! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Comprehensive All-in-one solar street light factory inspection is our KEY feature. You get DETAILED reports as well. Say GOODBYE to all the quality risks. Banish CUSTOMER complaints. And become the TALK of the town with INCREASED trust. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Here is why we are a REAL DEAL for our consumers. 10+ years of experience. Thousands of SUCCESSFUL solar deals. And above all, BEST IN CLASS solar light quality. Isn’t it all you need? And we offer it UNDER the TRUSTED cover. 

Get your All-in-one solar street light business ready for SOARING sales. And increasing profits with high reliability.

One-stop Sourcing

Replace the trash SUPPLIERS with our TOP-NOTCH All-in-one solar street light suppliers. Headache-free deals. And the PREMIUM integrity of All-in-one solar street light wholesale. Manage bulk orders. And TAKE CHARGE of the logistics and shipping aspects.

You experience a SUDDEN SURGE in your deals due to HIGH quality. And BECOME unbeatable in the solar industry. 

Sourcing Agent

business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

Don’t mess up your business with FRAUDS. We are here to help you PROTECT your money. Our security experts SCREEN out the deal. Test the QUALITY. And give a GREEN signal only if the pact is 100% TRANSPARENT

You don’t have to lose money to scammers anymore. Save money. And DO proper marketing for FASTER success.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

All about LEELINE ENERGY is to serve. You are our boss. Our main concern is your sourcing. We listen to your needs. Come up with BETTER solutions. And more? Excellent service and suggestions from our experts! 

Furnish the best All-in-one solar street light wholesale solutions to your CONSUMERS. Long-term BUSINESS GROWTH and Increase in customer’s flow. 

Standardized Procedure

Professionalism is our MOTTO. We take care of your All-in-one solar street light wholesale with our EXPERTISE. Deploy only standardized procedures. 

Deport customer CONCERNS about quality with professional processes. And rank up your BUSINESS with our experts. We have earned a reputation for you. 

Custom Solutions

Have you got something for us? We are very KEEN to listen to it with all ears. Our team goes beyond your EXPECTATIONS for All-in-one solar street light wholesale projects. And gets you a fast SELLING solar product

Focus on customer needs. Stamp your BUSINESS in their hearts! Rapidly grab a non-stop chain of REFERRALS! 


How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Let our EXPERTS take some time and assess all your demands. From quantity to quality, we bring all down to the KNEES. Provide expert analysis. And give the best. 

One more thing, guess what? We’ve SPICED it up with the EXPERT market analysis. Make informed decisions. Raise PROFIT margins. 

  • Supplier Management

How is the idea of an expert handling your All-in-one solar street light manufacturers? We are there to ASSIST you. Procure the inventory. Track the supplier performance. And compel them to provide QUALITY. 

Low OVERHEAD costs. Better SUPPLY CHAIN. And smooth business: all maintain your BUSINESS repo. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Let us handle the nitty-gritty legal contract details. We sort out the legal complexities. DRAFT the contract. And IRON out the whole deal. You enjoy the SEAMLESS experience. Save the HASSLE. And better focus on how to PROMOTE your business! It’s All about better solar light business growth. 

  • Order Management

Don’t take TOO MUCH stress. We ease you up with the expert’s order management. We help you TRACK all the All-in-one solar street light wholesale orders. Accept the order cancellations. And SHIP them to you on time. 

Say TA-TA to supply chain risks. Power up your business. And avoid the UNNECESSARY COSTS with experts’ help. 

  • Logistics Coordination

A well-coordinated logistics team is THERE. Ready to connect with you. Ship all your ORDERS on time. And ensure a SAFE delivery to customers’ doorstep. 

Make your business reputable with the TIMELY delivery. And enhance the RUSH of consumers to your solar street light business. 

  • Installation Support

Forget the complex installation processes. Our videos are an ASSET for your consumers. We offer REMOTE guidance and give phone support. Your customers install the All-in-one solar street light safely. Have excellent experience. And repurchase your SOLAR products.  

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Trust us— NO more scams are going to cause HEADACHE. Our PayPal, credit card, and bank accounts are 100% SAFE. And wipe out risks of FRAUDS. Initialize FINANCIAL stability by avoiding losing money to scammers.  

Western Union

Shine in Bulk: Unleash the power of All-in-One Solar Street Lights for your brand. Wholesale pricing for brilliant business solutions. Bright ideas lead to brighter profits. Contact us for exclusive deals!

Our Reliable Partners


Our All-in-one Solar Street Light Factory

An all-in-one solar street light factory has the BEST equipment. No more errors with the AUTOMATED technology. Best production. Top-tier QUALITY doesn’t let your BUSINESS down. Get upside business potential! 

solar street light factory

packaging & shipping

Our packaging is BRANDED— All you want. Plus, delivery is on time— Guaranteed! No more customer RETURNS due to delayed delivery. Retain maximum consumers. Improve BRAND STATUS with customized packaging and timely delivery. 


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Lighting Efficiency: Mr. David’s Paper Factory Thrives with Solar Solutions

Three months ago, Mr. David was having a paper factory. Guess the energy use? It was totally running on diesel. You can just estimate the expenses. 

Guess what? We were surprised when we heard about 10K USD monthly expenses just for the electricity. Here comes our experts turning the whole game UPSIDE down in the favor of Mr. David. 

We jot down his requirements. 

  • All-in-one solar street light
  • Security lighting 
  • Lights for Parks
  • Sensor system
  • Charge controller
  • Batteries. 

The job doesn’t end. We WENT one step extra. Got the best solar street light All-in-one. And ensured the quality. How? We invested the WHOLE DAY in the factory to monitor the whole process. We tested the SOLAR street light all-in-one before shipping. And we deliver the best quality solar light options. 

One gap remains— Why do you choose when hundreds of rivals exist? 

It is the quality, timely support, and flawless shipping. We are going to support you until the end. Offer cost-effective sunlight solutions. And let your BUSINESS sheen! 

That is how our deal with Mr. David went successful. And he left a 5-star review on our profile.

How We Support You?
What our customers say


I loved working with the Leeline energy team. Well-integrated experts are there. They handled my street lighting project. All went well. Thank you, big guys! 

Maureen J Crawford

Regarding solar, Leeline Energy is the first name that echoes. Best team. Best quality. I loved my work with them. It has been a smooth deal, all thanks to Leeline Energy. 

Jimmy A Sartin

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    People Also Ask About All-in-one Solar Street Light

    1. What should I pay attention to when connecting solar street light components?

    Various factors are there waiting for you to look. For example: 

    · Solar street light source
    · Battery panel
    · Lamp Battery

    Ensure the connections are accurate and working perfectly. 

    2. Where can I buy a good integrated solar street light?

    You can buy them online or offline in the local market. Integrated solar street lights are readily available. You need to look out for the best solar street lights. 

    3. Can solar lights charge through windows?

    Yes. You can, but there is one problem. Energy production will be LESS. Amorphous silicon is the best solution at this time. Better use for high energy production. 

    4. Which brand makes a good integrated solar street light?

    Endurance Lights is one of the best brands. You can also contact LEELINE Energy for the best solar street lights. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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