5kw Inverters Manufacturer

Are you looking for a TRUSTED SOLAR ENERGY expert? Leeline Energy is here to serve as your reliable partner for one-stop solar solutions. We help you find one of the BEST 5KW inverters for solar panel systems from trusted suppliers. 

Our PRODUCTS reach more than 150 countries. Your customers get RELIABLE inverters, and you drive sales worldwide.

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Premium 5kw Inverters Features

Leeline Energy is your ULTIMATE solution for wholesale 5kW inverters. We help you GROW your business with high-quality solar inverters.

Efficient higher revenue

Check out our REMARKABLE inverters packed with helpful features. They maintain 150% DC input oversizing, ensuring optimal energy harnessing. A wide MPPT supports a voltage range from 50V to 550V, yielding high battery efficiency.

Stop WORRYING about low energy rating and output power from your inverter! The 20A per string systems are seamlessly compatible with high-power modules. You get IMPROVED hybrid inverter sales that guarantee high performance and reliability.

Active safety

Our 5kW inverters are the BEST! They offer Active Arcing Protection for solar inverter systems. The benefit? They detect and prevent POTENTIAL electrical arcs. No problem for inverter security. They ensure UNMATCHED security for your hybrid solar setup against higher voltage range transmission.

The customers BENEFIT from an uninterrupted focus on harnessing clean AC output. Your brand gets a BOOST from trust and a worry-free hybrid solar experience.

Support multiple output priority

These inverters are PACKED with a built-in anti-dust kit. What does it do? It guarantees DURABILITY in harsh environments. You experience flexibility with multiple AC output priorities (UTL, SOL, SBU, SUB).

Your customers can benefit from hybrid solar inverter systems with VARYING outputs. That translates to REPEATED loyal customers.

Easy to install

Guess WHAT? The 5KW inverters offer effortless energy management! Our SEAMLESS CT/meter compatibility helps with effortless integration for a hassle-free experience. The ADVANTAGE? Streamlined operations and reduced downtime with BMS communication. Plus, enjoy time savings through simplified hybrid solar installations.

Your customers INVEST the resources where they truly count. What is the catch for you? You grab customers by REDUCING their grid solar inverter installation tension meter.

Dual MPP trackers

Say HELLO to our high-performance grid-tied inverter with dual MPP trackers. They are game changers with a maximum solar charge efficiency of 98.4%. You enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted monitoring for fluctuating voltage range operations.

The BENEFIT? Customers get enhanced AC output, improved solar charge mechanism, and peace of mind. You get POTENTIAL buyers, a step towards ultimate brand growth.

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Advantages Of The Best 5kw Inverters Services

solar products

High-Quality Products

Our team is all about SUPERIOR products that slash marketing costs. The CATCH? They drive crazy sales effortlessly. Let’s not rule out PREMIUM quality that helps boost your profits. You get a competitive edge in the market with customer trust.

Professional Customization

Custom Solar Designs

We MASTER that art to propel your brand swiftly with hybrid solar inverter solutions. Our custom inverter designs boost brand image. And fulfill UNIQUE customer needs and establish a strong market presence. You experience rapid brand recognition and market dominance.


Worldwide Market Access

Are you ready to EXPLORE the sea of sales? Partner with us to tap into global inverter markets. You get the opportunity to work with famous companies.What do you GET? Capture inverter sales and a larger market share. And it allows you to capture diverse customer bases worldwide for exceptional growth.

customer support

24/7 Customer Support

Need any ASSISTANCE with solar solutions? Get the benefit of our 24/7 support for customer issues while you focus on sales only. And it promotes brand loyalty. Moreover, it ENSURES consistent revenue and a dedicated customer following for your business.


Trustworthy Transportation

We are ALL about trust and loyalty. Entrust your shipments to us, benefitting from our stringent safety measures. We safeguard the INTEGRITY of your goods during transit. You drive more sales with our delivery reliability and customer satisfaction.

Upscaling Business Network

Trusted Supplier Network

Leeline Energy got EVERYTHING under one umbrella. Access myriad inverter quality and pricing options through our extensive supplier network. You get renowned manufacturers’ 5kW inverters with enhanced development flexibility. All you get is a COMPETITIVE advantage in innovation, pricing, and product variety.

A Wide Range of Applications

parking shed

Parking Shed

ground-mounted solar parks

Ground-mounted Solar Parks

home use

Home Use



office buliding

Office Buliding

utility solar Use

Utility solar Use

5kw Inverters Production Line

Our 5kW Inverters Production Line excels in delivering grid solar inverter technology. It utilizes top-tier components, ensuring UNPARALLELED efficiency and durability.Your customers can trust in the consistent excellence of every unit. And ensuring SATISFACTION and fostering long-term partnerships.

Product Parameters

PV String Input Date
Max PV Input Power37500W41250W50000W60000W
Max PV Input Voltage1000V1000V1000V
MPPT Range(V)200V-1000V
Nominal DC Input Vt580V720V
Max. Input Current34A/34A38A/38A
No. of MPPT Tracker2
Input Strings per Tracker4
AC Output Data
Nominal Output Power30000W33000W40000W50000W
Frequency (Hz)50Hz/60Hz
Nominal Output Voltage400V/340V~440V500V/425V~560V
Max. Output Current (A)44A44A64.5A64.5A
Output Power Factor(Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
General Data
Operating Temperature-25~60
Relative Humidity0~100%
CoolingFan Cooling
User InterfaceLCD
CommunicationRS485 or WiFi
Weight (kg)46kg46kg46kg46kg
Size (Width*Height*Depth)440*660*270 mm

Elevate Your Wholesale Business – Get Started with 5KW Inverters. Request a Quote Today and Power Up!


The 5kw inverters factory got CERTIFICATIONS of a higher level. We boost CE, TUV, ETL, and ISO9001 certifications. Your customers will BELIEVE in our quality and compliance with solar inverter technology. Bloom your solar inverter business market share with reliability in every purchase.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We are serious about audit and credibility. Our quality inspection reports guarantee product SAFETY. Your brand gets credibility among customers with more compliments. And helps you minimize risks, complaints, and disputes for your BUSINESS.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

TRUST is the cornerstone of our solar inverter business. Our decade-long procurement expertise in large-scale operations backs us. And we assure you of our trustworthiness as a PARTNER. We keep the customer’s trust by sourcing 5kW inverters from reliable factories.

All you get is a healthy business with customer satisfaction. This all gets you in the driving seat of a HIGH-PROFIT roller coaster.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Your SEARCH for the best 5kW inverter suppliers ends here. Take benefit of our One-Stop Sourcing service. We handle it all, from procurement to quality inspection and logistics. It ENSURES the most cost-effective supply chain solution.

Leave all supply chain management and sourcing to us. You FOCUS on customers while we fetch you the best equipment.

One-stop Sourcing

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We make your life EASIER! Say hello to trusted transactions. We address quality concerns, delivery delays, high transportation costs, and potential scams. And help you IDENTIFY factory misrepresentations, enabling confident cooperation and reducing transactional risks.

Partner with us and navigate the 5kW inverters market with CONFIDENCE. You get to deal with customers and maximize profits.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

At Leeline Energy, our approach is SIMPLE but powerful: customer first, always. We don’t just sell 5kW inverters; we UNDERSTAND your unique needs. The result? We engineer solutions tailored precisely for you. If something comes up, we are with YOU.

Need products that translate CUSTOMER satisfaction? We’ve got you covered. You get brand reach that you may be missing out on NOW!

standardized procedure

We follow a standardized procedure at Leeline Energy. This ensures a consistent, top-tier EXPERIENCE with every interaction. Our commitment to this process guarantees high-quality service delivery and 5kW inverters.

With us, you get customers’ TRUST. That means you establish a loyal customer base and boost your brand reputation.


custom solutions

Our team’s focus is centered on comprehending your unique aspirations for 5kw inverters. We create personalized strategies and services based on your unique goals.

We give you PERSONALIZED solutions to cater to your demands. These tailored solutions meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our Payment

We have covered you with SEVERAL easy payment options. We have made it easy with credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. These TRUSTED payment gateways ensure a secure shopping experience. That’s why customers trust our business for solar inverters, as you get FRAUDULENT-FREE service. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

NEED a demand assessment? Our service goes beyond just specifications and quantities. We guarantee the delivery of products by CAREFULLY analyzing your quality requirements.

Trust Leeline Energy for a Demand Assessment service. It MEETS your customer’s solar product requirements. This enhances customer satisfaction and offers you stand out through satisfied clients.

  • Supplier Management

Who SAID the supply chain is complex when you have Leeline Energy. Our team monitors and evaluates the 5kw Inverters supplier’s performance for consistent quality and reliability.

We assure you QUALITY that goes beyond any traditional rating and reviews. And position you as a market leader in the competitive solar market.

  • Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiations are no longer boring when you are on the ground with us. We are a PIONEER in offering expert Contract Negotiation services. Take control of contracts, leaving no room for ambiguity.

With Leeline Energy by your side, you can focus on customers. We have your back when you need it MOST.

  • Order Management

Taking order and management seems COMPLEX? We take responsibility for your order, from initial confirmation to tracking

We oversee the supply chain, handle supplier delays, and conduct quality control. All this ensures that 5kW inverters meet customer quality standards.

Sit back and leave your 5kw solar inverter orders for us. This convenience saves you the valuable time you would spend researching and evaluating.

  • Logistics Coordination

Stressing about logistics can affect your BUSINESS. Here, we assist you with our expertise. We expertly coordinate transportation, warehousing, and distribution logistics. And we GUARANTEE the timely and secure arrival of your goods.You can be confident in the punctual and secure DELIVERY of your goods. So, you can focus on your core business, free from the worries of logistics intricacies.

  • Installation Support

Need a PARTNER to go the extra mile with support? We are the only known brand in this arsenal. Our product comes with a comprehensive installation package. But it doesn’t end here! We offer remote assistance and professional telephone communication.

This SEAMLESS support enhances customer satisfaction and accelerates the order turnover rate. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of your solar solution swiftly and efficiently

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 5kw Inverters Factory

Our 18,000 square meters solar appliances factory ensures we satisfy CUSTOMER demands. The high-tech automation supports reduced production time and improved quality. You get a COMPETITIVE edge over competitors, fostering trust and reliability.

factory inverter

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Experience peace of mind with our PACKAGING. Our optional custom wooden boxes are helpful for module safety. And reliable shipping partners like DHL and FedEx ensure trust and TIMELY deliveries. You satisfy customers’ hopes seamlessly with 24/7 logistics tracking.


Successful Project

case 19

From Contact to Energy Independence: Wang Yi’s Leeline Energy Experience

Meet Wang Yi from China, a satisfied Leeline Energy CUSTOMER. We helped him achieve energy independence for his remote vacation home. It all started TWO years ago when he CONTACTED Leeline Energy. 

All he wanted was to install an easy solar light solution to liberate his grid-tied home. Here comes the most important part. Our engineers ASSESSED his AC output needs and decided to install a 5KW off-grid solar inverter system. The icing on the top is that it came with four charging modes, battery types, and a stable output power.

Wang was FASCINATED by Leeline Engery’s easy-to-install technology. All he felt was relief as the solar system met his AC output needs. Since the installation of the off-grid self-consumption system, it has operated FLAWLESSLY. And empowering Wang’s dream of transforming his vacation home into a popular destination.

The Lithium battery, solar hybrid charging, and auto-sensing aligned with Wang’s energy GOALS. It is chosen for its larger capacity and extended service life within a compact volume. Today, his EXPERIENCE is a testament to Leeline Energy’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Wangs’s success story REVIEWS how Leeline Energy empowers individuals to embrace energy independence.Interested in a similar TRANSFORMATION with solar system?

Contact Wang for detailed reviews, or contact us to start your journey toward energy freedom. Discover the POWER of Leeline Energy’s innovative solutions. It’s where energy dreams become reality.

How We Support You?
What our CUSTOMERs say


I experienced EXCEPTIONAL service from Leeline Energy. Their hybrid solar solutions EXCEEDED my expectations. What I love the most is the attention to detail and swift response. I highly recommend them for their outstanding expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sally J Dunn

I am in love with the top-of-the-line Leeline Energy services. Do you know why? Because they TRULY stand out in their business! Their top-notch products and swift after-sale customer support got my trust. The icing on the cake is their dedication to quality and RELIABLE logistics. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for their EXCEPTIONAL solar inverter service.

Eloisa I Beard

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 5kw Inverters

    1. How many solar panels can I connect to a 5kW inverter?

    The number of solar panels for a 5 kW hybrid inverter depends on the solar panels used. When using 450W solar panels, you will need 12 units. It can take about 26m2 of space, assuming each panel is 1.91m x 1.13m.

    2. What is the best inverter brand in Pakistan?

    Inverex is the best inverter brand in Pakistan. Most other brands like Crown, Tesla, and SolarMax are also popular. They offer hybrid, on-grid, and off-grid inverters for home and commercial use.

    3. What is the best choice of an inverter for an off-grid scenario?

    When going completely off-grid, hybrid solar inverters are a perfect choice. They offer many solutions for the off-grid setup. They include solar panel operation, electricity from other sources, and electrical energy storage. 

    4. How far should inverter be from batteries?

    A rule of thumb is shorter the cable length, the more the overall system efficiency. The recommended limit for cable length is 10 Ft or 3 meters. Keeping the cable to optimum length ensures better performance and safety.

    5. How much power can a 5kW inverter handle?

    The production capacity of a 5kW solar inverter is 20 kW/day. The production depends on the total hours the system receives solar radiation. But, the maximum production is capped at 6.5 kW for most inverters.

    Unlock Profits with 5KW Inverters. Request a Quote for Wholesale Discounts and Green Energy Solutions.

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