300w Mono Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline ENERGY is a PIONEER of SOLAR PANEL SOLUTIONS. Our dedicated TEAM IS always on the FRONT LINE to assist you. We help find the BEST SOLAR modules. And help you increase the trustworthiness of your 300-watt SOLAR PANELS! 

Explore the A FAST TRACK to solar business success with OUR TOP-NOTCH solar panel solutions! 

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Premium 300w Mono Solar Panels Features

Leeline ENERGY team DELIVERS customized SOLAR PANEL solutions. You get the required POWER, VOLTAGE, and SOLAR setup!

Less shading loss

Is SHADING causing your BIG POWER losses? Forget it FOREVER! Our high-efficiency panels are ROCKSTAR. Half cells MINIMIZE the shade loss. And produce HIGH energy even in LOW sunlight situations. 

It HELPS your customers stimulate more electricity. And GET A TRUSTED environment for your solar panel business! 

High reliability

Bow to the ANTI-PID resistance of our solar system panels! Extremely high MECHANICAL load-bearing capacity. Up to 5400 Pascal positive load. And 2400 pascal negative load. Plus, resistance to AMMONIA and SALT ensures electricity PRODUCTION in harsh weather conditions

Your customers produce NON-STOP solar power from our 300 WATT SOLAR PANELS. And you turn them into permanent customers with HIGH reliability! 

Half-cell module technology

Are you tired of FULL-CELL technology due to high ENERGY LOSSES? Our cells deploy NEXT-LEVEL technology. Compiled with half-cell technology, power to EACH busbar becomes. And therefore, you cut POWER losses to 25%. 

Your customers can REDUCE electricity bills. And PROMOTE your business BY giving POSITIVE FEEDBACK to other customers

Unique parallel connection design

Considering POWER demands, we have DESIGNED 300-watt solar panels with M10 standards. It upgrades 9BB technology. Improves power PRODUCTION. Plus, parallel design is the BOSS in shading conditions due to more power production. 

Our featured 300-watt SOLAR panels meet customer NEEDS for high power. And bring more consumers to RAISE your sales

Aesthetic design

Not only our FOCUS is a HIGH strength of a SOLAR SYSTEM. Instead, we KEEP the ELITE LOOK of our 300w solar panels wholesale. Aluminum FRAME and TEMPERED glass look EXCELLENT finish. With tempered glass, you get SMOOTH EDGES and improve efficiency. 

It helps your CUSTOMERS get both DESIGN and efficiency. You BUILD up more BUSINESS reputation with such TECHNOLOGY

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Advantages Of The Best 300w Mono Solar Panels Services


Guaranteed Customization

Do you have WATTAGE or VOLTAGE requirements? Let us know. We PROVIDE guaranteed DESIGN according to your needs. And take your BUSINESS to the sky by FOCUSING on customer needs. 


Quick Production Facility

Our lead times are SHORTER. It is all thanks to AUTOMATED technology ensuring FAST production. You run your BUSINESS with NON-STOP sales by having ENOUGH stock! 

Reliable Suppliers

TOP-NOTCH Suppliers

An endless LIST of SOLAR SYSTEM suppliers is THERE to impress you. You get the BEST-MATCH 300w Mono Solar Panels supplier. And defeat your COMPETITORS with trustworthy solar panel solutions.

after-sales service

Professional after-sales service

You are NOT ALONE once you make a PURCHASE. Our team is available 24/7. Listen to your SOLAR PANEL issues. And gives instant solutions. You ESTABLISH a POWERFUL brand image by delivering solutions to your consumers. 


Different Shipping Methods

We are NEVER LATE at delivery. Our logistics experts PACK and deliver 100% of your ORDERS on time. Provide multiple SHIPPING options. And help you REDUCE customer complaints to a greater extent. 


Secure Payment Options

Advanced SECURITY layers on our payment OPTIONS keep hackers miles away. You remain SAFE. And avoid the RISKS of payment scams. 

A Wide Range of Applications

Bus Stops

Bus Stop



commercial building

Commercial Building



Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Solar Panels for Camping

Solar Panels for Camping

300w Mono Solar Panels Production Line

Our production LINE is SIMPLY the BEAST you never find out. Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY produces FASTER and more accurate SOLAR PANELS. With shorter lead times, you don’t have to HIRE the warehouses. And cut down COSTS on warehousing.

Product Parameters


Module TypeNV-300-60MNV-305-60MNV-310-60MNV-315-60MNV-320-60M
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) [W]300305310315320
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) [V]39.9240.1840.4440.7140.97
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) [V]32.6032.8133.0233.2433.46
Short Circuit Current(Isc) [A]9.719.819.9110.0010.09
Maximum Power Current(Imp) [A]9.209.309.399.489.56

STC: irradiance 1000 W/m2 ambient temperature 20°C AM=1.5

Module TypeNV-365-60MHNV-370-60MHNV-375-60MHNV-380-60MHNV-385-60MH
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) [W]365370375380385
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) [V]40.4140.7041.0541.4041.75
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) [V]33.9134.0334.2534.4734.69
Short Circuit Current(Isc) [A]11.2911.3511.4211.4911.56
Maximum Power Current(Imp) [A]10.8010.8710.9511.0311.10
Module Efficiency [%]19.7020.0020.3020.6020.90

STC: lrradiance 1000 W/m2 module temperature 25°C AM=1.5

Discover How Our 300W Mono Solar Panels Can Elevate Your Brand and Save You Money! Request a Quote Today and Start Your Solar Transformation Journey.


Are you thinking of expanding your business? We give a HELPING hand with certificates like CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA. You sell in markets like the US and EUROPE. And expand your business for MORE SALES. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

The professional INSPECTION team is ALWAYS on STANDS for your SERVICE. We inspect the 300w mono solar panel FACTOR thoroughly. Prepare the REPORTS. And improve the RECOGNITION of your business with GOOD quality solar panels. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member5

Reliable and Trustworthy

Don’t consider us a NEW ENTITY in renewable energy BUSINESS. Our experts have been dealing with 300-watt solar panel SUPPLIERS for 10+ years. Not a SINGLE criticism we have HEARD from our customers. Our 300-watt manufacturers are READY to meet your DEMANDS. And deliver the HIGHLY ACCURATE solar panel modules you need. 

Raise your BUSINESS status with the SUPPLIERS that suit you the MOST! 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Sourcing. Shipping. And warehousing at ONE PLACE! Isn’t it a DREAM? But it is the REALITY with Leeline CREW. We let the SUPPLIERS flow through our PROFESSIONAL criteria. Come up with the BEST 300-watt solar panel manufacturers. And FETCH you the BEST deals on 300w mono solar panels wholesale! 

You ESTABLISH a BETTER market reputation with TRUSTED 300w mono solar panel wholesale solutions! 

One-stop Sourcing

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Hands UP for the B2B trades! We have been dealing with 300w mono solar panel SUPPLIERS for years. Therefore, you won’t expect a 0.1% CHANCE of B2B scams. Plus, our timely DELIVERY ships all your ORDERS on time. They further improve your REPO with consumers

You get a TIMELY shipment and a QUALITY guarantee. That keeps you out of B2B scams of QUALITY and DELAYED delivery. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


You are with us. And WE are with you. That is a STRONG bond. Our team FOCUSES on your SHORT CIRCUIT voltage and wattage DEMANDS. Think from your PERSPECTIVE to get the IDEA of best 300w mono solar panel manufacturers. And then take the FIRST STEP toward the SUPERIOR QUALITY panels you need

Set an EXAMPLE of QUALITY with the RELIABLE SOLAR modules. 

Standardized procedure

Professionalism is not JUST a WORD. But a COMPLETE DEDICATION toward your solar modules. Our professional TEAM follows international standards. Explore the EXEMPLARY solar equipment with the required features. And move ahead with a POWERFUL business position in the MARKET. 

You defeat your COMPETITORS in a snap of FINGERS.

Custom solutions

Have you got the SPECIAL demands? We are VERY HAPPY to pay attention to it. Our TEAM gets your REQUIREMENTS for solar module specifications. Explore it from the BEST manufacturer. And ensures a FASTER delivery to DEVELOP your business. You keep your BUSINESS standings QUITE high. 

It is a 100% WIN-WIN situation for your solar module business! 


Our Payment

Payment SECURITY is our priority. PayPal, Bank Transfer, or CREDIT cards are 100% safe and increase your PAYMENT ease. You AVOID risks for payment information theft. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

Leeline crew TAKES time to assess all your demands. Consider what voltage, power, or design you need. It gets you TIMELY 300w mono solar panel solutions! Plus, our PROFESSIONAL market analysis is TO-THE-POINT. You launch the RIGHT item. And protect HIGHER PROFIT margins.

  • Supplier Management

Our professional TEAM is responsible for finding the TOP 300w Mono Solar Panels suppliers in the TOWN. Check their PERFORMANCES. And optimize them ACCORDING to your needs. You focus on your MARKETING as we TAKE on the supplier’s burden on our SHOULDERS

  • Contract Negotiation

Once we have NEGOTIATED the contract, we go ONE STEP AHEAD. Sort out the LEGAL agreement. And avoid UNNECESSARY PAUSES IN your business deals. You save time and BUSINESS resources by avoiding HURDLES in your solar business pathway

  • Order Management

Are you drained to manage all the TASKS on your own? No problem at all as ABSORB your ORDER BURDEN. Manage all your ORDERS. And ship them on time to KEEP customers’ confidence relatively High. You enjoy 100% customer satisfaction with TIMELY Solar Panels order management. 

  • Logistics Coordination

If you get an ORDER, leave FULFILLMENT on us. Our workers PACKAGE the products. Fasten your business labels. And ship on time. Real-time tracking KEEPS the customers know the ORDER location. And builds their FAITH in your solar business. And repeat their purchases.

  • Installation Support

Is installation SUPER HARD? We have MADE it easier by MAKING videos. Plus, you get FULL support through telephone and REMOTE guidance. You send videos to your CONSUMERS. Confirm the BETTER safety in solar panels installation. And IMPROVE your BUSINESS credence with ultimate installation ease.

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 300w Mono Solar Panels Factory

Our 300w solar PANEL factory is READY to service you with customized modules. Our LARGE SCALE production setup keeps your BUSINESS flare up! You NEVER lose a SINGLE CUSTOMER by GOING out-of-stock. 

Our Solar Facades Factory

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Finally, packing and delivery is SOMETHING you’ll love the MOST. Timely delivery with customized PACKAGING ensures product SAFETY. And avoid CUSTOMER refunds to support your business!


Successful Project

Successful Project

Mr. Robert wanted a solar module set in his residential area in Australia

Mr. Robert lives in Australia. He called us last WEEK to help him find the BEST 300-watt SOLAR PANELS. We have the BEST technology. Moreover, our 300w solar PANEL options have SHORT CIRCUIT voltage protection. 
After installation, Mr. Robert CALLED us. And he thanked them for cutting the BILLS and meeting the power demands.

Mr. James is from Hungary. And he called us for solar equipment for his superstore. 

Mr. James wanted the whole SETUP: batteries, inverters, and charge controllers to STORE the power. Our experts developed the IDEA of a white backsheet and 300-watt solar panel. We connected the PV wire with the BATTERY. And we produced energy from the SUNLIGHT with our 300-watt solar panel modules.

After a few months, Mr. James called us for a SECOND 300-watt solar panel project. That is how this DEAL went successful.

What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline has been the best. They got me the 300-watt solar panel I needed. It produced pretty HIGH power from the SUN. They have been SUPER COOPERATIVE throughout the purchase. Great experience with such a great team. 

Nadia F Mendenhall

I needed the short-circuit current protection. And I told the Leeline crew. They gave me some ideas. And it helped me generate some EXTRA power. Now, my whole setup is efficient and protected from a short-circuit current. Thank you, leeline, for your endless efforts.

Petra A Benton

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 300w Mono Solar Panels

    1. Which solar panel is the best according to the Rajasthan temperature, monocrystalline or polycrystalline?

    It depends on the AVERAGE TEMPERATURE intensity of Rajasthan. Monocrystalline solar PANELS are BETTER in dimension and efficiency. Plus, they WORK in the high temperature. So, you can install the monocrystalline solar panels. 

    2. What is the maximum temperature at which a mono solar panel can be worked easily?

    85-90 degrees Celsius is the HIGHEST temperature for monocrystalline solar panels. ABOVE this, the temperature, power, and performance of solar panels decrease quickly. Keep it in mind when Installing them.

    3. Can you mix poly and mono solar panels?

    Yes. You can COMBINE both and use them in a SOLAR ARRAY. To optimize power PRODUCTION, you might need: 
    · Inverter
    · Batteries
    · Mppt charge controller
    Mppt charge controller helps MAINTAIN the optimum power OUTPUT for a given voltage. 

    4. Which solar panel works best in the shade?

    Mono or polycrystalline cells work BEST in the shade. But ensure you have HALF cell technology. And ARRANGE them in parallel or SERIES array based on your voltage and power requirements. They yield QUITE high energy. 

    5. What should you use for a home solar system in West Bengal, poly or mono panels?

    Both are great. And produce a HIGH ENERGY. Usually, the POLYCRYSTALLINE solar panels are PREFERRED. The reason is the ORIGINAL price. They are cheap and have high energy but less than mono modules. 

    Join the Green Revolution! Take Advantage of Wholesale Pricing on 300W Mono Solar Panels to Enhance Your Brand’s Sustainability Profile. Request a Quote Now.

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