24v Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer

Save ENERGY and TURN on the SUSTAINABLE solutions. We manufacture QUALITY 24V flexible solar panels under STRICT quality control. Have 10+ years of EXPERIENCE in driving exemplary solar modules.  Help you get the CONTEMPORARY design—and premium QUALITY. POLISH your brand APPEARANCE. Reach NEW levels of success with our solar PANELS! 

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Premium 24v Flexible Solar Panel Features

We fetch you the TAILORED flexible solar panel solutions. Acquire DESIGN, power, and voltage as per your BUSINESS needs! 

High efficiency

We have deployed the INNOVATIVE technology in our flexible solar panels. Why? It has a BOOSTED efficiency of up to 25.3% compared to TRADITIONAL solar panels. Light transmittance is 95%, leading to HIGH power production from SUNLIGHT. 

Standout from your COMPETITORS by delivering the UNIQUE and optimal solutions. Create a SHINING brand. And KICK off the contenders. 

Ultra Flexible

A relatively THIN design with just 2.55mm thickness AMPLIFIES the flexibility. Weight is also LOW, 5.7 kilograms. That means you can CARRY it around easily. 

It is the ULTRA-THIN silicon wafers. No matter HOW curved your ROOF is, get it INSTALLED. Add FUEL to the customers’ ease. WIN their TRUST with flexible solar panel solutions. 

Leading technology

DEPLOYED the LATEST technological features to make compatible flexible SOLAR panels. Busbar FREE cell design gives 3% MORE power. Structural INTEGRITY ensures LESS shading area—and high POWER production

Your consumers get EFFICIENT yet advanced solar panels. PROMOTE your BRAND by bringing up referrals! Easy, PEASY development! 

Convenient Installation

Easy installation as there are HOOKS and holes for better ADHESION. No more SOLDERING material is there. Plus, ECO-FRIENDLY design with LEAD-FREE MWT modules TURNS up sustainable solutions. 

Such a convenient INSTALLATION will DIRECTLY enter the minds of your CONSUMERS. Compel them to buy PRODUCTS. Enjoy consumer commitment to your Business. 

Suitable for harsh environment

SOLID-ROCK strength allows FLEXIBLE solar panels to withstand 5400 pascal snow load and 2400-pascal wind load. EVEN walk on it. No more SCRATCHES — Guaranteed! 100% Waterproof panels keep it SAFE on a RAINY day. 

It is a BUMPER PACK for your consumers. They USE it for EXTENDED periods. Think more of your BUSINESS when it comes to SOLAR energy. BRING a chain of consumers to you. 

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Advantages Of The Best 24v Flexible Solar Panel Services

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

Select the MAXIMUM POWER, components, or designs; we get you all. Build a brand to attract customers through unique Designs & capacities.

EASE up your consumers. Speed up the brand launch. STAY on the billboard’s top due to the efficient and LIGHTWEIGHT panel. 

Sample Testing

Sample Testing

We test every product in our LABS. You grab SAMPLE. Detailed report on each attribute of solar panels. Help you CHOOSE the right features. Reduce the SOLAR PANEL product ISSUES. 

TURN heads to CUSTOMER’s favorite components for high power generation. RAISE your sales level rapidly. 

Efficient Production Capacity

Fast Production Facility

Our R&D department is QUICK. Researches flexible DESIGNS adaptive to FAST production. Automated TECHNOLOGY adds SPICE to the power. You get what is— a NON-STOP supply of FLEXIBLE solar panels. 

Meet customer DEMANDS. Reduce the BACKORDERS. Strengthen your brand IMAGE in front of consumers. 

Strict Quality Check

Expertise In Item Regulations

Our EXPERTS CHECKOUT trade laws and CUSTOMS rules. 100% compliance ENSURES fast and EASY checks across cross-border shipping. Special ATTENTION to product compliance keeps you in-game.

Say GOODBYE to financial losses. STRENGTHEN your economic PERFORMANCE. 

Multiple Shipping Methods

Multiple Shipping Methods

Shipping like EXPRESS is lightning fast. Plus, we have designed different SHIPPING strategies. Alternative OPTIONS whenever there is a PEAK shipping season. 

Get all your PRODUCTS delivered on time. SAVE costs with different shipping routes. Competitive edge over your OPPONENTS! 


Safe Payment Method

Our PAYMENT options are 100% SAFE. We have TESTED all the safety methods. Implemented SECURITY layers. And HELP you be safe. Say TA-TA to all the RISKY payment options. STAY in the BUSINESS Game while SAVING your pocket! 

A Wide Range of Applications





Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables



solar shelter

solar shelter

Car roof

Car roof

24v Flexible Solar Panel Production Line

Our PRODUCTION line is SMOOTH and EMPOWERED with technology. Solar ARRAY alignment on the PCB. Assembly. FINAL testing. All STEPS ensure a BUNCH of quality SOLAR CELLS with maximum EFFICIENCY. Stabilize your BRAND rendition. Enhancing TRUST in the eyes of your customers.

Product Parameters

Maximum Rating PowerW100120180200250260
Open Circuit VoltageV21.5824.4837.3040.8849.3549.48
Maximum Power VoltageV18.7220.5231.2934.241.5541.70
Short Circuit CurrentA6.856.756.816.226.396.43
Maximum Power CurrentA5.875.845.755.846.146.23
Module Efficiency%2221.3321.3321.3322.67231
Power Tolerance%0/+30/+30/+30/+30/+30/+3
Solar Cell32 mono 125*125mm36 mono 125*125mm54 mono 125*125mm60 mono 125*125mm72 mono 125*125mm
Nominal Operating Temp45 ± 2 ℃
Series Fuse Rating15A
Front MaterialsEpoxy Fiberglass Board

Power Your Brand with Precision: Elevate your wholesale solar business with high-performance 24v Flexible Solar Panels. Unleash unmatched quality and reliability – Boost your brand’s brilliance today!


Let’s make it to ENTER the global MARKET. CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA certificates are a GOLDEN VISA. Take OFF NOW. Sell in the US and EU. WIDE consumer range. CONTINUED sales for an extended duration. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Not mere FACTORY INSPECTION. Our inspectors go the EXTRA mile in testing. TEST production equipment. Monitor the DUST PROOFING and WATERPROOFING of your flexible solar PANELS. Sell the top-notch solar PANELS. Boost your BUSINESS performance. Win customer’s trust. 

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Don’t be upset; we already have 10+ YEARS under our BELT. All of our CUSTOMERS are 100% SATISFIED with our DEALS. Thanks to our EXPERTS who EXPLORE the best supplier. Eliminate SUPPLY chain risks. GET your WORLD-CLASS 24v flexible solar panel wholesale. 

Shine your SOLAR business. ROAR with a HUGE rank of sales. SPEED up business progress. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Stop probing HUNDREDS of suppliers. We are a ONE-STOP sourcing service. MATCH the 24v flexible solar panel suppliers with your BUSINESS. Test their dedication to SOLAR panels. We handled their sourcing from PRODUCT DESIGN to final shipping.  

Listen! We also PERFORM quality CHECKS. Unleash UNLIMITED growth POTENTIAL. And IGNITE business STATUS! 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Love your MONEY as you do. We’ll not LET you down during our B2B transactions. No MORE PESKY solar module DEALS. Prioritize risk reduction in your SUPPLY CHAIN. Pay after confirmed quality & quantity to avoid trade scams.

ALL scams are on the BAY. Save your brand from reputational damages. With quality to increase your PROFIT. BOOST your BUSINESS repo with CONFIDENCE.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Our FOCUS is just your REQUIREMENTS. You get a TOP-NOTCH integrity of your 24v flexible solar panel wholesale. Prompt shipping and automated PROCESSING.

HOLD your HEADS high with the EFFICIENT solar panels. Get GLOWING reviews from consumers. Establish your STRONG BRAND IMAGE.

standardized procedure

ALL about professionalism. Whether we PERFORM quality checks or WORK with a 24v flexible solar panel supplier, follow a production process DESIGNED to minimize errors and oversights. You expect INTERNATIONALLY standardized modules and better quality. 

SET yourself as a RELIABLE solar provider. BECOME the BIGGEST deal in the SOLAR industry. 

custom solutions

Stay consumer-focused by delivering their ALL-TIME favorite modules. We ASSIST you in getting the REQUIRED power, voltage, size and PERFORMANCE. 

STAND OUT by offering customized 24v flexible solar panel custom products. Pull their ATTENTION. UPRISE your BUSINESS DEALS! 

Our Payment

First, we FACILITATE our consumers with BANK transfers, PayPal, and credit CARDS. Second, we have CHECKED their safety. They are 100% SAFE. Keep hackers MILES AWAY. STOP losing BANK info. Avoid RISKS for scams

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

Let us know WHAT exactly you want. We CARE about your 24v flexible solar panels wholesale FEATURES. Assess your QUALITY, quantity, and OPTIMAL performance demands. 

We get you SKILLED market intelligence. LAUNCH profitable products. GENERATE more revenue and CUSTOMER REFERRALS. 

  • Supplier Management

Handle 24v flexible solar panel suppliers. AVOID the stress of contacting DOZENS of individual suppliers. Track down their PERFORMANCE. Optimize them to FURNISH only quality solar panels. 

Get a kick out of a high-performing business. The FAST trail to success.

  • Contract Negotiation

Is legal WORK a headache for you? Relax! Leave it on our LEGAL team. We DRAFT the legal contracts. Get it SIGNED to avoid UNNECESSARY stops in BUSINESS.

SEAMLESS experience. Save TIME and business RESOURCES. Invest time in BUSINESS growth. 

  • Order Management

Don’t worry about the ORDERS anymore. From TRACKING to confirmation, we do it. We even HANDLE all the changes, including cancellation. Optimize your SALES levels with our PROFESSIONAL order process. 

Reduce the OPERATIONAL costs at every step. RAISE your profit margins. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our LOGISTICS team offers PICKING, packing, and shipping — all in one go. Ensure timely and cost-efficient transportation of your 24v flexible solar panel PRODUCTS. Keeps CUSTOMERS smile. RUN your business more EFFICIENTLY. 

  • Installation Support

There is no NEED to enter the complex INSTALLATION processes. We help INSTALL all of our solar PANELS. Provide detailed videos. Offer remote guidance and PHONE HELP. Your customers INSTALL solar panels easily. Develop a PROFESSIONAL credibility with CONVENIENT business solutions.  

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 24v Flexible Solar Panel Factory

Do you want the FAST and reliable PRODUCTION? Appreciate our 24v flexible solar panels FACTORY. A total BEAST in the production. Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY and CNC machines precisely produce the SOLAR panels. You get OUTCLASS quality. Rescue your BUSINESS from falling apart due to USELESS modules. 

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Not ORDINARY packaging as most 24v flexible solar panel manufacturers do. High-density PREMIUM packaging. No RISK of damage during shipment. Plus, our TIMELY shipment gets you a TRACKING ID. Be the TOPPER of the solar industry. BUILD a reputed business. 


Successful Project

Successful Project

Bridging Demands: Mr. Jameson’s UK Factory Solar Brilliance

Maybe you are WONDERING why we have been SO Popular. We are even worth the hype or just the USELESS babbling team. 

Then, listen up! We have dealt with all our cases with 100% consumer satisfaction. Last month, we dealt with huge requirements from our Dear client. 

Mr. Jameson belonged to the UK and needed a 100kw monocrystalline solar panel for this FACTORY. Just take a look at his GIANT requirements. 

  • Solar panel with complete setup.
  • It must include a charge controller, battery, and junction box. 
  • No power drop. High performance. 
  • Easy mounting system with complete loading functionality.

Guess what we did next? 

Simple. We hunted down all the SOLAR PANELS in the industry. We tried our BEST to get the exact solar panel. 

Finally, we GOT it. Mr. Jameson was very delighted with the quality and ordered a NEXT STOCK. 

Do you know why he preferred us? 

  • Premium support from our team. 
  • Attention to details of the monocrystalline solar panel. 
  • Best-in-Class quality. 
  • Easy mounting and timely shipment. 

All leads to a 5-star REVIEW from our dear customer. That is how WE help consumers get the BEST solutions. 

What our CUSTOMERs say


I am thrilled with the Leeline Energy team. They are super cool. Know what to grab from suppliers. And how to get the premium modules. All went well with my deal. Thank you, team!

Lindsay S Woodring

It was my first work with the Leeline. And I am 100% sure I will work with them for extended periods. They have excelled in the deal. Amazing work. Thank you. 

Clara C Olivo

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 24v Flexible Solar Panel

    1. How much will I save on electricity bills after installing a photovoltaic system?

    We can’t tell you the exact SAVING of your bills. It depends on the: 

    · Power output
    · High-quality material
    · High performance
    · Your total use

    One thing is for SURE— YOU’ll have a handsome amount.

    2. How is your product package?

    Packaging is QUITE impressive. Here is why: 

    · We package your PORTABLE solar panels in a ROBUST box. 
    · Test the STRENGTHS OF THE BOX. Ensure it is SAFE and has enough space. 
    · We enable consumers to CHOOSE neutral packaging, OEM packaging, and many other types. 

    3. How do you stick down a flexible solar panel?

    Mounting solar panels on UNEVEN surfaces can be tricky. Most PEOPLE Use the SIKAFLEX adhesive to fix it on UNEVEN surfaces on a ROOF. And use it. Based on your roof request, you should do it. 

    4. How close can solar panels on a roof be?

    It depends on your LOCATION. Most people get RECOMMENDATIONS from fire Marshals. Usually, an 18-inch set BACK from the ridge of the roof. And three feet PATHWAY from one EDGE is essential to keep. 

    Wholesale Brilliance Starts Here: Catalyze your brand’s ascendancy with our 24v Flexible Solar Panels. Ignite wholesale success, harnessing energy that outshines the competition. Empower your brand, empower your future.

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