300kw Inverter Manufacturer

Are you turning up your business TO GREEN energy? Leeline Energy is in the GROUND to help you out with professional solutions. We evaluate the TOP 300kw solar inverter suppliers. Perform quality CHECKS. And ship to your LOCATION no matter where you are with ultimate SAFETY. All thanks to our well-established SUPPLY CHAIN! 

Rack up high-profit margins with a FLOURISHING solar inverter business!

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Premium 300kw Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is LEADING the RENEWABLE energy industry. We offer a RANGE of solar products with tailored solutions! 

More energy harvest

No more WORRIES due to LOW power production. Say Hello to our SOLAR INVERTER efficiency of up to 99%. 150% PV input and 110% output leave you NOT less than the POWER you need for the HOME applications or commercial sites. 

Your consumers are GRABBING only ONE THING— A 300kW POWERHOUSE, fulfilling all the ENERGY needs in the home. You EXPECT better SALES of your SOLAR tools owing to high efficiency.

Intelligence for easy maintenance

To be honest, there are NO more hassles affecting your solar INVERTER business performance. Our SMART CONTROL has brought a revolution in the solar inverter industry. Intelligent IV curve diagnosis. Remote SETTING and Upgrading. Power LINE communication. What else do you even NEED? 

There are NO MORE efforts for consumers to MAINTAIN the solar inverter. STRENGTHEN your business position in the MARKET and become unbeatable. 

IP66 protection grade

Our SOLAR POWER INVERTER is an AREA 51. IP66 protection grade. Build-in AC and DC protection systems. Above all, the SUPPORT for IV detection. All these FEATURES are going to be the GAME CHANGERS. 

LESS TO NO MAINTENANCE will keep CUSTOMERS out of costs. And take your BUSINESS credibility to new LEVELS in front of consumers. 

Multi-communication Capabilities

Not JUST POWER!! Talk to your PURE SINE WAVE INVERTERS in REAL-TIME. It supports RS485, CAN2.0, WIFI, and 4G communication. 

Single SCREEN connects your SOLAR inverters with multiple communication ways. Assists CONSUMERS adjust CHANGES. It COMES up with the BEST idea to CONTINUE the REPUTATION of your business!

Different modes

Different MODES, one POWERFUL solution— OUR PURE SINE WAVE 300kW inverter. No battery? No problem. It works without the BATTERY. Plus, you get ADJUSTABLE voltage. 

Facilitating customers with VERSATILE power SOLUTIONS wins their HEARTS. And gain their RESPECT for your solar power business. 

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Advantages Of The Best 300kw Inverter Services


OEM/ODM Service

 Launch own BRAND? We can be THE PERFECT match. Our solar INVERTER manufacturing plant offers large PRODUCTION. PRODUCE unique solar power inverters under your BRAND label. And lead the WHOLE solar industry. 

Large-Scale Production

Fast Production Facility

 It is TIME for the NON-STOP sales. Our quick and accurate production ensures a CONTINUOUS supply of stocks. Solar power INVERTERS are available in stock. And let you SHAKE the market with NONhSTOP business! 

Professional Customization 

Professional Customization

Why not MAKE customers more SATISFIED? Do it by customizing the solar power system. Our customization GETS you a TAILORED solution. And you will enjoy 100% satisfied consumers.

Strict Quality Check

Strict Quality Control

No compromise on the QUALITY at all. We bring up the SOLID-ROCK integrity of a SOLAR inverter. And let your BUSINESS grow faster than before with RELIABLE solar inverter solutions. 

Competitive Pricing 

Optimizing Sourcing Costs

The sourcing skills of the LEELINE TEAM are MATCHLESS. We find REASONABLE deals. Reduce OVERALL expenses. And cut down on OPERATIONAL costs by raising your margins. 


Necessary certificates

We take EVERY SINGLE STEP to let you EXPAND your business. And this time, We offer professional certificates. You sell in the EU and US markets. And make up a WIDE customer BASE ready to purchase pure sine wave inverters. 

A Wide Range of Applications

commercial rooftops

Commercial Rooftops



industrial projects

Industrial Projects

office building

Office Building

solar farm

Solar Farm



300kw Inverter Production Line

Our PRODUCTION comprises a BUNCH of steps to assemble different COMPONENTS. The accuracy of assembly and QUALITY gets the HIGH POWER under the table. You make up your BUSINESS A SYMBOL OF PRODUCTIVITY

Product Parameters

SUN2000-300KTL-H0 Technical Specification
Max. efficiency99.01%
Chinese weighted efficiency98.52%
Maximum DC input voltage1,500 V
Number of MPPT6
Maximum input current per MPPT65 A
Maximum short-circuit current per MPPT circuit115 A
Number of MPPT input group strings per track4/5/5/4/5/5
MPPT voltage range500 V ~ 1,500 V
Rated input voltage1,080 V
Rated Output Power300,000 W
Max. Apparent Power330,000 VA
Maximum Active Power (cosφ=1)330,000 W
Rated Output Voltage800 V, 3W + PE
Output Voltage Frequency50 Hz
Rated Output Current216.6 A
Maximum Output Current238.2 A
Adjustable Power Factor0.8 leading … 0.8 lagging
Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion(Rated Power)<1%
Intelligent string breaking protectionYes
Anti-islanding protectionYes
Output overcurrent protectionYes
Input reverse connection protectionYes
String Fault DetectionYes
DC Surge ProtectionType II
AC surge protectionType II
Insulation resistance monitoringYes
Residual-current monitoring unitYes
Display and Communication
DisplayLED indicators;Bluetooth/WLAN+APPLED
General Data
Dimensions (W / H / D)1,048 x 732 x 395 mm
Weight≤112 kg
Operating temperature-30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
CoolingIntelligent air cooling
Max. operating altitude5,000 m (Derating above 4,000 m)
Relative operating humidity0 ~ 100%
Input terminalsCT75A-1 T-34 / CT75A-1 T-35
Output terminalsWaterproof Connector + OT/DTConnector
Degree of protectionIP66

Discover Sustainable Power Solutions for Wholesale – Contact Us for Exclusive Deals on 300KW Inverters.


Get our certificates CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA, and start SELLING globally. It is NO JOKE. You can become an INTERNATIONAL leader in the SOLAR power INDUSTRY.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Not ONLY is Inspection TOP-NOTCH, but also REPORTING. We check on all our 300kW SOLAR inverter manufacturers. It is TIME to say GOODBYE to QUALITY risks and customer complaints. And becomes UNDEFEATABLE with quick progress.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member3

Reliable and Trustworthy

Consider us a DREAM team with 10+ SOURCING years under the BELT. We have dealt with THOUSANDS of solar products deals. The result? Success. All of our CONSUMERS are 100% satisfied with our TOP-NOTCH services. 

You expect a STELLAR growth of your solar Business. And NEVER-STOPPING opportunity for increased revenues.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Leave the PESKY suppliers miles away. We are here to MANAGE your SOURCING, warehousing, and SHIPPING. No extra burden on your shoulders. No more RISKS for LOSING the consumers. 

Our QUALITY CHECKS and TIMELY sourcing SKYROCKETS your sales. And makes up HIGHER margins. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

safe business environment

Reduce Transaction Risk

Security is our PRIORITY. And we handle all the YOUR TRANSACTIONS transparently. Never a SINGLE B2B DEAL for a 300kW inverter wholesale LEAVES you under cover of scams. 

Your CUSTOMERS start trusting you because of the SAFETY. And you anticipate a TOP POSITION in the solar market! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

You are OUR BOSS for the 300kW pure sine wave INVERTER. Get NOTHING LESS than a high-power solar BATTERY system solution from our TOP team. We listen to all your DEMANDS. And go to the END of the world to grab the WORLD-CLASS solar power systems. 

Your BUSINESS SHINES as a BRIGHT STAR in the sky due to SUPERIOR 300kW inverter.

standardized procedure

We are the Professionals DOMINATING the solar power Industry for a DECADE. Our experts HANDLE EVERY single project with EXTREME expertise and CARE. 

It acquires you HIGH CUSTOMER TRUST and LOYALTY toward your business! Snappier Business GROWTH is NO LONGER A DREAM! 

custom solutions

Customers are SOLE PROPERTY for your solar POWER inverters. And why not impress them by FEATURING the products they need? Leeline is A MASSIVE RESOURCE for BANISHING customer worries with customized solutions. 

You grab the CUSTOM 300kw solar power inverters. And GAIN AUTHORITY as a MARKET leader in the solar power industry. 

Our Payment

No more WORRIES ABOUT the increasing transaction scams. Our Paypal, Bank transfer, or CREDIT cards have PACKS of SECURITY. BUILD better trust among your consumers with 100% safe TRANSACTIONS

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Rely on our EXPERTS as a GUIDE FOR pure sine wave inverters. We get your LIST of DEMANDS about the 300kW inverters wholesale. Spice it UP with the ACCURATE market analysis. You increase your PROFITS by strengthening your REPUTATION in the solar market. 

  • Supplier Management

Don’t take TOO MUCH stress. We are there to GIVE you some solace. Our experts ARE READY to evaluate the performance of the 300kW inverter suppliers. Make SUPPLIERS meet your QUALITY demands. And ensure you SAVE business resources alongside TIME as we manage your SUPPLIERS.

  • Contract Negotiation

Are you facing unnecessary PAUSES in the CONTRACTS? Believe me, they are ELIMINATED when our LEGAL experts TAKE responsibility. We sort out the LEGAL AGREEMENT. And get you the SEAMLESS experience without wasting EXTRA time over contract pauses. You focus on BUSINESS PROGRESS and GROWTH. 

  • Order Management

Our EXPERT team has a NEXT-LEVEL approach towards order management. So, you can COUNT on us. We confirm, track, and HANDLE changes in the ORDERS. And ensure customers get FIRST-CLASS experience. 

It ELIMINATES the risks of a GRATING supply chain. And helps you promote SOLAR business with accurate order management. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Trust us— there will be NO DELIVERY delays. Our influential SHIPPING members offer TIMELY delivery with REAL-TIME tracking. Keep you UPDATED on pure sine wave inverter orders. You don’t have to LOSE ANYMORE consumers due to delayed deliveries. 

  • Installation Support

Are you installing PURE SINE WAVE inverters? We will Back you with SPECIAL instructions, detailed videos, and PHONE support. Even you get REMOTE ASSISTANCE. It keeps your CUSTOMERS at ease. And IMPROVE their experience, ensuring HIGHER BUSINESS referrals.  

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 300kw Inverter Factory

Our 300kW inverter factory is NOT just the FACTORY but a BEAST of POWER and ENERGY. Advanced PRODUCTION tools. Automated MACHINES. Faster LEAD TIMES cut down WAREHOUSING costs and let the CASHFLOW be balanced. 

Our Solar Facade Cell Factory

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Our packaging and delivery never disappoint you! We handle the CLEARANCE process. Work with reliable SHIPPING services like DHL or FedEx. And ensure a LIGHTNING FAST delivery. Enjoy EPIC BUSINESS with NO returns due to TIMELY DELIVERY.

inverter package

Successful Project


Customer Spotlight: Mr. Ackermann’s Thriving Solar Investment with Leeline Energy

Upon a call with Mr. Ackermann, we learned he read about Leeline Energy Company online. After learning about our expertise, he decided to talk to us. 

We asked about the features of a pure sine wave inverter he wanted. He TOLD: 

  • A high output 300kW Sine Wave Inverter. 
  • Battery setup for the production of solar power. 
  • Installation guide

Leeline Energy Company EXPERTS start their quests immediately. We ensured the BEST STANDARDS of the PURE SINE WAVE inverter with a high power output. And ah, we got it from our 300kW Inverter manufacturers. 

We shipped the PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER, a battery, and a range of solar tools to the Netherlands. Mr. Ackermann asked us to Provide the installation guide. We were remotely guided. And it worked perfectly by saving the Installation costs for Mr. Ackermann. 

After a WEEK, we called Mr. Ackermann to find out whether he was FACING any problem. He appreciated our efforts and said it was a GREAT DEAL. Now, he can save SOME BUCKS from the electricity. And make up more of his AGRICULTURAL land with a SOLAR power system.

case inverter
What our CUSTOMERs say


I am thrilled I got to work with the Leeline energy team. They have excellent coordination. I asked them for a stock of pure sine wave inverters. And they got me without any problem. That was great. Thank you, leeline team.

Richard A Smith

I read about Leeline on Google. And today, I completed my first solar inverter project with a battery system. They are unique and get HIGH-RATED power. Good Luck, Leeline Company team, for your hard work. 

Bryan J Mendoza

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 300kw Inverter

    1. How do you start getting into the solar energy field?

    You must have relevant qualifications to get into the solar energy field. 

    For example: 

    · A bachelor’s degree
    · Research publishing. 
    · Relevant experience in the solar inverter industry. 

    A passion for pure sine wave solar inverter technology can get you all. 

    2. What is the marketing strategy for solar energy in India?

    Solar power inverter technology has TAKEN dominance in India. The marketing strategy of a pure sine wave Solar inverter relies more on eco-friendly solutions. There is no pollution. The government has also GIVEN incentives to the sellers. 

    3. Why is it important to choose a reliable solar inverter manufacturer?

    There are many BENEFITS of choosing a RELIABLE SOLAR inverter manufacturer. 

    · No cases of scams
    · Quality is relatively high. 
    · You buy more confidently. 
    · Most often, prices are reasonable. 
    · They have 24/7 available support. 

    So, choose a trustworthy 300kW inverter manufacturer. 

    4. Does solar inverter brand matter?

    Yes. A solar power system comprises panels, installers, and inverters. And it is when the solar power INVERTER brand comes into existence. If you plan to LAUNCH a pure sine wave inverter brand, that is GREAT! 

    5. How do I know what size solar inverter I need?

    It depends on what CAPACITY solar system you have installed. A 6.6kW capacity solar system will require a 5kW inverter at least. The high-power systems will require high-power inverters. 

    Boost Your Brand and Savings with 300KW Inverters – Contact Our Experts for Tailored Solutions and Pricing.

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