BIPV Transparent Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy has been producing BIPV transparent panels for 10+ years. You solely focus on brand building with our OEM/ODM services. Enjoy more profits while expanding your energy business.

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Premium BIPV Transparent Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy has Tested the supplier network with efficient research development for innovative technology.

Return on investment:

Transparent solar panels do not lose their efficiency over time. Our TRANSPARENT CELLS have High stability with guaranteed 0-3% power output tolerance. Best selling point of a return on investment for your customers. 

Resistant to facing harsh conditions:

Promising technologies with durability means long-lasting & durable. Use them in your rooftop solar systems or in building windows freely. They Withstand both high wind pressure and snow load. Fewer complaints from your customers. 

Beautiful appearance:

They are used in building facades and office buildings. Generate power while you keep it in beautiful windows. Customize an innovative design for your customers for their net zero energy buildings

flexible mounting options:

You provide less Installation support to your customers with easily installed panels. Saves costs of skilled, expensive labor.  More mounting options in limited space with flexibility with the glass sheet.  

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BIPV Transparent Solar Panels by Material

BIPV Partially Transparent Solar Panels

Absorbs about 60% of sunlight, excellent outdoor power generation performance. It absorbs ultraviolet light better. 

More efficient BIPV products get you subsidies and tax reliefs. Your business will become famous through positive reviews from your customers.

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BIPV Double-glass Transparent Solar Panels

You mount them where they absorb light from both sides. It’s an efficient panel with a low NMOT of 41±3℃ and minimizes micro-crack impacts. 

Premier-level product with more profit for you. and reduced damage attracts buyers.

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BIPV Fully Transparent Solar Panels

It is not like tinted glass but clear and shiny. The effect will be as high as 10%,2% current graded protection. 

RESISTANT to harsh weather with Durable Photovoltaic glass.  Fewer complaints of broken solar windows for you!  

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BIPV Semi-transparent Solar Panels

They absorb visible sunlight, ultraviolet and infrared light. Thermal insulation also save energy for your customers. Mention this in the hot regions to get more sales. 

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Wholesale opportunities await as you revolutionize your brand’s approach to sustainable energy.

Advantages Of The BIPV Transparent Solar Panels

Long-lasting PV Cells

Long-lasting PV Cells

No more power loss in your solar cell with our Anti-PID guarantee. New PV cell technology with less degradation rate after detailed Research. Good selling point for your customers. 

Better Flow Of Current 

Better Flow Of Current 

Less busbar reduction and resistance to your current. The current flow would be easy with higher efficiency. Low silver consumption in the production for better current flow. 

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Choose a safe & economical transportation method according to your needs. SAVE transportation costs & prevent product damage with protective layers. You serve the best panels to your customers in fine condition.  

High Efficiency & Designs

High Efficiency & Designs

Better designs and innovative technology convince customers to go off-grid. Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat purchase rate

Cost Saving Option

Cost Saving Option

As product performance is great with long-lasting raw materials. They don’t lose their efficiency over time, so the energy supply is consistent. Best Selling point as well with our best of the best PV modules. 

Top Notch Quality 

Top Notch Quality 

We ensure high quality through multiple inspections, including pre & Post-production. Your customers receive fully functional solar panels. Enhances brand credibility and makes you stand out from competitors. 

Creative Applications of BIPV Transparent Solar Panels



Agriculture Farm

Agriculture Farm

Precise production process

The detailed production process for you to understand how we maintain quality. Every worker is skilled and has years of experience. 

Top-notch equipment ensures that there is no defect in any of the panels. It goes through the process of A-Si Laser Scribing, PE-CVD deposition, and Glass Load. 

Then Laminating, PE CVD Deposition, and go on. First, it makes panels circuits, then fabricates solar cells. It’s a repeated process to avoid small defects.

It got tested at some points before the final sealing. And keep the quality top-notch, and your customers give you positive feedback. 

Your structures deserve the brilliance of BIPV, setting your brand apart in competitive landscape.


Keep your brand’s reputation safe and secure with our certified products. Cutting-edge products certified onTÜV, CE, ISO9001, and ETL Standards. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We check from the glass surface to the Solar PV cells. Get a detailed audit report of your transparent solar concentrator supplier. You make helpful decisions with the analysis of Top Energy industry experts. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy has been a part of the industry for almost a decade. We have a network of tested suppliers & Manufacturers. Your customers get the best quality Transparent solar panel. Have more access to offline suppliers with better rates. 

Skilled staff with experience in logistics & Sourcing. Get more durable & Highly transparent solar cells with our Product research. Lucrative options for your customers. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Save your time as we handle sourcing, shipping, and inspection. CHECK these processes from our single gateway. Get updates on your transparent luminescent solar concentrator sourcing. 

MAKE timely decisions with inspection & audit reports. Avoid expensive mistakes in sourcing and branding. We help you not just in sourcing but in building your brand.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Secure Payment Options and time-to-time reports make your process safe. No more risk of scams and fraud from BIPV transparent solar panels suppliers. We check the supplier’s history, background, and factory to ensure safety. 

Panels are checked before shipping to filter out damaged or nonfunctional items. Saves your shipping expenses and time to replace that panel. SAFETY & SECURITY for your customer!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Your request, suggestion, and requirements weigh so much on us. We keep you as our priority as you further have a reputation.

Receive product development ideas and updates to be innovative. Get your orders fastly from conventional solar panels to clear solar panels

Standardized Procedure

Efficient system to meet your requirements with pre-tested processes. Whether you have a big bulk order or small order, you get the same quality.

Fast and timely delivery with tested standard processes. Standard packaging rules protect the solar glass of your transparent solar cells. 

Custom Solutions

Build your solution with our expert’s help. You build the brand’s identity by adding banners & Stickers to the panels through us.

Personalized sizing, packaging & branding helps you to stand out from the crowd. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our team looks for the same products according to your demand. You get panels with the same quantity and designs you want. Receive the latest transparent solar technology to stay ahead of your competitor. 

  • Supplier Management

Save time with our supply chain management for all accessories and parts. Our team monitors suppliers’ quality and production from time to time. You’ll Receive updates immediately! 

  • Contract Negotiation

We get you favorable terms for both legal and financial points. Native and English language experts in negotiating terms with BIPV Transparent Solar Panels Manufacturers. You experience the best business practices! 

  • Order Management

Complete order handling from product selection to packing & Shipping. We inspect each transparent photovoltaic panel before shipping. You get a positive response from customers instead of refunds or returns. Our staff ensures the quality sustains in panels.  

  • Logistics Coordination

You receive the best warehousing near ports for short distances. Multi-mode transportation to save you cost and time. We offer Door to door handling from the factory to your warehouse. No chances of damage and inventory loss with us. 

  • Installation Support

Receive detailed video sessions and guidebooks to train your staff. Language customization to meet your customer demands is available. Better Installation guides save your staff time from dealing with confused customers. 

How We Support You

Our Payment

Multi Payment options like Paypal, Visa, Payoneer, etc. Pay with your trusted payment gateway without the hassle of making new accounts. 

Western Union

Illuminate your brand with seamlessly integrated solar innovation designed for wholesale success

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory

We have a network of hundreds of factories with complete audit reports. Fast product development and design updates with new efficient technology for you.


packaging & shipping

Get an Optional custom wooden box to keep BIPV Transparent Solar modules safe. Keep your Transparent solar panel Safe & Secure! 

packaging & shipping

Your structures deserve the magic of solar innovation that sets your brand apart.

Successful Project

Successful Project

40kw off-grid solar system with battery installation in Colombia

Owners wanted to generate electricity from clean sources. They tried diesel generators but gave up soon due to noise and energy costs. 

We offered them a 40kw solar energy system with a DC voltage of 192V. They chose 16 batteries for their BIPV Solar panels. The main goal was to empower whole off-grid supermarket flour. 

Ultimately, the power demands were met. Now they do not need to spend on diesel & enjoy a peaceful environment. 

Industry grading 60KW Off Grid Solar Panel System In Senegal

The electricity bill for this small factory in Senegal was eating the profits. FACTORY needs continuous supply with more pressure in working hours. 

We suggested a 60KW system with BIPV Transparent Solar Panels wholesale. They got a wide roof, so the system was installed with our professional help. 

NOW this BIPV transparent solar panels factory gets all of its energy from this system. Electricity costs drop significantly, and profits are high for them. Maintenance costs are even lower than diesel generators! 

Successful Project
What our members say


Working with Leeline Energy was my company’s best decision. We got fine quality Transparent Solar panels on promised time. Production was fast & top-notch, so I recommend working with them. 


LEELINE Energy’s staff is so professional. They give us better designs and quality than we expected. Our customers are also very happy with our new products. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to all aspiring energy business owners


People Also Ask about BIPV Transparent Solar Panels

What are the brands of BIPV transparent solar panels?

First Solar, Hanwha Solar, and Kyocera make BIPV Transparent Solar Panels. Leeline Energy is one of them that helps you to build brands. A convenient way to build a brand.

Can I have a sample order for BIPV transparent solar panels?

Yes, but it might be paid. You have to pay for shipping & Handling and all processes. Leeline Energy has low MOQ, which helps you to order for initial phases. 

Can I install solar panels myself?

Yes, you must have some extra tools and some skills. Add guidebooks to the solar panels with your branding. They need lag bolts and assembled prefabricated parts. Some panels need professional help so that you assist your customers. 

What is the cost of BIPV transparent solar panels?

Costs differ with the variety and types of BIPV transparent solar panels. Yet on average, it costs around 80$ per square meter. Transparent Panels are more costly than other types of BIPV panels. 

Can I stack BIPV transparent solar panels?

Panels at the Lower end face shadow no matter what happens. The best idea is not to stack even transparent Solar panels for the highest potential. You won’t get full efficiency if you stack transparent panels. 

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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