Solar Flood Light Manufacturers

We’re the EXPERT solar flood light MANUFACTURERS. We’ve got killer COMMUNICATION SKILLS and top-tier products. Fewer errors, smoother operations, and satisfied customers all around. This is how you NAIL your projects!

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Premium Solar Flood Light Features

As solar flood light MANUFACTURERS, you won’t believe what Leeline Energy has for YOU. It’s next-level stuff with features that’ll make your head SPIN. Here are a few.

Stable output voltage

Our company BRINGS you solar flood lights that CHARGE FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT, with a whopping 96% lighting conversion rate from DUSK to DAWN. No more worrying about low battery issues – just set them up in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, and you’re good to go. 

ACCESS to longer service life and 20% more power output. The resulting ILLUMINATION generates more biz leading to MORE SALES. 

Super bright LED Chip

Check out THESE solar security wall lights with a super bright light LED chip; you WON’T miss a thing. NO DIM bulbs around here – we’re talking high light BRIGHTNESS from SMD2835 LED goodness. 

Light up your BACKYARD or OUTDOOR LIGHTING like it’s daytime all night long! The strong light’ll exceed CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS and boost your BRAND IMAGE. 

Strong frame

Get the BEST solar flood lights that are built to last. We’re talking about solar light power from a one-piece lamp body. That is made from DIE-CAST ALUMINUM for hard strength that won’t deform easily. 

Plus, the TEMPERED GLASS mask brings high IMPACT RESISTANCE and reliable quality. Your CUSTOMERS are getting A-list products that improve your MARKET COMPETITIVENESS. 

IP67 Waterproof

RAIN or SHINE, our solar lights will keep shining BRIGHT! They boast an IP67 waterproof IP rating and lightning protection. That MEANS these bad boys HANDLE any storm like a BOSS. 

And we don’t stop there – from dusk to dawn, they charge even on RAINY DAYS. Dominate the solar LIGHTING GAME while earning TRUST and boosting CREDIBILITY.

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Solar Flood Light by Types

Solar Billboard Lights

Solar Billboard Lights

These solar lights have awesome HEAT-DISSIPATION holes. These keep them SHINING BRIGHT for hours. And guess what? These babies are WATERPROOF, too – silicone seal and all that cool stuff. 

Safety is covered with the NON-ADHESIVE feature and IP67 rating. Customers will LOVE your strong LIGHT brand even MORE, yeah? All aboard THE success train!

Garden Solar Flood Lights

Garden Solar Flood Lights

Have you HEARD about these no-joke solar lights that come with a HOT-SHOT charging cable? Seriously quick charge, MAX CONVERSION, and no leaking from DUSK to DAWN. The REMOTE CONTROL works like a charm with a 10m range

These flood lights can switch up, time it RIGHT, and CONTROL that light game. Get ready for next-level TRUST and biz PARTNERSHIPS!

Portable Solar Flood Lights

Portable Solar Flood Lights

These bad boys rock SMD5730 LED light sources. CRAZY efficient with MINIMAL DECAY. They’re versatile and have a lamp body that can adjust 360° while the bracket turns 180°. 

Secure design, killer BATTERY – customers will be RAVING about your business EVERYWHERE! The town’s gonna be buzzing!

Illuminate Success: Power your brand’s growth with our premium solar flood lights. Unleash brilliance, reduce costs, and elevate your wholesale business. Let’s light up your path to prosperity!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Flood Light Services


OEM/ODM Service

We handle INSPECTION, DEVELOPING products, and BUILDING your brand. Just focus on establishing your cool brand identity without WASTING time or effort! This enables easy BUSINESS EXPANSION.


Fast Production Facility

Our facility GOBBLES up PRODUCTION and zips through assembly, testing, and packaging. You say goodbye to DELAYS and easily meet CUSTOMER DEMANDS. This leads to MORE SALES.


Professional Customization

The Leeline Energy team TWEAKS THINGS to match what you FANCY. That includes things like voltage, efficiency, and performance. You’ll have a rocking rep, grabbing PLENTY of happy customers with EASY CONVERSIONS! You get more PROFITS.

quality assurance

Strict Quality Control

We professionally check on performance and output of each light. So you earn TRUST from the BEST STUFF. No issues or bad-mouthing. Boosts your REP and keeps those customers sticking AROUND!

Safe Payment Method

Flexible Payment Methods

Enjoy SPEEDY and SAFE TRANSACTIONS with our convenient and DIVERSE PAYMENT options. SAVE TIME, improve SOURCING, and boost profits for healthy BUSINESS GROWTH. You’re in for some healthy biz success!

Sufficient Inventory

Sufficient Stock

Keep your INVENTORY UP while demands surge. We’ve got access to BULK MANUFACTURING—less risk during CRUNCH TIME. Smooth logistics back you up in MAKING market moves. You make efficient MARKET MOVES.

Creative Applications of Solar Flood Light



Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting


Lighting a Home

horse arena

horse arena



factory lighting

factory lighting

Precise production process

We’re the solar flood light MANUFACTURERS you want. Each light we make is CRAFTED with professionalism, efficiency, and fluency. We only use the best materials and CUTTING-EDGE tech. Our products meet all INDUSTRY STANDARDS. Get set to RULE the market!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our solar flood light FACTORY is seriously LEGIT. It’s certified by hella industry BIG SHOTS: CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, & CSA. No more CUSTOMER DOUBT. The market loves each FLOOD LIGHT, and your biz will GROW!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

As your solar flood light manufacturer, with a QUALITY OBSESSION. Our factory GETS grilled and inspected to ensure SAFETY and top-notch stuff. Kick back knowing our floodlights are A-OK. They’ll attract customers while cutting RISKS, COMPLAINTS, and DRAMA.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re the pros at finding AWESOME solar flood light MANUFACTURERS. With a WHOLE DECADE of experience under our BELTS, our team hooks up businesses of any size. Trust us for quality solar LIGHTS and FACTORIES that deliver the GOODS.

We have what YOU NEED in the B2B world. Let’s grow your market and TAKE your business to NEW heights TOGETHER!

One-stop Sourcing

Ditch the stress of dealing with MULTIPLE solar flood light manufacturers and SUPPLIERS. We’re here to SWOOP in and SAVE YOU a ton of TIME and MONEY. With our factory know-how, trust us to handle procurement, inspection, and logistics.

Our goal? Keep you happy with LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS and cost savings. RELAX, and let us do the WORK!


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Chill with CONCERNS about dodgy solar flood light WHOLESALE deals. Roll with us, and quality, delivery & cost are smooth sailing. We’ll protect your interests with audits, inspections & follow-ups.

Our mission? Ensure you feel SAFE while we kick RISKS & SCAMS to the curb. Trust our PARTNERSHIP to make more SWEET DEALS happen!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Get hyped for TOP-TIER service from our solar flood light MANUFACTURERS! YOU call the shots; we work for YOU. We’ve got the GOODS to become long-term partners delivering primo PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

Our expertise covers R&D, logistics, and sourcing. Brace yourself for killer sales and max client conversions!

Standardized Procedure

We keep it real with our strict QUALITY monitoring process. COUNT ON US! Get ready for PROFESSIONALISM and seamless EXPERIENCES in EVERY interaction.

Level up your market status with TRUSTWORTHY panels. Boost BRAND RECOGNITION and effortlessly dominate the COMPETITION in the industry!

Custom Solutions

Come HANG with us and talk directly to our EXPERTS. We’re all about understanding what FLOATS your BOAT and ramping up your product SALES. Brace yourself for CUSTOM-MADE solar flood light manufacturers that MATCH your VIBE!

We serve up SMOOTH-SAILING solutions just for you. Let’s build a BRAND ROOTED in innovation and trust together!

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

We COME through on all the DETAILS – specs, quantities, and world-class solar gear. Our RESEARCH is aFt your DISPOSAL, too. Grow TRUST and take our IMAGE and service quality to a whole NEW LEVEL in our collaborations!

  • Supplier Management

No sweat; you DON’T have to stress out about CHECKING those solar flood light SUPPLIERS. Leave it all to us! We’ll make sure their PRODUCTION is off the charts. So you breeze through SALES like a PRO.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our team HANDLES all the LEGAL stuff with those solar flood light manufacturers. With our FAIR terms and LEGAL expertise, you’re fully PROTECTED. Let’s nail that SOURCING for some rocking BUSINESS GROWTH!

  • Order Management

Fear not; we take care of SOURCING, QUALITY, and any HICCUPS that come up. From sorting to packing to labeling — we help you out. Make MOVES in the solar flood light game with QUICKER PROCESSING and CASH FLOW like a breeze!

  • Logistics Coordination

Let us take charge of SHIPPING and STORAGE for your solar flood lights. Trust us to DELIVER on time and HASSLE-FREE. You focus on MARKETING and growing your biz like a ROCKSTAR!

  • Installation Support

Kickstart your SETUP with our all-in-one kit. It’s loaded with what you NEED, from manuals to killer videos. And if you’re EVER STUCK, our awesome SUPPORT TEAM is here to help with a SMOOTH INSTALLATION. Win trust, fame, and CUSTOMERS EFFORTLESSLY!

Our Payment

PICK how you wanna pay – Paypal, Payoneer, Cards, or Bank Transfers. Ain’t no shady stuff around here! Chill; your deets are safe with our SECURE TRANSACTIONS. PROTECT that bread and keep those PROFITS rolling in for YOUR BIZ! 

Western Union

Wholesale Luminosity Unleashed: Propel your brand to new heights with our solar flood lights. Unleash brilliance, cut costs, and light up your wholesale success.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Flood Light Factory

Ready to rock our solar flood light MANUFACTURERS factory? We’ve got a large, KICK-ASS team, ENSURING top-notch production EFFICIENCY. Time to MANUFACTURE your products smoothly and effortlessly. Woo customers with SHINY, high-quality goods or KILLER SERVICES!


packaging & shipping

Check out THESE killer packing solutions that really nail it! They’ll help you pack SMART, saving space and BOOSTING EFFICIENCY. No more SLOW LOGISTICS and yes to SMOOTHER warehouse operations. You’ll be a PRO at CUTTING COSTS!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Brighten Nights: The Solar Floodlight Revolution

Leeline Energy rules the SOLAR ENERGY GAME. Our products are UNBEATABLE, and installation pros love us for a good reason!

Let me tell you about this AWESOME villa owner in Kodivat. They needed better lighting for their COURTYARD and WALLS. But they didn’t want to deal with major CONSTRUCTION work and long waits. We had to find them a SAFE, BRIGHT, and CONVENIENT SOLUTION.

And guess what? The lighting gear had to be EASY and CONVENIENT for them. Can’t WAIT to tell you how we SOLVED it!

So here’s the deal: this villa owner CHECKED out all the OPTIONS. And they went with our STELLAR solar floodlight model. It’s a one-piece DESIGN that installs easily without WIRING. Construction costs? Reduced to NADA!

Our sneaky solar floodlight model is what they needed. It’s bright like the SUN with 3000 lumens and has 3 bouncy BRIGHTNESS MODES. Plus, it’s a smarty-pants, too – it controls ITSELF when it detects motion! And it came with EASY INSTALLATION.

We got those solar FLOOD LIGHTS up in no time! As soon as the GEAR was picked, we STRATEGICALLY placed them in the AMAZING COURTYARD. And guess what? They light up on their own when it gets dark. No sweat!

Guess what? The solar flood lights TOTALLY FIXED the light problem in and around the COURTYARD. The villa’s OWNER said they felt cozy and content with the right AMOUNT of BRIGHTNESS at their chill evening hangouts. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

So that you know, those solar flood lights rocked it in the villa courtyard. They went ABOVE and BEYOND what the OWNER EXPECTED. The lights were LEGIT BRIGHT and had MOTION sensor tech. This makes the whole place COZY and SAFE for evening hangouts.

What our customers say


I gotta say, WORKING with Leeline Energy was AWESOME. They helped me install solar PANELS for my sweet new solar flood light. The motion-activated warm light is PERFECT for the front door. It adds some SERIOUS PROTECTION. Also, the REMOTE works like a CHARM, and it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. And even on CLOUDY DAYS, it stays fully charged to ILLUMINATE the NIGHT!

George C Fulk

I’m really HAPPY with the solar flood LIGHT I got from Leeline Energy. It was easy to INSTALL, and the solar panel charges it up real nice, so it comes on AUTOMATICALLY when it gets dark. The motion-activated FEATURE will automatically turn the LIGHTS. That makes it clutch for added protection. Plus, the LIGHT COLOR is perfect for my HOME IMPROVEMENT vibes. No more SCRAMBLING from DUSK to DAWN!

David T Carr

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Flood Light

    1. What is the lifespan of solar flood lights?

    So, solar lights can ROCK the NIGHT for like 6 to 10 hours. They usually keep going STRONG for around 2 to 5 years. And hey, FANCY TIP: bring them indoors when WINTER COMES and they’ll kick on even LONGER!

    2. Do outdoor solar lights need special batteries?

    Rechargeable BATTERIES like NiCad or NiMH are the way to go for solar lights. They’re SUPER awesome for most GARDEN lights, dude!

    3. How to deal with faulty?

    No worries! We got your back with guarantees, quality service, and easy returns. We keep stock in check for FACTORY FLAWS and collaborate with SUPPLIERS for ace products. Plus, we booze the proper ways to USE and MAINTAIN our stuff so no MISHAPS HAPPEN!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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