Photovoltaic Parking

Leeline Energy provides high-quality PV parking solutions with customization. You receive top service in all steps, from sourcing to final shipping.

Our staff strictly emphasize quality through a detailed inspection. It helps you to build long-term business relationships with credibility.

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Premium Photovoltaic Parking Features

Leeline Energy has a long history of dealing in Renewable energy sources. Use our experience in the finest product development. You understand what customers are actually looking for. 

Fewer Installation Costs:

Most of the structure is Pre-assembled in a factory, making the installation easy. The on-site installation consists of different parts but done with ease.  You save expensive labor & handling costs. And store them with no trouble when they come in parts. 

Excellent Endurance:

It is Engineered To achieve High Standards with high corrosion resistance.  The maximum possible lifespan is more than guaranteed. Long-term assurance for solar canopies & parking lots brings credibility to your brand. 

Different types:

Different Inverter systems give you performance & efficiency control. Energy consumption plays a main role when deciding on-grid or Off-grid systems. Improved customer retention rate with a variety of choices for your customers.

Last for a long time in extreme weather:

Excellent waterproof performance with sealed Solar parking. We check sealing in both manual and automatic ways. Boosts your business in harsh weather regions with such effectiveness. 

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Photovoltaic Parking by Material

Aluminum Structure Photovoltaic Parking

Aluminum Structure Photovoltaic Parking

The aluminum structure stands firm against corrosion. We check & test the structure in extreme conditions.

This faces a Wind Load of 45m/s and snow Load of 1.4kN/m2. You won’t have to go for repairs often, making it a cost-saving option. 

Steel Structure Photovoltaic Parking

Steel Structure Photovoltaic Parking

This comes with the highest efficiency of 21% panels. We add anti-reflective & anti-soiling surfaces to save it from dust.

YOU enhance strong market influence with such innovative options.

Complete Carport Solar Parking B

Complete Carport Solar Parking 

We made them durable with anti-PID, High salt, and Ammonia resistance. Receive efficient hybrid inventor systems for both US & EU standards.

You build loyal customers’ support for your brand for a long time through them. 

Light up your parking areas with the PV advantage – explore our innovative solutions today.

Advantages Of The Best Photovoltaic Parking Services

Smart Use Of Lands 

Smart Use Of Lands 

Solar Canopy has a parking lot with a charging facility. They are used in solar farms & charging stations, so you get business clients. These are usually best-paying clients with further future opportunities. 

Adjustable With Ease

Adjustable With Ease

Change the solar arrays’ angle with good adaptability. Some solar farms prefer to have adjustable solar canopies for more solar energy.  It could be automatic or manual. We help get both with customization. Uniqueness makes you different from competitors. 

Precise Quotation 

Precise Quotation 

Our researchers give you the most precise quotation. We make sure to add currency rate, unit price, quantity, freight, and insurance. You plan your production and supplies with a better strategy.  

Sourcing Experts 

Sourcing Experts 

Leeline Energy pays attention to details to avoid costly mistakes like shipping & quality assurance. Our staff makes sure your supply chain has smooth processes. You grow better when you have an optimized supply chain. 

Custom Clearance 

Smooth Custom Clearance 

Avoid ISF penalties with our experienced customs brokers. We handle all the paperwork for import and Export customers. Timely customs clearance makes your products available in the targeted market. Keep your business running smoothly!

Exceptional OEM Service

Exceptional OEM Service

Leeline Energy empowers you with unparalleled product innovation. Build your Energy business without worrying about manufacturing. We innovate, develop, manufacture, & add your branding to PV parking products. Focus solely on your Business expansion. 

Creative Applications of Photovoltaic Parking

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Office Buildings

Office Buildings



EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations





Precise production process

A solar cell is formed to generate power. We use the latest green technology to maximize solar capacity. Skilled workers apply to seal the upper panels and check their waterproof status. 

Then solar parking lot frame is built & tested for durability and adjustability. Its height could be adjusted with a frame angle. Then the inverter wiring is installed in them. You receive PV parking packed in different parts. 

Illuminate your spaces and power up your business with our innovative PV Parking solutions

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Receive PV Parking with renowned certifications like TUV, SGS, ISO, and CE. These certifications help you show customers the product’s safety and credibility. Avoid any product liability with these renowned certifications. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our staff performs on-site inspections to check Production processes. You get a detailed report of the structure & performance of PV parking. Keep your PV parking products competitive to stand out.  

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our business history shows the trust of our previous Photovoltaic Parking clients in us. We focus on establishing a long-term business relationship with you.

Receive auditing, inspection, and all other reports frequently. You have the ability to control risk.

One-stop Sourcing

Scale your renewable energy business with our supply chain management. With us, you save time handling sourcing, shipping, and customs.

We manage everything, including insurance, warehousing, and all extra services. You accelerate turnaround times by minimizing hectic processes. 


Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Clear third-party auditing of your Photovoltaic Parking suppliers reduces a lot of risks. We check each clause of your agreements and invoices.

PAY through our encrypted gateways to further secure your transactions. You avoid trendy frauds and risk through us. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We think from your perspective to ensure your business scalability. Receive trendy designs in PV parking & rooftop solar for small & big solar facilities.

Our staff ensures the latest technology, so you attract more customers.

Standardized Procedure

Our staff has set industry and some personal standards from our learnings. It makes your process super smooth and Transparent.

Inspection, inventory handling, and many other processes have standards. You receive your solar carport, PV panels, and Solar parking space units like a shot. 

Custom Solutions

Use our industrial facilities to Change the size & height of PV parking. Our Electrical and computer engineering staff helps in detail efficiency customization.

It has numerous features that are enough to convince your solar farm clients. Enhance user experience and improve word-of-mouth influence.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We give you data-driven solutions about intricate dynamics in your targeted region. Our staff uses the latest data on recently sold solar parking & canopies. You get more sales by understanding customers’ behavior and needs. 

  • Supplier Management

Our staff tracks suppliers with robust performance monitoring systems. We optimize your PV parking supply chain by meticulously assessing it. You get updated on key metrics and avoid potential risks. Minimize disruption in your supply chain with an innovative approach. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Our well-versed staff helps you negotiate the best terms for PV parking supplies. International terms help you to understand your contract all alone. We focus on getting you the best quality at the best possible price.  You get the best deals with personal connections. 

  • Order Management

The dedicated staff ensures you get orders on time with all promised services. We pick and inspect it thoroughly. We replace or change the damaged parts before shipping. You save expensive shipping on those damaged items and save time. 

  • Logistics Coordination

We use fast shipping methods for timely delivery. Make your Solar parking lots secure and safe. Helps to promote logistics speed and ensure your funds are manageable. 

  • Installation Support

Our staff makes PV parking & solar installation guides for your brand. We use step-by-step processes so your engineer understands them very well. Online videos & Infographics make your workload lower. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Encrypted payment gateways that are by and large accepted. You avoid hassle of making business accounts on new payment methods( PayPal, Payoneer). 

Western Union

Drive your business towards a greener future – choose PV Parking for transformative energy solutions.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Photovoltaic Parking Factory

We have a huge factory with 6500 square feet of office space. Skilled inspection staff has a dedicated area to ensure quality standards. You optimize the sales process with such a marvelous facility.  

Our Photovoltaic Parking Factory

packaging & shipping

We use cushioning material and layers to deliver products safely. Receive accessories & parts Packed in Cartons, Wooden Pallets & Cases. Light & concise packaging saves more shipping container space for extra units.

packaging & shipping

Our Parking solutions bring a new level of brilliance to your business spaces.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Solar parking installation in a Western University 

They wanted to fight climate change and give a message to their students. We help them to install multiple Solar canopies in their parking lots. They use excess energy in air conditioning. 

A total of 10 canopies were installed and now functioning at their peak. Our staff helps them with design customization for the latest look.

EV charging station installation outside retail stores 

There was an EV charging station along with Retail stores. They needed help to meet their daily customer’s demands. Also, they had a single charging station resulting in long queues. 

We advise them to have two car parking lot canopies with solar power. The canopies adjust with the sun’s rays to harvest maximum energy. 

As a result, the owner could now get more cars charged together. It makes him good profit and ROI. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Working with Leeline Energy has transformed my business. My main concern was quality. Thanks to Leeline’s quality assurance staff for achieving this goal. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to all business owners. 


My friend introduced me to Leeline Energy last year. I am impressed by their standard processes and how they take care of everything. My business grows with its supply chain optimization. I recommend working with Leeline Energy. 


People Also Ask About Photovoltaic Parking

What size is the foundation of the Photovoltaic Parking? 

The size of the foundation is 2X2X1.5m. It holds the solar-covered parking lot structure & provides shade as a parking garage. Save money from future damages by having a strong foundation. 

Is there a Photovoltaic Parking installation drawing?

Yes, The solar parking installation guide comes with several drawings. It has different instructions for undeveloped land or developed areas with images. Use that guide while installing solar panels. 

How long does Photovoltaic Parking last?

PV parking usually comes with ten years of warranty. Solar canopies last longer if property owners or auto dealerships maintain them. Power performance is a big issue with time, but it produces enough power. 

What solar panel is best for Photovoltaic Parking?

Parking lot solar panel depend on several factors, including budget & efficiency. Most parking lot owners prefer two-car canopies to use excessive energy. It also helps them with tax breaks and making more money. 

Does Photovoltaic Parking save space?

PV parking helps you to organize it in less storage space. Receive them in two to three different parts and later on assemble them. Both one-car or two-car sizes for electric vehicles save you storage space. 

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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