Commercial Battery Storage Supplier

Leeline ENERGY has advanced manufacturing facilities for quality assurance. Prevent customer recalls or disputes by ensuring QUALITY.  Excellent Commercial Battery Storage performance for HIGH PRODUCT IMAGE! 

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Premium Commercial Battery Storage Features

We ensure you get reliable battery storage systems to reduce user’s energy costs. VARIETY of energy storage system units to get high CUSTOMER RETENTION. 

Highest Level of Safety:

Enhanced fire protection on four levels, including cell temperature. Built-in smoke detection sensors to give user alarm warnings. Prevent over & under current, short circuits, and OVER-DISCHARGE issues. 

Air conditioning cooling maintains the -20~60℃ operating discharge temperature. Protect the commercial solar battery storage from overheating. REDUCE the heated system failure complaints from users.

Versatile commercial Applications:

Perfect solution for DATA centers, SMART FACTORY, and Charging stations. Enhanced peak shaving ability to meet energy demands of high-voltage appliances. Run smart factories or charging stations for electric vehicles on cheaper energy. 

Uninterrupted power to businesses with sustainable energy at ≥90% efficiency. LOAD shifting in emergency backup power response to commercial load effectively. Widen your targeted customer base for smooth BUSINESS scalability.

Intelligent SYSTEM management:

Enhanced multi-cabinet control up to 10 times in response speed. Real-time monitoring of a renewable energy source and energy output of the system. Check their power usage, remaining battery, and alarm warnings. 

BMS enhances the charging and discharging of battery cells for longer life. Intelligent system with SELF-DIAGNOSIS feature of high-precision detection. Reduce professional maintenance costs due to the self-detection approach

Plug in and play:

Straightforward installation via RS485/CAN communication interface without complexities. Widely compatible with famous or well-known inverter brands. You won’t hear any compatibility issues from customers. 

50/60Hz rated output frequency for grid stability. Prevent lags or energy delays in battery storage while supplying stored energy. High user satisfaction by optimal commercial and industrial performance. 

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Commercial Battery Storage by Material

 Lithium Solar Commercial Battery Storage

Parallel series connection to support up to 4 battery systems. Automatic module ID assignment with one-button operation.

CATL battery cells that have more than 6000 cycles. Build a dedicated, loyal audience with a long life.

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lifepo4 Battery Commercial Storage

280Ah battery to power high-load appliances. Pre-assembled battery cabinets to save you from extra hassle.

QUICK installation to your customers to speed up CUSTOMER conversion rate.

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Commercial Battery Storage by Kilowatt Hour

100 kwh Commercial Battery Storage

48v lithium solar battery storage creates a micro grid for uninterrupted supply. C4 anti-corrosion layers for ENERGY storage systems.

Maximum 0.5C charge/discharge rate at 512V nominal voltage. High referral sales among commercial and industrial clients. 

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225 kwh commercial storage battery 

They get merged easily in building facades and produce clean electricity. 

Our Monocrystalline Panels have 22% higher efficiency even in low light performance. Get different designs and shapes to suit your customer building design. 

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Boost Brand Power with Wholesale Efficiency – Explore Our Battery Solutions and Ignite Success in Every Watt!

Advantages Of The Best Commercial Battery Storage Services


Automatic production

REDUCE human error and quality issues in each step. Optimize your battery energy storage supply chain for OPTIMAL BUSINESS GROWTH. 

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable quotation

Compare product competitiveness and profitability to select the best solar battery storage. More PROFIT MARGIN to offer discounted deals to users! Increase customer traffic by offering low prices. 



Reduce financial pressure on your BUSINESS by giving you quantity flexibility. Save storage and handling costs of large quantities at once. 

Sample Testing

Sample Manufacturing

Alter energy usage technology integration after testing. Receive positive feedback by launching battery storage systems that meet customer expectations.

Safe Payment Method

Many payment methods

Flexible payment options to reduce dependence on single channels. Enhance sourcing efficiency by mitigating financial risk. Avoid new account creation hassle! 

Standard compliance

Certified solar PV products for FREE circulation in restricted European and American markets. Expand your brand’s targeted market and international trade. Improve product quality and reputation for high customer trust. 

Creative Applications of Commercial Battery Storage

Public Building












Precise production process

Choose capacity & outer shell design either contained in parallel or stackable cabinets. Skilled staff produce durable containers with sealed corners. We install batteries in it depending on capacity. 

It has built-in thermal management and inverters for power supply. We did wiring to connect the communication interface. They go under inspection and testing before shipping. INSPECTION ensures quality assurance of solar panels for high PRODUCT IMAGE.

Elevate Your Brand’s Power Profile

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


EMC, MDD, and ROHS-certified products ensure their standard compliance. Prevent complaints and negative reviews of unfunctional, fake, or shoddy goods. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

QUALITY testing reports to estimate their exact capacity and backup time. Alter product changes accordingly and have a deep understanding of FUNCTIONALITY. Improve design and durability to uplift product reputation among customers. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

RELIABLE Commercial Battery Storage supplier for years to international brands. Detailed inspection of order content and QUALITY before final shipping. 

Ensure your customer receives UNCOMPROMISED quality. Establish a reliable BRAND image in the customer’s eye for repetitive sales. 

One-stop Sourcing

Extensive product ranges to expand your PRODUCT LINE under a single supplier. Prevent dealing with many vendors and agents. 

Simplifies PRODUCT design, inspection, and logistics into optimized processes. Boost your sourcing efficiency by saving operational hassle and time. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

ORDER content verification to ensure promised quality and quantity. Mitigate supply delay risk by having production speed estimation. 

Pay via secured channels to safeguard your sourcing budget. Avoid financial scams or losses from third-party apps.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Receive the lowest Commercial Battery Storage wholesale pricing. Pricing analysis and negotiation for quantities to avoid sourcing budget getting exceeded. Keep your business profitable for smooth future expansion. 

Standardized Procedure

Use our expert’s years of experience to design your sourcing process. Follow our production and inspection strategies to reduce operational costs and time. Skyrocket business productivity by integrating AUTOMATED sourcing. 

Custom Solutions

Design Commercial Battery Storage CUSTOM solutions in our R&D labs. Reduce electricity costs of users by well-designed power supplies. HIGH CREDIBILITY and a unique identity for increased sales. 

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Consumer analysis from previous trends to select products for effortless sales.

Choose the right quantity, quality, and features of battery storage systems. Large customer flow, quick return on capital. 

  • Supplier Management

Performance monitoring and quality control to match your QUALITY objectives. Mitigate quality and production delay risks by optimizing the supply chain. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Secure the best sourcing quality and pricing terms through our negotiations.

Set clear quality specifications in contracts to resolve disputes in a short time. Clear communication to mitigate the risk of misunderstanding. 

  • Order Management

Swift and accurate order processing by shipping labels & order tracking.

Maintain sufficient inventory through real-time stock tracking and optimization. A SYSTEMATIC approach to boost your operational efficiency! 

  • Logistics Coordination

Many shipping methods are available, including Air, land, and sea. Smart route selection to save your shipping time and costs. EASE your international trade with the right port selection. 

  • Installation Support

Instructional guidebook in each Commercial solar Battery Storage unit. Step-by-step video and audio guidebooks to install them in a short time. Increase customer satisfaction during purchase. 

storage Successful Project

Our Payment

Pay via PAYPAL, Payoneer, and WESTERN union. Use your existing accounts to avoid account creation and payment transfer hassle. Smoothen your SOURCING by frictionless translation. 

Western Union

Empower Your Business with Unmatched Energy Resilience

Our Reliable Partners


Our Commercial Battery Storage Factory

Advanced Commercial battery storage factory produces bulk orders at low costs. Automated product line for maximum efficiency.  Meet competitive market demand in a short time to OUTSHINE your brand! 


packaging & shipping

Moisture & shockproof wooden boxes Avoid product quality degradation and loss during long-term storage. Speed up your LOGISTICS processes with real-time tracking. Many smooth shipping carrier options Reduce export charges for goods. 

packaging & shipping

Commercial Battery Storage Solutions Tailored for Wholesale Success!

Successful Project

storage Successful Project

Unlocking Power Potential: A Glimpse into Our Commercial Battery Storage Partnerships

We got a request from an IT office owner about a commercial battery system. He wanted a battery storage system to provide backup power to store energy for his main server. 

Leeline staff offered a demand assessment to understand his energy needs. Our Commercial battery storage manufacturer visited the site. We analyze his requirements and the office area. 

After a detailed assessment, we suggested a 500kWh commercial solar battery storage. Our well-designed battery energy storage systems were enough to power their main server. Also Office’s other computers had consistent power supply. 

We designed this commercial solar battery storage around 100W solar panels. They have 22% to 23% energy generation efficiency. He approved that particular battery storage solution. 

For quality assurance, we implemented strict inspection protocols. Also, after inspection, they were packed in durable packaging to avoid product damage. Wooden PACKAGING has many interior cushioning layers. 

After delivery, we installed the solar PV panels first. They had customized mounting frames, including a sun-tracking system. Enhances their solar energy harvesting efficiency. 

Also, they have lithium-ion batteries for storing cheaper energy. They needed less maintenance as compared to lead acid batteries. It had UPS switching to ensure a UNINTERRUPTED power supply. Reduced his electricity costs and made it secure from power outage risks. 

storage Successful Project
What our customers say


Their SOLAR PV panels and batteries boosted my revenue. Last year, I secured 30% more sales due to my finest quality. You should work with them! 


It’s been an amazing journey to work with Leeline Energy. I was facing quality issues in my energy storage system units. Leeline’s inspection staff solved this issue. I recommend working with them. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Commercial Battery Storage

    What’s the delivery time for commercial and residential ESS?

    DELIVERY times vary depending on destinations and delivery type. It takes 40 days for commercial ESS and 15 DAYS for residential ESS. 

    What accessories do the residential energy storage systems include?

    The complete package includes the main battery system. In accessories, you get cables, power meters, connectors, instruction guides & CT. Yet you request customized accessories, too.  

    How can we guarantee quality?

    Yes, we help you with customer battery energy storage systems. We have certain quantity limitations when it comes to CUSTOMIZATION or personalization. Access our customization to alter the battery capacity, size, and design. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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