25kw Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

It’s time to go green! And Leeline Energy is here to take you all the way with our awesome new ENERGY SOLUTIONS. We aim to reach diverse markets by exporting products to 150+ countries! This allows you to offer a variety of STANDARDIZED solar energy system products. And you EXPAND your product lines!

We team up with amazing 25kw hybrid inverter suppliers at UNBEATABLE PRICES. Joining forces grows your SALES and enhances market COMPETITIVENESS!

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Premium 25kw Hybrid Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is your go-to expert for green energy solutions. Our inverters bring you the following:

Advanced MPPT technology

With our 25 kw inverter, your solar system jams on with the most advanced MPPT technology. DUAL power inputs mean efficiency of up to 99.9% alternating current.

What? That’s MEGA-EFFICIENT! So, this inverter ensures customers enjoy more TRUST and GOODWILL towards your BUSINESS.

Smart battery charger

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! Our inverters aren’t just any hybrid or grid inverter. They rock a kick-ass SMART BATTERY CHARGER! And that means AUTO RESTART, OVERLOAD PROTECTION, and more for an awesome battery power system.

So, guess what? IMPRESS those OLD CUSTOMERS and take your products to NEW MARKETS (and beyond).

Wide adaptability

These 25 kw grid inverters? They’ve got wide ADAPTABILITY, like freaking CHAMELEONS in the power world. They have IP65 rating for epic outdoor seamless integration & vibes.

And they come with utility-INTERACTIVE CONTROLS like a boss. That means more HAPPY CUSTOMERS spreading the WORD OF MOUTH.

Safe & Reliable

You know what? These grid inverters are designed to be SAFE and RELIABLE, like your customers’ trustworthy sidekick. They protect them with BUILT-IN SURGE ARRESTERS & RCD. And wait for it. CUTTING-EDGE technology gives them a long lifetime.

These babies’ long service life ensures you get the BEST REVIEWS in the market. So why risk EXPENSIVE RETURNS or BAD REP?

Smart monitoring system

These 25 kw hybrid inverters come rocking SMART MONITORING systems. Using WiFi, LAN, or GPRS, these bad boys keep your solar panel performance in check. And they scream CONFIDENCE from every volt.

You will be giving your customers PEACE OF MIND! What does that mean? You win CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & loyalty in a jiffy.

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Advantages Of The Best 25kw Hybrid Inverter Services


Rich Sourcing Experience

Guess what? With us, you get RICH SOURCING EXPERIENCE. We know this business like the back of our hand, and we KEEP TABS on market conditions, too.

You get the guidance you need to CONQUER new OPPORTUNITIES in this wild market jungle.

Custom Solar Designs

We present you with your new secret sauce: our CUSTOM SOLAR DESIGNS. Need help with NEW BRANDS? 

We gotcha! You get quick launches and endless BRAND ENHANCEMENT! 



We remove your MOQs hurdles. NO RULES, baby! That means no more stress of INVENTORY COSTS. 

Flexibility will be your middle name, giving your business an EDGE over COMPETITORS! 

Large-Scale Production

Advanced Production Line

Hear that? It’s the rumble of our advanced production line, here to save the day! With us, you’ll be cranking out kick-ass products while SAVING ON COSTS.

Better WORK EFFICIENCY means you get to build a STRONGER, LONGER-LASTING business.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Fast Shipping

Our superpower is fast shipping. No more waiting around, pal! We about SAFETY MEASURES up the wazoo, ensuring your cargo arrives INTACT and awesome.

This epic convenience keeps customers COMING BACK for more.

Strong supply capacity

Trusted Supplier

Switch to our team of trusted 25kw hybrid inverter suppliers for major perks. More choices in QUALITY and PRICING mean you’re in full control. 

FLEXIBILITY skyrockets, giving your biz that UNBEATABLE EDGE over competitors.

A Wide Range of Applications





Solar farms

Solar Farms



Farmland irrigation

Farmland Irrigation


Power Station

25kw Hybrid Inverter Production Line

First, we put together components on a PCB. Then, we TEST and connect TRANSFORMERS. This setup process is exactly what you need! No stress – our method has top inverters with FEWER HASSLES. It’s a game-changer to STAY AHEAD!

Product Parameters

Battery Input Data
Battery TypeLead-acid or Li-lon
Battery Voltage Range (V)200~700
Max. Charging Current (A)3737+37
Max. Discharging Current (A)3737+37
Number of battery input12
Charging Curve3 Stages / Equalization
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion BatterySelf-adaption to BMS
PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W)2600032500390005200065000
Max. DC Input Voltage (V)1000
Start-up Voltage (V)160
MPPT Range (V)200-850
Min. DC Input Voltage (V)150
Min. DC Input Voltage (V)360-850365-850435-850450-850450-850
Rated DC Input Voltage (V)500625500500625
PV Input Current (A)36+3636+36+3636+36+36+36
Max. PV ISC (A)50+5050+50+5050+50+50+50
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT2/2+2
AC Output Data
Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W)2000025000300004000050000
Max. AC Output Power (W)2200027500330004400055000
AC Output Rated Current (A)30.33845.660.875.8
Max. AC Current (A)45.441.850.166.983.3
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (A)100
Peak Power (off grid)2 time of rated power, 10 S
Generator input/Smart load/AC couple current (A)30.3 / *180 / 30.338 / *180 / 3845.6 / *180 / 45.660.8 / *180 / 60.875.8 / *180 / 75.8
Power Factor0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Output Frequency and Voltage50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Grid TypeThree Phase
DC injection current (mA)<0.5%1n
Max. Efficiency97.60%
Euro Efficiency97%
MPPT Efficiency99.90%

Maximize Brand Growth with 25kW Inverters for Wholesale. Join the Energy Revolution Today!


Upgrade your inventory with our top-of-the-line inverters. They come with a top rating from leading authorities (CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001 & CSA). That ensures TRUST from customers and MARKET RECOGNITION for expansion.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Get ready for quality checks on our awesome SOLAR INVERTER. We make sure your product is safe and ENHANCE its QUALITY, all this while building a STRONG BRAND IMAGE.

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Looking for top-notch product sourcing? Leeline Energy is your go-to NUMBER-ONE lineup! With a DECADE of EXPERIENCE and expert know-how, we’re here for you. Say goodbye to low-quality hassles so you focus on success!

Our amazing 25kw hybrid inverter suppliers offer HIGH SALES POTENTIAL. And you get COST SAVINGS through our RELIABLE sourcing process.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Don’t stress out finding suppliers – we’re your sourcing superheroes! No need to search far and wide. Our experts ensure quality by carefully VETTING 25kw hybrid inverter manufacturers.

Why, you ask? To meet ALL your needs, of course. You score KILLER DEALS that won’t break the bank. And get to expand your MARKET SHARE and boost ENTERPRISE BENEFITS.


Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Our mission is simple: to protect your interests. Wave goodbye to SCAMS and FRAUD with our 25kw hybrid inverter wholesale transactions! Our QUALITY INSPECTIONS guarantee only the BEST for you.

Say farewell to UNNECESSARY LOSSES and operational headaches from SCAMMY, UNTRUSTWORTHY partners. Now, it’s all about maximizing those profits!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

You’re our top priority! We’ll go all in to ensure you get the best 25kw hybrid inverter MANUFACTURERS. Trust us to understand your every need and tackle any issues like PROS.

And let me tell you, our products are total champs! They’ll elevate your business from good to NEXT-LEVEL status in the market!

standardized procedure

Get pumped to nab the top-notch 25kw hybrid inverter with our STANDARD PROCEDURES. We’ve got an ultra-pro and trusted process that ELIMINATES WASTE and troubles.

Your customers will be seriously wowed by your products – we guarantee it! Plus, achieve unified and STANDARDIZED product specs for ULTIMATE SUCCESS.


custom solutions

We totally get it – every customer is unique. That’s why we create TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS that match your exact 25kw hybrid inverter demands. We do this based on YOUR individual needs.

No need to stress! Our world-class service ALLEVIATES your customers’ WORRIES. And helps you meet MARKET DEMAND quickly, attracting and keeping those LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

Our Payment

You got it; choose how you want to pay: PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. We make sure your customers feel TOTALLY SECURE buying from you. More SALES COMING your way!

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

You will get a proper DEMAND ASSESSMENT with us! We nail down specs, quantities, and quality requirements. Our MARKET RESEARCH and COMPETITIVE INSIGHTS will set you up to be the best! That means your BUSINESS SUCCESS is guaranteed!

  • Supplier Management

We find and vet the right inverter suppliers that SUIT your needs. And guess what? We even keep an eye on their PERFORMANCE for you.

We shoulder your pesky ADMINISTRATIVE BURDENS and save valuable time and resources!

  • Contract Negotiation

Let us handle the contract nitty-gritty. We’re all about keeping things LEGAL and SCAM-FREE. Choose us, and get ready for sweet COST SAVINGS, LOWER RISKS, and BIGGER PROFITS!

  • Order Management

Leave the boring parts of order management to us! We CONFIRM, TRACK, and SORT out any CHANGES for you to reduce supply chain risk.

Please sit back and save money as we lighten your operational workload!

  • Logistics Coordination

No need to stress over logistics! We’ll SWIFTLY transport, store, and ship your inverters wherever you want.

Guaranteed things arrive on the DELIVERY DATE. All this and the DAMAGE-FREE arrival enhance your REPUTATION and VISIBILITY.

  • Installation Support

Just follow our easy INSTRUCTIONS, helpful VIDEOS & REMOTE ASSISTANCE. And installing our 25kw hybrid inverter is easy. Guess what?

Your customers will love the EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE and boost your BUSINESS IMAGE. Piece of mind, right there!

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 25kw Hybrid Inverter Factory

Our 25kw hybrid inverter factory runs like a WELL-OILED MACHINE! We bring you nothing but top-of-the-line products. You get to offer customers lots of choices. And you build a strong BRAND IMAGE with incredible CUSTOMER TRUST.

factory inverter

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Ditch the dull & risky packaging; we keep our PACKAGING PROTECTIVE! Your customers will LOVE your BRAND even more. They keep coming back for more of those AWESOME PRODUCTS.

Successful Project


From Concerns to Confidence: The Dutch Success Story with Leeline Energy

Leeline Energy is all about providing the best solar solutions. We partner with wholesalers and trusted installers, just like you!

Our customer from the Netherlands was worried about expensive electricity bills. That was due to rising costs in Europe. Energy SCARCITY has increased EXPENSES across European countries, burdening many households.

To address this issue, we provided a reliable and efficient 15KW solar power system. And the best part? It is tailored to their needs. Our high-quality solar panels use PERC technology.

The ENGINEERS suggested it cause it offers ANTI-CRACKING capabilities. And it prevents hot spot effects. They also ensure excellent power generation over 15 years.

Why choose us? Leeline Energy values product quality. We made this clear with German-grade controllers. These are made of FLAME-RETARDANT materials for SAFETY during utilization.

We discussed the benefits. When we addressed their concerns, our customers decided immediately to order from us. They trusted in our ability to provide a SATISFYING SOLUTION soon.

The Dutch customer loved their 15KW solar power system from us. I mean, they witnessed LOWER ELECTRICITY BILLS. It was all praise for our PERC technology panels’ quality.

Their positive experience solidified their trust in us. We are an energy solution provider that delivers results and understands their needs. We take PRIDE in our ability to establish TRUST and SATISFACTION with our customers.

What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy hooked me up with a BOSS solar energy system. Their grid inverter rocks! It keeps things SMOOTH and running like butter. Optimal performance & safety features = peace of mind. Installing it? Super breezy. And that WiFi connection? Epic bonus points right there! Thanks, Leeline Energy.

Lisa G Alexander

Leeline Energy totally hooked me up with an EPIC SOLAR SYSTEM. Get this – their rad grid inverter connects right to my house’s power, and tada, USABLE ENERGY for days! Talk about 3 phase power, baby, livin’ the dream now. These peeps are ace at all things solar, so DON’T you dare snooze on ’em.

Diane M Campos

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About 25kw Hybrid Inverter

    1. What is the difference between a solar inverter and a hybrid inverter?

    Hybrid inverters are like solar inverter’s cool cousins. They’re identical when it comes to generating power. But here’s the twist – they have built-in battery connections for stashing energy later on. And get this during a blackout? Boom! Backup power bumping through those hybrid systems!

    2. Which type of inverter is best for solar panels?

    String inverters are the go-to choice for home setups. They hook several solar panels together into a slick array. And guess what? The power gets pumped to one boss inverter that spits out AC from DC super smooth. Plus, string inverters won’t break the bank, and they’re wicked efficient too!

    3. Can I have samples to test?

    Yes, you can have samples to test. For more information, please contact us through the number or email on our website.

    4. How to store the product?

    Here are a few quick tips: stash them somewhere dry and chillax, no sun or heat-loving spots. Oh! And keep them away from anything flammable or chemicals.

    Plus, you’ve gotta make sure it’s dust-free territory for those bad boys. If you’re stashing them long-term, be smart – remove batteries and store them separately. Easy peasy!

    5. What are advantages of a hybrid solar inverter?

    Hybrid inverters are the real MVPs, y’all! They make sure solar energy flows smoothly without losing any juice in translation. Charging and discharging batteries? Totally under the control of these bad boys. And get this – they even save you from annoying grid fees or tariffs. Legends inverter style right here!

    Get Ahead in Wholesale. Invest in 25kW Hybrid Inverters and Energize Your Brand’s Success!

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