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Our EXPERTISE in Solar Wall Light manufacturing is UNRIVALED. We know the market INSIDE OUT and offer pro solutions and TECH SERVICES to save you TIME and ENERGY. Focus on GROWING your biz hassle-free!

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Premium Solar Wall Light Features

Behold Leeline Energy’s JAW-DROPPING Solar Wall Light. Brace yourself for these INCREDIBLE FEATURES:

Bright Led chips

Our top solar wall lights shine BRIGHTLY with 305 integrated LED beads.  They have a clever reflector design. CONSTRUCTED with powerful and energy-efficient HIGH LUMEN SMD-LED CHIPS.

Brighten up to 2500lm 6500K. Illuminate your customers’ OUTDOOR SPACES like never before by installing these DUSK-to-DAWN marvels. You enjoy high CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and SKYROCKETING business VOLUMES from these outdoor LIGHTING!

Intelligent light control system

The solar wall light brings a BEAUTIFUL modern design, and EASY installation. They also have INTELLIGENT FUNCTIONALITY. Automatically turn on when it’s dark out, giving your customers ILLUMINATION. The INTEGRATED solar panel effortlessly charges the 1800mAH battery during the day.

FULLY CHARGED, no manual hassle required. The longer WORKING TIME guarantees a brilliantly lit space for hours on end! Boost your BRAND RECOGNITION with these exceptional outdoor WALL LIGHTS.

IP65 waterproof

These solar wall lights are completely WATERPROOF, HEAT RESISTANT, AND frost resistant. That means they won’t QUIT on you when the RAIN POURS, the temperature RISES, or even during WINTER CHILL.

Expand your market share when you INSTALL these BAD BOYS for your customers. IMPROVE your economic efficiency with MODERN outdoor lighting that stays reliable YEAR-ROUND.

Easy installation

Light up your customers’ outdoor space effortlessly with our EASY-TO-INSTALL solar wall lights. No more hassle with WIRING, DIGGING, or TRENCHING – just a quick and simple setup that takes minutes. 

Enjoy INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS in the solar panels market. That’s by offering customers a CONVENIENT and LOW-MAINTENANCE outdoor lighting solution. Improve SALES NOW!

Wide angle lighting

The 270° large floodlight fixture provides incredible WIDE-ANGLE lighting. That ensures EVERY corner is BATHED in brightness. Once INSTALLED, they also have the ability to ROTATE and ADJUST the direction of light.

You can achieve ALL-AROUND illumination—a perfect fit for most customers’ needs. Increase CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and generate POSITIVE WORD-OF-MOUTH with these modern, VERSATILE wall lights.

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Solar Wall Light by Types

Solar Sensor Wall Light

Solar Sensor Wall Light

Our solar wall lights are designed for THREE OPTIONS. In HIGH LIGHT Mode, these lights brighten up when they DETECT MOVEMENT near them. That ensures you NEVER miss a thing. Choose DIM LIGHT Mode for a soft and energy-saving glow all night long.

Lastly, the CONSTANT LIGHT Mode is perfect for maintaining VISIBILITY after dusk. That’s all thanks to their intelligent light control. Your market standing is guaranteed with this fixture, increasing your sales!

Solar Wall Lantern

Solar Wall Lantern

This exclusive wall light fixture is built to WITHSTAND any condition. Whether it’s rain, snow (≥-20°C), scorching heat (65°C), or RUST, it can handle it. You can TRUST that they’ll continue to shine bright NO MATTER what Mother Nature throws at them. 

Enhance CUSTOMER TRUST by providing RELIABLE and durable lighting solutions.You boost future sales with each solar wall lights purchase TODAY!

Solar Wall Sconces

Solar Wall Sconces

Each solar wall light is built TOUGH, providing rainproof and snow PROTECTION features. Plus, they handle the SUN’S RAYS and strong winds without SKIPPING a beat. Whether it’s for STREETLIGHTS, backyards, steps, or pools.

These lights are WIDELY USED and LOVED because they KEEP SHINING brightly no matter what. Earn your customers’ CONFIDENCE with each fixture!

Decorative Solar Wall Lights

Decorative Solar Wall Lights

Choose between WHITE LIGHT, WARM LIGHT, or colorful RGB lighting. These suit any environment and create DIFFERENT VIBES. Customers want a cozy AMBIANCE for relaxing evenings and an inviting WARMTH for gatherings.

Or DYNAMIC COLORS for special occasions? This fixture has it all. INCREASE PROFITS by satisfying market NEEDS and offering a WIDE RANGE of options!

Solar Wall Wash Lights

Solar Wall Wash Lights

Made from top-quality thickened ALUMINUM, our solar wall lights offer DURABILITY that LASTS. They come with high light LED bead lights. Provide HIGH BRIGHTNESS and long-life PERFORMANCE.

With their MULTIFUNCTIONAL design, these lights can be USED for various applications. By offering these lights, you unlock HIGHER CUSTOMER loyalty! Keep customers COMING BACK for more!

Solar Wall Light garden

Solar Wall Light garden

Ready for lights that cover all the BASES? Our solar wall fixtures offer a wide-angle SENSING BODY. So they DETECT movement from ANY DIRECTION. No more MESSY WIRING with our solar panel.

This recharges the BATTERY quickly and efficiently. Customers enjoy bright light ANYTIME, anywhere. Boost your REPUTATION by offering HIGH-QUALITY lights customers can rely on!

Illuminate Success: Empower your brand with Solar Wall Lights! Discover wholesale opportunities for cutting-edge eco-friendly lighting. Light up your business, save energy. Let’s brighten the future together!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Wall Light Services

100% On-time Delivery

Faster Delivery Timelines

Our OPTIMIZED transportation saves you TIME. Fast CUSTOM delivery channels on air, sea or rail. Many partners, including FedEx. Sit back and relax! We make OVERSEAS delivery faster and more efficient for high business PRODUCTIVITY.


OEM/ODM Service

We handle the back-end product development and brand building. Shorten your solar wall light development and BRAND LAUNCHING time. Tailored designs to address unique customers’ challenges. Focus on establishing the brand’s IDENTITY with less time & effort.


Advanced Production Line

Leeline Energy’s rockstar TEAM uses CUTTING EDGE tech to double delivery SPEED and increase OUTPUT. No more high PRODUCTION COSTS. Enjoy increased EFFICIENCY. BULK MANUFACTURING! Get ready for a skyrocketing market PRESENCE and SALES!

Safe Payment Method

Flexible Payment Methods

Just pay SECURELY through our reliable payment GATEWAY to minimize FINANCIAL RISKS through fraud prevention. Smart way to save on operational costs. Enjoy low TRANSACTION fees in a secure financial environment. Protect your CORPORATE INTERESTS with us.

product quality

Strict Quality Control

We do stringent quality inspections on lamp brightness, charging durability and waterproofing. That ensures customers love you for the top-tier QUALITY you provide. Say goodbye to QUALITY ISSUES and NEGATIVE REVIEWS that hurt your reputation. Keep shining and GROWING your business, rockstar!

Sturdy Packaging

Optimized Packaging

No more BULKY package WORRIES! Opt for compact and SMALL PACKAGING to cut down on dimensional weight. Enjoy low solar wall light LOGISTICS COSTS, easy handling, and efficient storage. INCREASES your PROFIT levels.

Creative Applications of Solar Wall Light













Precise production process

As Solar Wall Light manufacturers, we are EXPERTS at what we do. We craft EACH high-quality wall light with PROFESSIONALISM, efficiency, and FLUENCY. BEST MATERIALS and CUTTING EDGE production technology. Rest assured, each PRODUCT FULFILLS industry STANDARDS. Get ready to rule the MARKET!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our Solar Wall Light FACTORY is approved by big shots like CE, TUV, RoHS, FCC, and PSE. Offer top-tier SERVICE and an array of solar systems to IMPRESS your CLIENTS. Level up your game for HIGHER PROFITS!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Being solar wall light MANUFACTURERS, we make sure things are top-of-the-line. Through our strict factory audits & inspections, we guarantee both safety and quality. Fewer ISSUES and COMPLAINTS? You got it! Enjoy SMOOTH business OPERATIONS.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re experts at finding awesome Solar Wall Lights for you. With 10 years of EXPERIENCE, a big team, and EXCELLENT SKILLS, we bring you a solid track RECORD in sourcing.

From FACTORIES to all your needs, we’ve got you sorted in the B2B biz. Let’s grow your MARKET and level up your BUSINESS TOGETHER!

One-stop Sourcing

TIRED of dealing with SKETCHY Solar Wall Light suppliers? We’re here to save you TIME and MONEY. With our expertise, we know the factory game INSIDE OUT, along with our customers! See things from different angles to ensure SATISFACTION and build lasting CONNECTIONS. All this comes while CUTTING COSTS.

Leave PROCUREMENT, INSPECTION, and LOGISTICS in our hands for an efficient SUPPLY CHAIN. Let’s take your biz higher!

One-stop Sourcing

business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

No sweat over risky solar wall light WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS. Quality, delivery, and COST are a BREEZE with us. Our AUDITS, INSPECTIONS, and follow-ups have got your back.

We’ve got one goal: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION while MINIMIZING RISK and scams. Trust in our COLLABORATION for confident deal CLOSINGS!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Get ready for killer SERVICE and SUPPORT with our solar wall lights! Your satisfaction is KEY – you LEAD, we follow. PREMIUM products and top-shelf service as we become LONG-TERM partners.

We bring together R&D, logistics, and sourcing EXPERTISE. Say hello to amazing SALES. Expect better CLIENT CONVERSION all around!


Standardized Procedure

Experience a world class process for your solar WALL LIGHT. Strict MONITORING process ENSURES QUALITY. Count on us! Expect PROFESSIONALISM and a seamless EXPERIENCE in every INTERACTION.

Reinforce your market standing with reliable panels. Also gain BRAND RECOGNITION, and sharpen your COMPETITIVE EDGE effortlessly in the industry!

Custom Solutions

Join us and connect PERSONALLY with our experts. We’re ATTENTIVE to your needs and PREFERENCES, boosting product SALES. Get ready for TAILOR-MADE solar wall lights that fit PERFECTLY!

Provide SEAMLESS SOLUTIONS tailored to you. Determine your OWN RESULTS through our RELIABLE SERVICE. Build a brand founded on innovation and RELIABILITY with us!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Kick back and relax as we handle SPECS, QUANTITIES, and QUALITY for you. Our world-class market research backs your work. Earn trust from CUSTOMERS while FOSTERING strong business COLLABORATIONS. That’s through an enhanced IMAGE and service excellence!

  • Supplier Management

Let’s TEAM up and find you the best solar wall light SUPPLIERS. Ensure fast turn around by monitoring their PERFORMANCE and production speed. Brace yourself for awesome REWARDS – increased value and HIGHER INCOME!

  • Contract Negotiation

Say goodbye to CONTRACT FUSS for your solar wall lights. Leave the stress of FAIR DRAFTING and NEGOTIATIONS to us – we’ve got your back! Kick risks to the CURB and FOCUS on growing your BUSINESS like a boss!

  • Order Management

Leave it to us to handle things from START to FINISH! We manage SUPPLIERS, ensure top-notch QUALITY, and solve any issues that arise. You also get advanced stock tracking from us. We’ll streamline PROCESSING for seamless CASH FLOW.

  • Logistics Coordination

Chill while we take care of TRANSPORTING, WAREHOUSING, and DELIVERING your WALL lights. We make sure they ARRIVE on time and SAVE you MONEY. So you zero in on MARKETING and growing YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Installation Support

Gear up for a CONFIDENT start with our kit. It’s got INSTRUCTIONS, HELPFUL VIDEOS, and REMOTE SUPPORT for breezy solar wall light INSTALLATION. Build trust, gain a REPUTATION, and charm your CUSTOMERS in no sweat! 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Choose your PREFERRED PAYMENT method: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. Relax! SCAM-FREE transactions and keep your info and MONEY secure. Take CARE of your biz and safeguard your PROFITS with CONFIDENCE! 

Western Union

Wholesale Illumination: Light up your brand with Solar Wall Lights. Explore exclusive deals and elevate your business with sustainable brilliance. Partner with us for success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Wall Light Factory

Get your SWAG on at our sleek Solar Wall Light Factory. Our high-capacity AUTOMATED production powers you through FASTER MARKET DEMANDS. Woo customers with SHINING quality products or services. All this keeps them COMING BACK for more!


packaging & shipping

Nail it with our spot-on PACKING SOLUTIONS. Your warehouse will be on point: BIGGER capacity, saved SPACE, and FASTER cargo flow. EFFICIENCY’S always up for the CHALLENGE! Save costs and crush those LOGISTICS goals effortlessly.

packaging & shipping

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Bright Nights, Easy Installation: Leeline’s Solar Wall Lights Shine

Leeline Energy DOMINATES the solar energy game like NO OTHER. Our products are UNBEATABLE. Installation pros LOVE and trust us for GOOD REASON!

Get ready for this case: a HOUSE in Uganda, needing lighting upgrades. Small WINDOWS dimmed things down, but we had the perfect solution. BRIGHTENING up that house and YARD after dark became a BREEZE!

We needed to light up a house in Uganda at night without breaking ENERGY RECORDS. The solution? Durable, LOW-MAINTENANCE outdoor lighting for BIG-TIME brightness that won’t BURN you out!

We explored all options, and BAM! solar wall light came out tops. Slick design, tons of brightness, and waterproof vibes made it a match for that house’s style.

Here is the scoop on why our fixture won big. Flexa-light came with three CUSTOM MODES to meet your BRIGHTNESS vibes + PIR function. That was for extra energy EFFICIENCY. Trust in LED brilliance and quick-charging LOGGERHEAD trio for smooth SAILING!

Installation was easy peasy with no fuss wiring. Straight-up mounting LIGHTS on walls using screws, saving the customer from late-night HEADACHES. No need for CONFIGURATION MADNESS!

The solar wall light STEPPED up the outdoor lighting game for real. Come NIGHTTIME, it lit up automatically and added a massive BOOST to SAFETY vibes. Talk about style and coziness—this fam was THRILLED with that fancy STABLE LIGHTING!

Oh man, the fixture rocked their world! The HOMEOWNER digs how effortless it was to INSTALL, and the BRIGHTNESS? Top shelf! Plus, being ENERGY-EFFICIENT adds big props. All in all a killer upgrade for that MODERN outdoor vibe.

What our customers say


Leeline Energy is killing it! I SNAGGED some SOLID solar wall lights from them. Talk about lightning-fast delivery, STRONG BATTERIES, sleek fixtures. My porch was STRAIGHT out of a DISNEY MOVIE with that warm lighting. Smooth checkout in just 1 min, cart OVERFLOWING with wall light options. Shopping for GORGEOUS lights made easy!

Ruth D Calhoun

I want to give PROPS to Leeline Energy for my awesome Solar Wall Lights. RECHARGEABLE batteries, MODERN DESIGN, and a nice warm glow. FAST SHIPPING and impressive customer SERVICE, too. Took about TWO WEEKS from order to delivery. Seriously RECOMMEND checking them out if you need cool outdoor WALL FIXTURES!

Norberto B Runnels

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    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Wall Light

    1. What are the best outdoor solar lights?

    The NACINIC LED Floodlights are seriously TOP-notch. They instantly BRIGHTEN UP with motion detection and LIGHT SENSORS. That’s within an 8-meter range. And hey, there are three awesome modes to make life EASIER. Oh, and did I mention they’re WATERPROOF?

    2. How long do outdoor solar lights last?

    Outdoor solar lights usually hold up PRETTY well. Batteries last around 3-5 years before REPLACEMENT. And hey, the LED bulbs? They stay LIT for a solid TEN YEARS! So not only are they wallet-friendly, they’re eco-friendly too. A win-win!

    3. How to deal with the faulty?

    Our products are SERIOUSLY spot-on QUALITY-WISE. Defective rate? Less than 0.2%! And get this, during the guarantee period, if there’s an issue with your LIGHTS, we’ll sort it out. Whether it’s sending new ones or REPAIRING and RESENDING them – we’ve got you covered!

    4. What height should wall lights be?

    The height of wall lights varies depending on the SPACE and APPLICATION. As a rule of thumb, they’re usually placed at EYE LEVEL, which is around 5 to 6 feet above the GROUND. But hey, don’t forget to CONSIDER FUNCTION and style for that perfect BALANCE!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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