Solar Trash Can Manufacturer

Leeline Energy emphasizes QUALITY as a SOLAR TRASH CAN manufacturer. Durable and long-lasting waste collection system that boosts CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

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Premium Solar Trash Can Features

Cloud based monitoring system to increase WASTE COLLECTION efficiency. High sales leads! 

Product location system:

GPS MAP location system with real-time connectivity to find bins in urban areas. Users search for a nearby solar-powered trash compactor conveniently. Transfer data of the waste collections to the city officials via wireless transmission. 

AUTO MOTION Sensor to detect bin’s fill level. Turn on the solar-powered compactors to make space in the trash can. Reduce operational costs through a GPS-based product location system for waste compaction.

Remote Monitoring features:

Automatically report failures and issues in the remote system. Helps users to reduce fuel consumption and enhance the collection frequency. Enter text on MONOCHROME BAR on the screen while checking real-time data. 

Optional WIRELESS SYNCHRONIZATION to manage it via many devices. Configurable PM 2.5 monitoring function, solar panels, and POWER SUPPLY. Enhance user experience while reducing manual effort. 

Long endurance:

6063-T5 quality ALUMINUM for enhanced DURABILITY of trash cans. 1.5~3mm wall thickness, making it reliable for all weather resistance. Tough and not deformed structure that lasts longer than others. 

UV LABEL printing on the structure is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Easy to assemble and disassemble novel structure. You get reviews on its DURABLE and safe trash removal longevity.   

Security functions:

Automatic door lock and anti-theft functions enhance its SECURITY. FAULT ALARM prompt to warn the users in case of any issue. Camera monitoring connections to keep an eye on the activities. Wireless option to support the camera operations. 

IC card and SCAN QR code for users and staff. Yet, in some models, you get FACE SCANNING and recognition functions. TRACK sanitation workers’ activities to increase operational efficiency. 

Suitable for many places:

Built-in LED lights run on solar energy, reducing carbon footprint. NIGHT lighting for user convenience during dark. The Wi-Fi router gives connectivity to users. 2~6pcs poster capacity for advertisement. 

Different capacity variations start from the 60L bin’s capacity on a 30 kg UNIT. Big Belly units for shopping malls, sports stadiums, transit stations, and public spaces. Diverse targeted options to increase your CUSTOMER AUDIENCE. 

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Solar Trash Can by Performance

Solar Power Dustbin Scrolling Advertising Light Box

160w/36v panel powers the bin light box that has 25~45w consumption. Designed product structure with paint adhesive inspection.

Big POSTER light box on the top with a 5mm tempered glass panel. Competitive edge over simple trash cans and increases your sales volume. 

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Solar Power Outdoor Litter Bin

Rectangular storage works for 15 hours after 10 hours of charging. The powder-coated surface protects it from corrosion and rust.

1.2mm METAL thickness protects it against deformation. Commercial Ad display that benefits BUSINESS. Long service life gets your PRODUCT a high reputation among competitors. 

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Solar Automatic steel trash can

High-density bins are perfect for compact and small spaces. Waterproof and anti-oxidant layers for safe trash collection. Foot Pedal Operations that helps in sustainability and recycling.

Free from bacterial, fungi, and insect damage. Different installation styles, including nailing, drilling, and plantation, save expensive costs.

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Solar-Powered Trash Sorting Can

Organized bucket designs collect more waste compared to non-compacting bins. Compaction mechanism REDUCING collection frequency. Large 1100 Liter capacity with intelligent waste sorting mechanism.

Fullness warning gives alarm beeps that notify staff of safe trash removal. Popular among customers due to the REAL-TIME compaction mechanism. 

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Advantages Of The Best Solar Trash Can Services



Test new PRODUCT launches without major inventory costs. Leverage the NO MOQ feature to expand PRODUCT LINE without financial pressure. Saves you expensive storage costs of BULK ORDERS. 

solar panel

Tailored solutions

We understand your unique BUSINESS and supply chain needs. Get customized and personalized solutions that match Business requirements. GROW BRAND popularity by meeting UNIQUE MARKET standards. 

Safety and Reliability

Reliable After-sale 

Priority-based REPLACEMENT, Refund, and claim case handling. Resolve your customer disputes in a short time to retain IMAGE. Gain a reputable Product image with customers’ trust. 

24/7 support 

We ensure you get all market updates and pricing news as fast as possible. Re-adjust your supply chain strategy anytime. Be Ahead of major market shifts to sustain your BRAND’s image.

Secured Payment channels

Pay via International Payment options with enhanced SECURITY protocols. Encrypted payment channels to safeguard Funds and BUSINESS information. 

Fast Shipping 

Deliver your solar powered bins through a mixed transportation strategy. Utilize the shortest land, sea, and air routes from our SMART route selection. Fast delivery to access MARKETPLACES in a short time. 

Creative Applications of Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels



Lighting a Home

Lighting a Home

Water Heating

Water Heating

Charging Devices

Charging Devices

Street Lights

Street Light

Precise production process

Bins are manufactured from High-quality steel or plastic. A sorting mechanism, TRACKING, and various optional features are installed in it. The WiFi router communicates information and exchanges real-time data from sensors. 

Solar panels are connected to it for a FUTURE ENERGY SOURCE. AFTER testing, it gets packed in customized packaging to ensure safety during shipping. Prevent product damage costs.

Smart waste solutions for B2B brands

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


CE, Rohs, and FCC-certified items to enhance your BRAND’s reputation. Potential customers get clear QUALITY status. More MARKET POPULARITY with trust! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Receive QUALITY audit REPORTS of production standards to ensure solar powered bins status. Free circulation to restricted markets by STANDARD COMPLIANCE. Avoid irresponsible CUSTOMER acquisition and RECALLS. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Proven track record of import handling to over 100 countries. Avoid lags and delays in supply chain as we optimize PRODUCTION and PROCESSING.

Keep fulfilling market demands to flourish your BUSINESS NON-STOP. 

One-stop Sourcing

Manage your many products and projects under a single solution. Complete handling from Product design and production to final packaging.

Cost-effective alternatives as a backup to meet bulk order demands instantly. More sales opportunities during the RUSH season! 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Navigate the BUSINESS journey with CONFIDENCE. We detect and neutralize potential risks before they harm the BUSINESS.

End-to-end FINANCIAL encryption to safeguard your sourcing funds. FORT-Knox level security to mitigate B2B scams and FRAUD risk.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Leeline Energy is your TRUE ally as a SOLAR TRASH can supplier. Receive priority-based delivery, processing, and inspection as our VALUED CLIENT. Capture the most MARKET SHARE! 

Standardized Procedure

Uniform designing, Production, and PACKAGING processes. Standardization helps to Save from recurring costs of many inspection needs. Integrate TIME-TESTED strategies to save BUSINESS resources. High business efficiency and PRODUCTIVITY. 

Custom Solutions

TAILORED solutions with Solar Trash Can CUSTOM designs. Add a WiFi router, recycling benefits, and other optional features. PERSONALIZATION and logo embedding increase BRAND recognition. High customer conversion rate from the LOYAL BRANDED audience

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We analyze customer preferences and your needs. Choose perfect QUALITY, quantity, features, and terms as per requirements.

Scale BUSINESS by making the right sourcing decisions. More growth chances! 

  • Supplier Management

An advanced system to evaluate supplier performance. Many inspections of solar toys to ensure their FUNCTIONALITY & Benefits. High PRODUCT reputation from CONSISTENT QUALITY! 

  • Contract Negotiation

The staff ensures you get reasonable SOLAR TRASH CAN Wholesale pricing. Ensure BUSINESS PROFITABILITY for sustainable growth. 

  • Order Management

Revolutionize your management with PRECISION, Speed, and reliability. Error-free processing from automated shipping labels and PRODUCT ID tracking. Avoid duplication of work or solar powered bins loss. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Complete shipping handling from SOLAR TRASH can factory to warehouse. We manage loading/unloading, trucking, storage, and CUSTOM PAPERWORK. Ensure you are safe from ISF penalties and FINES. 

  • Installation Support

Step-by-step installation guidebook for solar powered bins. Customers install them independently with DIY KIT and AUDIO & VIDEO instructions. Saves your expensive installation service and costs. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Flexible payment methods, including PayPal, T/T, and Payoneer. Choose the financial method that suits your preferences. FAST TRANSACTIONS to speed up brand launches. 

Western Union

B2B Solar Trash Cans at Wholesale Prices

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Trash Can Factory

Automated Production in our advanced manufacturing facilities. We integrate modern technology into your SOLAR TRASH CAN units. Up-to-date inventory to keep getting continuous sales from customers. 

Our Solar Trash Can Factory

packaging & shipping

Moisture and shockproof layers to keep safe and reduce PRODUCT breakage rate. Reliable shipping partners, including FedEx and USPS. Many delivery options to diversify the SHIPPING strategy. Stay within your budget and get great reviews! 

packaging & shipping

Wholesale Deals on Trash Cans – Enhance Your Brand’s Sustainability

Successful Project

Successful Project

Revolutionizing Waste Management: Solar Trash Cans for Wholesale and Installation Businesses

The Client had a WASTE management company. He was struggling to optimize garbage collection at the user end. And was looking for DURABLE bins for waste collection

Our staff understood his concern and started developing PRODUCT IDEAS. The main focus was the LONG service life and SOLAR Powered trash compactor mechanism. 

So we started for main design and showed him a demo. He wanted to experience a new SAMPLE for it, so the staff sent him samples. After detailed testing and observation, he asked for a little improvement. 

The main improvement area was the CIRCLE design, as it was easy to clean. Also, we added some EXTRA LED lights on it. Later on, his waste collection company’s BRAND logo got embedded in it. 

ADVANCE Manufacturing facilities completed PRODUCTION in 15 days. Post production inspection helped to filter out error-filled trash cans.

After that, we packed them in large wooden boxes. Solar panels were in separate packaging that had extra CUSHIONING LAYERS. It was to protect the PANEL surface during shipping. 

The client received them via FCL shipping. He was glad that these solar-powered trash compactor bins are long-lasting. Their staff see real-time data through installed SENSORS. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Leeline Energy has got me the quality SOLAR BINS I wanted. They helped me to achieve my SOURCING goals in a short time. Fast processing and end-to-end handling enhance my cost savings. I recommend working with them! 


I was struggling to maintain QUALITY in my inventory. My friend suggested that I approach Leeline Energy. They took over the supply chain and solved my issues in a few weeks. Now, I’m getting consistent quality without any supply chain issues.


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Trash Can

    How can we guarantee quality?

    We have different inspection and auditing processes. Get a pre-production sample before mass production to have a clear idea of QUALITY. Suggest improvement before placing the order. Final inspection before shipment solves remaining possible QUALITY ISSUES. 

    What’s the packing?

    It’s a mixed packaging focusing on both inner and outer layers. We use thick foam lining as the interior and strong plywood wooden boxes as the exterior. It ensures safety for export delivery.

    How long is the delivery time?

    Delivery time depends on your ORDER size and custom requirements. Generally aspect 15-20 days of lead time after receipt of payment. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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