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Elevate your projects with Leeline Energy’s BIPV Glass renewable energy solution. Your gateway to a competitive raw material supply chain. 

Secure premium BIPV glass at competitive prices. And ensure your customers with outstanding product performance every time. Reduce customer churn.

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Premium BIPV Glass Features

Leeline Energy helps you generate clean and renewable energy sources. You get profit margins and meet customer’s demands.

Precise Load-Bearing Capacity:

Designed to accommodate heavy loads while ensuring structural safety performance. Creating long-term stability and resilience in building facades. You reduce maintenance and replacement expenses throughout the installation’s lifespan.

High-Quality BIPV Glass at Unbeatable Prices:

Take the lead in offering high-quality BIPV glass at market-leading prices. Enabling businesses to access premium classic building materials without breaking their budget. You attract clients looking for affordable items. More profits to enjoy. 

Maximum Light Transmission:

Experience 95% clarity of our low-iron ultra-clear tempered BIPV Glass. Allowing the sun’s natural energy to pass through for maximum energy efficiency of 24%. You market this product easily without the need to spend on costly advertisements.

Simplified Structural Needs:

Improve safety by reducing the complexity of building structure elements. The glass design ensures easy transportation, installation, and maintenance. You reduce labor and time requirements and avoid expensive operational expenses.

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BIPV Glass by Material

BIPV Colored solar glass

BIPV Colored Solar Glass

Has a unique combination of high solar power generation and customizable colors. Your customers will love how many variations of color you can provide.

You meet your customer’s individual needs, enhancing your brand image.

BIPV sunguard glass

BIPV Sunguard Glass

This panel offers your customers enhanced indoor comfort. As It effectively bounces back the heat generated into the room. And provides insulation against cold exteriors.

You target a border customer base with its features. Watch your sales opportunities increase.

BIPV architectural glass

BIPV Architectural Glass

This architectural glass panel hard coating set’s it apart from other building integrated photovoltaics architectural glass and vitro architectural glass. It ensures high performance and longevity.

Making the glass more resistant to scratches, wear, or environmental factors. You decrease long-term maintenance costs, saving you time and money. 

BIPV Tempered Glass

Maintains a high level of visible light transmission while keeping radiation rates low. As well as allowing the sun’s natural energy to enter buildings.

These features contribute to efficiency in energy generation. Your business becomes the first option for customers looking to lower electricity bills.

Photovoltaic Skylight BIPV Glass

Photovoltaic Skylight BIPV Glass

Achieve superior thermal performance indoors with Photovoltaic Skylight BIPV Glass. Its solar filter guarantees better comfort and energy efficiency inside buildings.

Giving your business the competitive advantage for providing high-quality products.

Photovoltaic Curtain Wall BIPV Glass

Photovoltaic Curtain Wall BIPV Glass

This glass panel offers a maintenance-free solution. Its self-cleaning properties and durability reduce the need for frequent cleaning and upkeep.

Saving you time and resources for operational and labor costs.

Drive Efficiency, Boost Brand – Act Now for Wholesale Advantages!

Advantages Of The Best BIPV Glass Services

High Reliability

High Reliability

Our Glass Panels are designed for durability and longevity. Ensuring consistent, clean energy generation for residential and commercial buildings. On top of that, It has minimized micro-crack features. You avoid after-sale complaints with a product that’s built to last long-term.

Professional Glass Design Solutions

Professional Glass Design Solutions

Achieve professional and customized designed Solar Glass solutions. Helping your customers enhance their commercial building. Its excellent shading tolerance leaves a lasting impression on your customers. STRENGTHENING your market position.

Sourcing Expert

Sourcing Expert

Elevate your COMMERCIAL SUCCESS with Leeline Energy’s renewable energy source. From reliability and efficiency to brand enhancement and customer satisfaction. You access all your building integrated photovoltaic BIPV Glass needs in one place.

Premium Material

Premium Material

Guarantee premium Solar Cells crafted from the highest quality raw materials. Expect exceptional product performance, longevity, and energy efficiency. Your projects will shine with quality that endures in the long run. You enjoy LOW-MAINTENANCE REPAIRS.

Cost Saving Option

Long Term Cost Saving 

Our solar panels help reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%. You lower your energy consumption and cost. Allowing you to achieve a HIGH LEVEL of customer satisfaction.


Excellent After-Sales Service

You skip the worries about after-sales service. We help you quickly resolve customer concerns, technical issues, or product defects. You streamline your business operation and improve customer experience.

Creative Applications of BIPV Glass













Precise production process

Fully Automated Efficiency. We use automatic single-string machines and typesetting. Ensuring unmatched efficiency in our production process.

Seamless Interconnections. Interconnected and automatic laying techniques are now applied to the glass design. Guaranteeing precision and reliability in every step.

Robust Lamination. Our lamination process combines heat and pressure. Ensuring to create solar modules with unparalleled durability. Standing strong against the fiercest winds.

Visual Precision. Visual inspection ensures that every solar product

 meets our quality standards. Giving you confidence in your investments.

Adhesive Excellence. Our team uses automatic glue assembly. Delivering impeccable adhesion and product integrity.

Efficient Curing and Frustration. Our automatic curing and frustration processes optimize production timelines. Allowing you to always meet project deadlines.

Reliable Insulation and Voltage Testing. We focus on safety with comprehensive insulation and voltage tests. Guaranteeing dependable performance and peace of mind.

Streamlined Packaging. Now let’s proceed to streamline the packaging process. Automatic nameplate printing and automatic corner protection are now being created. Ensuring your solar panels arrive in pristine condition.

Optimize energy use, boost efficiency, and position your brand as an industry leader.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We maintain high-quality standards for our BIPV Glass products. Securing green building certifications. Like CE, ISO, TUV, and CGC. You avoid legal issues and penalties related to non-compliance.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Elevate trust in your BIPV Glass supply chain with our in-depth inspection report. Our meticulous factory audit process ensures transparency and reliability. Allowing you to retain long-term loyal customers and gain new ones. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

When you partner with us, you align your business with a trusted supplier. We provide premium building integrated photovoltaic BIPV products.

Enhancing your business reputation and brand. You ensure satisfied customers to BUY AGAIN AND RECOMMEND your BIPV Glass solutions. 

One-stop Sourcing

Our tailored sourcing approach simplifies your solar modules procurement. No more juggling with different suppliers. And the supply chain risks are shouldered by us.

So you improve your entire business PRODUCTIVITY. Helping you reach your business goals more efficiently.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We go beyond the standard to ensure a seamless supply chain. Our meticulous quality control and inspection processes. Lowers the risks related to your BIPV Glass Factory.

Confidently provide you with functional solutions. Free from any QUALITY CONCERNS.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We go extra mile to exceed your needs and expectations. Guarantee that all your BIPV customization requests are met.

Our advanced factories and technologies make that possible. In return, you get positive testimonials and recommendations. Attract new clients and scale your business fast. 

Standardized Procedure

Our team maintains standardized procedures for BIPV glass production. Our team provides consistent quality assurance in your factories.

So you get quicker project completion and delivery times as well. Allowing you to meet customer demands on time and stay ahead in the market. 

Custom Solutions

At Leeline Energy, we don’t just provide you with off-the-shelf solutions. We excel in creating custom solutions tailored to meet your long-term needs.

This flexibility gives you a distinct competitive edge in the world of solar modules. You reduce time on inefficient processes. And ensure that your solutions can scale with your business as it grows.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We tailor our product recommendations to your specific needs. Our experts help you make an informed decision in building integrated photovoltaic BIPV Glass solutions. You avoid making costly mistakes by investing in products with limited demand. 

  • Supplier Management

Leeline Energy spares you the time-consuming research of BIPV Glass suppliers. You avoid suppliers with subpar materials and those who cause production delays. Minimizing customer dissatisfaction. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Leverage our negotiation expertise to secure favorable terms with trusted solar Glass suppliers. You get competitive prices on your BIPV Glass wholesale purchases. Allowing you to offer affordable solutions to your customers.

  • Order Management

We guarantee streamlined processes that prevent you from overstocking and stockouts. Allowing you to maintain optimal inventory levels of solar Glass. In line with your daily and monthly orders. You reduced storage costs tied up in excess inventory.

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistical expertise expands your reach into international markets. Enhancing your delivery efficiency and widening your customer base. More profit for your BIPV Glass business.

  • Installation Support

Leeline Energy brings you 100% successful commercial installations. Video guides and tutorials are provided to minimize system malfunctions and downtime. Your customers trust your products more. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

We prioritize the security of your payments for BIPV Glass. You don’t need to worry when purchasing in bulk. Confident that your financial data is in safe hands.

Western Union

Wholesale excellence awaits – embark on a journey of energy transformation and brand success today!

Our Reliable Partners


Our BIPV Glass Factory

Our factory’s product expansion ensures a wider range of choices for your BIPV Glass. You guarantee high productivity in your daily operations. Get lower production costsfor your commercial buildings’ projects.

Our BIPV Glass Factory

packaging & shipping

Choose our reliable shipping partners for safe and on-time BIPV Glass deliveries. Such as DHL and FedEx. You get custom wooden boxes for extra module protection. Boosting your first-time impression to customers.

packaging & shipping

Explore the opportunities that await your brand and lead the way in energy innovation!

Successful Project

Successful Project

Photovoltaic Skylight BIPV Glass Installation in Kuwait

Mr. Timothy owns a leading five-star commercial building in Kuwait. He contacted us hoping for a solution to optimize his building’s energy efficiency. 

We’ve had discussions about his overall building envelope. We recommend our Photovoltaic Skylight BIPV Glass. Known for its optimized solar filter to reduce air conditioning costs.

This choice guaranteed better thermal performance inside his 4-story building. As a result, he experienced improved energy savings. Mr. Timothy was so happy and thankful for the transaction.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic BIPV Sunguard Glass Installation in India

Our client in India is a residential property developer. He aimed to provide year-round comfort and cost-saving solutions to their tenants. 

We recommended our BIPV Sunguard Glass as a solution. This innovative glass not only helps reflect indoor heat

into the room. But also forms a shield against the cold exterior. Perfect for any weather conditions. He agreed, and he was very grateful for the outcome.

Successful Project
What our customers say


Choosing Leeline Energy as our BIPV Glass supplier was the best investment. Their high-efficiency Glass transformed our product line. We’ve experienced an increase in our customer demand. Boosted our sales faster than we expected.


Leeline Energy’s solar industry expertise greatly impacted our supply chain. We witnessed remarkable sales growth in only two months. We even expanded our market reach internationally!


People Also Ask About BIPV Glass

How can I get the best price?

It’s very simple. Begin by researching various BIPV Glass manufacturers. Create a list of at least three so you have better options. Next, request a quotation. Compare and contrast to see which one offers the most competitive pricing. 

Where can I wholesale BIPV glass?

You have two options. It’s either from B2B Online Marketplaces or from your local suppliers. Both options offer a vast network of building integrated photovoltaic BIPV Glass. But if you want an all in one trusted supplier, I recommend Leeline Energy. They got everything you need to start your solar energy business.

Which BIPV glass has better efficiency?

The BIPV tempered glass ranks at the top when it comes to efficiency in renewable power generation. It’s ability to reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Lowers your electricity bills over time. 

Does a BIPV glass work in cold countries?

Yes, there are BIPV  glasses that are designed to work well in cold countries. Some of these solar cells have snow load capacities of up to 5400 pa. But, they might need to be more efficient in energy generation. Since they are less exposed to the sun’s natural light.

How do you pack the BIPV glass?

First, we apply for a protected film and edge protection. Next, we pack them one by one. We only use premium packaging materials such as wooden boxes and pallets. Ensuring they reach you without damage.

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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