450w Solar Panels Manufacturer

LEELINE ENERGY is an industry-leading 450w solar panels supplier in the GREEN ENERGY space. We have unbeatable expertise in sustainable solar panels products. 

We provide multiple supply chains, which helps increase profits while implementing cutting-edge technology. Let’s partner up and create a BETTER FUTURE!

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Premium 450w Solar Panels Features

These 450-watt solar panels, with their HIGH POWER OUTPUT, are small but mighty.

PID resistance: These super impressive 450-watt MONOCRYSTALLINE solar panels have PID resistance. They can brave the HARSHEST of weather without breaking a sweat. They WON’T degrade easily.So, you will be your customers’ top choice!

Higher power output: This solar panel is a true POWERHOUSE. Plus, it’s super efficient. It boasts an impressive 22.3% efficiency rate when it comes to generating electricity. With their HIGH EFFICIENCY and POWER OUTPUT, you get unbeatable product efficiency ensuring that your customers TRUST you!

High energy yield: It has these cool 12bb solar cells that are all about that HIGH ENERGY YIELD. Translation? It’s gonna generate a heck load of electrical power And give you PERFORMANCE. This will build better customer rapport!

Strong frame: The frame material, made with a SUPER STRONG anodic aluminum alloy, is like a tank. The panels won’t break easily. So, you will get low maintenance cost, and good reviews by customers.

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Advantages Of The Best 450w Solar Panels

weather resilience

Severe weather resilience

This solar panel can put a beat down on SEVERE WEATHER. So they can handle storms and EXTREME TEMPERATURES like a breeze. Suitable even for off-grid uses. So you can install it in most places and know it will still serve you.

customer value

High customer value

These 450-watt solar panels bring HIGH-PERFORMANCE and deliver some serious power output. And the best part? Your customers will find themselves coming back to your business and recommending their friends.

Easy to install

Easy to install

Want Hassle-free installation? This baby has you covered. The 450-watt monocrystalline panel is designed to be SMALL and EASY to install. You save time and energy when installing the panels.

quality assurance

First-class quality assurance

Our solar panels have FIRST-CLASS quality assurance. So don’t fuss! You can rest assured knowing your customers are getting nothing but the BEST.


Customized service

Need help to pick a COMPATIBLE PANEL for your business or customers? Don’t fret! You’ll have EASY access to our team. So your customers can shop with confidence!


High-density packaging

Don’t sweat it! Our solar panels are packed up nice and tight in HIGH-DENSITY PACKAGING. So when they’re on the move, you can relax knowing they’ll arrive SAFE and SOUND, with no damage guaranteed!

A Wide Range of Applications

solar for camping

Solar for Camping

Household Electricity

Solar for Roof

Solar for Farms

Solar for Farms

solar for pools

Solar for Pools

Street Lights

Street Lights

solar for cars

Solar for Cars

450w Solar Panels Production Line

1. Chop ’em up: We manufacture the 450w solar panels by first slicing those SILICON INGOTS into thin wafers.

2. Solar cell magic: The WAFERS are cleaned and processed to become shiny solar cells.

3. Stringing it along: Those solar cells are joined in SERIES to create strings.

4. Module assembly time: Then they are mounted on a FRAME and connected with ELECTRICAL stuff.

5. All wrapped up: A PROTECTIVE layer is put on the assembled modules through LAMINATION.

6. Test drive checkup: The company then runs some TESTS to make sure quality standards are met.

7. Good vibes package! After we manufacture solar panels of 450w, the modules get all PACKED up for shipping in a pallet!

8. On their way home! The panels hit the road and head straight to YOU!

Product Parameters

Back ColourWhite, Black
TypeIP68 Ralated/Pass The TUV
Junction BoxPerc, Half Cell, Bifacial, Double-Glass, All Black  IP68 Ralated/Pass The TUV
Panel Efficiency22.3%
LifespanMore Than 30 Years
Solar Cell12bb, 210*210mm
Product NameBacksheet Monocrystalline Module
Frame ColorBlack
Frame MaterialAnodic Aluminium Alloy
OEM OrderAcceptable
Front GlassHigh Transparency Temperd G
Packaging Details31 Pieces/Pallet
Transport PackageWooden Box and Pallet Packing
TrademarkBR SOLAR
OriginJiangsu, China(Mainland)
HS Code8541402000
Production Capacity60000 Pieces/Year

Illuminate your brand’s wholesale success with 450W solar panels. Boost your business with cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions. Partner with us for a brighter, eco-friendly future!


We’ve even got fancy certifications like TUV, CE, PID(Mono), & PID(Poly). These prove that your business is the real deal! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our top priority is making sure our products are SAFE and HIGH-QUALITY. Plus, we’re all about building a COOL brand while keeping risks and complaints at bay.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re the team you can COUNT ON. With TEN years in the sourcing game, we’ve got this down pat. Our crew knows their stuff and will deliver EXACTLY what you need, like PROS. Trust us; our B2B business is NOT a one-time thing. 

Those affordable 450w solar panels WON’T cause any problems under our watchful eye! You get reliable factories for LONG TERM cooperation and business. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

FORGET juggling suppliers for 450w solar panels! We’ve got you covered, SAVING TIME and hassle. Our EXPERTISE lets us know factories INSIDE OUT while putting your needs FIRST. 

Get ready for top-notch products that satisfy EVERYONE – all in one place. Let’s build a long-term relationship with low costs to boot!

Sourcing Agent

safe business

Reduce Transaction Risk

Do you want those 450w solar panels? Don’t sweat; we’ve got your product TRANSACTIONS covered! We’re all about MINIMIZING RISKS and ensuring it’s a breeze for you. Quality checks? Check. Order follow-ups? No problemo!

Forget delivery delays, transportation costs, scams, or factory lies. TRUST US every step of the way – stress-free shopping is guaranteed!


Shipped Worldwide


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Production Capacity

How We Work?


Our mission is to give you the BEST service and support possible. Your needs are our TOP PRIORITY, so we’re all about solving problems from YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Bet on us for QUALITY products and EXCELLENT services.

Plus,you get a long-term partnership you can trust. You will get 450w solar panels knowing that your NEEDS are taken care of.



We have our own SERVICE PROCESS. We use this to source green technology products like 450w solar panels! It is all about being PROFESSIONAL and RELIABLE at every step. 

So you expect top-notch service and quality, no matter the project or request. Our goal? Making sure you’re always HAPPY with what we bring to the table!


When it comes to 450w solar panels, we’ve got you covered. We aim to UNDERSTAND what floats your boat and CUSTOMIZE solutions just for you. No cookie-cutter stuff here! 

Our top priority is ensuring EVERY CUSTOMER leaves happy with results that rock. You win with a partner that understands you!


Our Payment

You have multiple SECURE payment methods that offer FLEXIBILITY and peace of mind. These methods include traditional options like credit cards and bank transfers. And we also allow digital wallets such as PayPal. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

We are here to SUPPORT YOU! How, you ask? Here are six ways you can count on us:

Demand Assessment. When it comes to 450w solar panels, rest easy. We’ll HELP YOU figure out the nitty-gritty DETAILS like specs, quantities, and quality. Plus, we’ll do some detective work on the market and competition

Supplier Management. We’ll help you pick the BEST 450w solar panels suppliers, evaluate their performance, and keep an eye on things. Trust us to make your business EASIER in this biz journey by building supply chain relationships!

Contract Negotiation. We’ll take the HASSLE out of contracts! We’ll negotiate, draft, and review terms to ensure the legal and fair. Just LEAVE it to us – consider your 450w solar panels transactions in GOOD hands!

How We Support You?

Order Management. Rest easy. We’ve got your orders covered from START to FINISH! From confirmation and tracking to changes and cancellations, timely delivery is our priority. Plus, we’ll keep an eye on quality – inspecting and testing products to meet your standards. 

Logistics Coordination. No worries, we have that SAFETY FACTOR. We’ll get your solar panels stuff from point A to point B on time and safely.

Installation Support. We’ve got step-by-step guides, videos, and live support to help you set up your 450w solar panels. Plus, we threw in an installation package for added ease. So you know you have backup when installing the panels!

Catapult your brand into the future with 450W solar panels. Elevate your wholesale business with sustainable solutions. Partner with us for a powerful combination of innovation and success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of 450w Solar Panels

Our factory is legit BIG, giving us a huge advantage and street CRED with customers. You get top-notch products like 450w solar panels at wholesale.


Packing & Delivery

Our CUSTOM wooden boxes keep things SAFE during shipping. And with DHL and FedEx on our side, you can trust us to deliver on time. Plus, your business will deliver on time using  450w solar panels wholesale export ports.


Successful Project


63 sets of 20KW solar commercial system in chad: 

We hook our clients up with sustainable energy products. An example is HASSAN, a trader from Chad. We got him 63 badass sets of 20W commercial solar systems for a GOVERNMENT project. 

Boom! Now they’ve got reliable, efficient power that’s eco-friendly and won’t break the bank. We know how to deliver the goods! At least, that’s what HASSAN told us.

200kw solar power system kit for hotel use in Papua New Guinea:

We also hooked up Mr. Philip and Mr. Francis in Papua New Guinea with a new soalr system. It was a 200kw solar power system for their off-grid hotel project! Now they’re rocking sustainable energy to run the whole place. Even those air conditioners and motor machines.

What our customers say


Your team went the extra mile to make sure everything was smooth sailing. From start to finish, you made my experience a breeze. Highly recommend LEELINE ENERGY services!


LEELINE ENERGY totally rocked our project! Their expertise and support helped us find the perfect solar power setup. They met all our energy needs, we’re stoked and highly recommend them!


People Also Ask About 450w Solar Panels

1. Are solar panels in hotter places more efficient than solar panels in other, cooler temperatures?

Solar panels are all about that sweet spot of MODERATE temperatures. They might lose some oomph when it’s scorching hot.

2. Are solar panels worth the investment?

Solar panels are totally worth the hype, dude! They’ll slash your electricity bills and amp up your property’s value. Plus, they give Mother Earth some love with clean energy.

And guess what? With all those cool tech advancements and government incentives flying around these days, they won’t even break the bank. Score!

3. What is the average sun exposure on solar panels?

Solar panels soak the sun for about 4-5 solid hours daily. But hey, they’re flexible! The amount of sunlight they get depends on where you’re at, what season it is, and how the weather is.

4. Which are the 3 best solar panels in India?

The following are the best three best solar panels in India: Super 400 Series By Waaree, Tata Solar 160 MW monocrystalline PV module & Waaree Aditya Series WSD 325 to 350.

5. How long does it take to install solar panels in Pittsburgh, PA?

The time it takes to get those solar panels up and running in Pittsburgh, PA, depends on how big and complex you want to go. It usually takes about 1-3 days for a regular setup.

Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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