Portable Battery Power Station Supplier

Our portable battery power station factory builds your brand with OEM/ODM capabilities. Saves your PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT time, money, and effort. Reduce your production and operational costs to make your products competitive. 

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Premium Portable Battery Power Station Features

Our personalization staff gets you an embedded logo and CUSTOMIZATION. Enhanced PRODUCT IMAGE to drive you more sales. 

Fast charging:

X-STREAM 940W AC to charge 0~100% in 70 Mins. Other input options are a 12/24V Car charger, 100W USB C, and SOLAR CHARGING. Different charging speeds on different models and versions. 

220W Solar generator input takes 4.5 hours for 0~100% charge. Keep the user’s gear powered for a long time with AC outlet options. Prompt power bank Increases user satisfaction

LED lighting and SOS functions:

Best survival gear with in-built LED, including different working modes. SOS functions improve its reliability during survival emergencies. Fanless heat dissipation to quiet down to 30dB

Portable and lightweight, from 13.2 kg to 17 kg. In our factory, we get the lightest weight outer shells with durability. More sales, unlike larger models, as customers prefer smaller model units.

Build-in A GRADE cell:

Quality lithium-ion battery, including MPPT controller for consistent power output. 3000 full 100% cycles last for 9.6 years until it drops to 80%. Advanced digital algorithm Integrated into Battery management system. 

Address Durability concerns through the structure of Aluminium Ally+ABS PC V0 Fireproof. Full protection and durability in extreme conditions. Sealed structure testing to ensure you don’t receive humidity issue complaints. 

Seamless Installation:

Control and monitor the system function status through the app. Users see charging levels, power supply tracking, and many more. EPS auto switch in less than 30 ms to keep appliances running. 

Users customize how much power should be used in each timeframe. Customized configurations save energy with POWER USAGE control. Attract more customers!

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Portable Battery Power Station by Materials

lithium portable power station

Large 1008WH battery for long power supply during a power outage. 1200W peak power capacity for higher-wattage appliances.

AESTHETIC design with a Multi-port interface appeals to customers. Wireless Charging and Cigar Lighters get your PRODUCT more customers’ attention.

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lifepo4 portable power station

SOC display shows its remaining power percentage with system function statuses. Aviation-grade aluminum alloy shell to protect it against harsh calamities.

A durable outer shell, including waterproofing for outdoor activities. Sell confidently in high HUMIDITY regions without fearing returns and rejections. 

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Portable Battery Power Station by Watts

500W Portable Battery Power Station

Pure sine wave AC output at 50Hz/60Hz Frequency to provide STABLE CURRENT. 110V/220V±3% Voltage and 2000W Surge power for a variety of items.

Power emergency items to high-voltage camping gear like a fridge. Easy handling of 6.5kg weight makes its WORD-OF-MOUTH popular. 

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1000W Portable Battery Power Station

Small in size but comes in a full kit alongside portable solar panels. Two charging methods of 1048Wh capacity, either solar generators or AC adaptors.

We ensure each power socket has a protection cover. Water and DUST proofing protection reduce MAINTENANCE requirements. SAVES you from professional maintenance service.

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Meet Growing Energy Needs with Our Top-Tier Battery Stations!

Advantages Of The Best Portable Battery Power Station Services

99% Customer Praise

99% customer praise

Sustainable portable power stations with high quality enhance the user’s experience. Build a Reliable PRODUCT image via quality, inspection, and certifications. You get a positive response from them, leading to a HIGH PRODUCT VALUE. 

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable quotation

Let us know your budget, product requirements, and specifications for quotation. Plan your sourcing effectively by reasonable quotation. Prevent the risk of overcharging and financial stress.  


Professional Customization

Skilled product design experts help you with customization in our  RESEARCH LAB. Create unique and best portable power stations through DESIGN EXPERTS. Build a brand with the help of personalization to attract customers.


Advanced equipment

Integrating advanced equipment shortens your lead time. You won’t have to deal with slow production lines that lead to delays and errors. Save rework costs and time and effort to invest in BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. 

Best after-sale service

Best after-sale service

Strengthen your customer relationship with our technical and warranties support. Solve customer disputes in a second to convert them into a loyal audience.  Prevent reputational damages by mishandling after-sale disputes. 

fast shipping

fast shipping

Prompt transportation at discounted rates. Supervised handling to reduce PRODUCT DAMAGE RATE. We deliver your goods to versatile regions and ZONES. Expand your Business beyond borders through us!

Creative Applications of Portable Battery Power Station





Lighting a Home

Lighting a Home



Washing Machine

Washing Machine



Precise production process

Faster production and testing of battery life in AUTOMATIC FACILITY. We ensure they have GRADE A cells for long endurance. 

Strong and sealed BUILT structure to resist humidity and harsh calamities. You get POSITIVE feedback on built quality, especially on outdoor usage. Gets you STRONG PRODUCT IMAGE for referral sales without marketing expenses.

Capitalize on the Latest in Energy Technology – Stock Our Power Stations Now!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Internationally recognized certifications enhance your CREDIBILITY. We got you CE, RoHS, and UN38.3-certified PRODUCTS. Prevent customer recalls and irresponsible acquisition to protect your brand’s IDENTITY. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Receive QUALITY inspection reports of each inventory unit. Detailed testing of solar generators, battery capacity, and watt hours confirmation. Build your BRAND’s foundation on QUALITY and usability. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We have extensive BRAND BUILDING exposure in INTERNATIONAL markets. Our skilled staff understand which Portable Battery Power Station type performs better. 

You get newer version units and improved designs at competitive pricing. Increase chances of your SUCCESS while working alongside TOP manufacturing experts.

One-stop Sourcing

Mitigate your SOURCING operation hassle through us!  Our staff looks after each PROCESS from Product design to final shipment processing. 

You receive your Portable Battery Power Station sourcing updates on many channels. Invest your saved time in customer acquisition for PROMPT BUSINESS development.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Prevent B2B scams and fraud while sourcing in a secured environment. Detailed auditing and inspection of Portable Battery Power Station manufacturers. We do raw material, Production speed, and Final quality inspection. 

Avoid click-and-bait scams by ordering confirmation service. Our staff ensures you are getting the promised quality and quantity. Save your BUSINESS from replacement costs and quality scams. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Our main priority is your SATISFACTION & profitability. Automated production in our HIGH TECH facilities to reduce costs. Become profitable through our Portable Battery Power Station wholesale price. You get higher PROFIT MARGIN on your PRODUCT offerings alongside high customer inflow. 

Standardized Procedure

Automate your SOURCING through top-notch equipment. FAST MANUFACTURING and inspection on the standardized production line. You get low production costs and a short lead time. Launch your Portable Battery Power Station prior to competitors to get more sales.

Custom Solutions

Outstand your BRAND in crows through our Portable Battery Power Station CUSTOM. Alternate their power sources option or outlet walls to enhance their usability. Unique BRNAD IMAGE that emphasizes customer problem-solving.  You get a dedicated and loyal audience by addressing their concerns. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

RECEIVE sales trends and PRODUCTION costs assessment. Decide Portable Battery Power Station models & features and quantity for optimal costs.

Make your PRODUCTION profitable by making informed sourcing choices. 

  • Supplier Management

We evaluate your supplier performance for uncompromised quality. Inspect their processes and monitor their production.

Ensures on-time production of Portable Battery Power Station to avoid delays. Serve your customers without any issues. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Favorable negotiation on your behalf to solve sourcing disputes in a short time. Achieve a stable Portable Battery Power Station supply chain via ournegotiations. Better Pricing to enhance enterprise profitability. 

  • Order Management

We inspect and ensure each PRODUCT box’s DESIGN. Optimized packaging design to avoid empty spaces between boxes.

Reduce the Portable Battery Power Station’s dimensional weight for low transportation costs. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Integrated transportation system, including shipment tracking. We get you low-cost transportation deals to save operational costs.

Fast shipping of Portable Battery Power Station to increase your CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

  • Installation Support

We get you 24/7 TECHNICAL support in case of any installation issues. A detailed STEP-by-STEP manual of Portable Battery Power Station. Address customer issues in guides to save your expensive customer care time. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Flexible Payment options to give you a wide choice. Widely used payment channels, so you won’t have to create new ones. Avoid the extensive hassle of new financial account opening. 

Western Union

Transform Your Business Offerings with Advanced Battery Power Solutions!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Portable Battery Power Station Factory

Our large Portable Battery Power Station factory has AUTOMATED processing. EFFECTIVELY handles large and bulk shipments without production errors. Save customer rejections of products due to QUALITY faults. 

Our Portable Battery Power Station Factory

packaging & shipping

Fast shipping with many shipping modes to all regions and continents. Strong, impact & vibration-resistant packaging and moisture-proof layers. Reduce Product damage rate during transportation and avoid replacement costs. 

Packing & Delivery

Elevate Your Product Line with Our High-Performance Portable Power Stations!

Successful Project

Successful Project

Power Unleashed: How Our Portable Battery Power Stations Are Transforming the Wholesale and Installation Industry

We got a request from a small community building owner. He wanted to convert his building to SOLAR POWER. His main priority was to lower the ENERGY bills to increase his margin in rent. 

Our team visited them and gave him a detailed assessment. The main goal was to get him a high-efficiency system in low space. We got him 400W solar panels along with a HYBRID STORAGE system. 

The system shifts the energy source during power outages to off-grid storage. We got him a 10kWh battery storage system. It had a smart BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to balance voltages and current.

Solar panel efficiency was almost 22% to 25%. Yet we ensure the mounting frame has a sun tracking system to harvest the most sunlight. So, during Sunlight, it constantly generates more energy by adjusting its position. 

Plus, we added some solar glass on the south-facing view of the window. It has a large parking area so our expert gave us ideas about SOLAR CANOPIES. We DESIGNED them especially to cover more car areas during customization. 

The inverter shows its charging status, whether it is fully charged or not. Now, his building was getting consistent electricity via one big upfront investment. We choose long-lasting LITHIUM batteries instead of ACID LEAD batteries. 

Now, he does not have to pay for electricity bills. Most people are happy in the community due to an uninterrupted power supply. You reduce the dependency on the MAIN grid and save extra money via our systems. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Leeline Energy’s staff is very professional and cooperative. I source home backup storage solutions from them. No doubt in their quality and effectiveness. My customer also gave a positive review on my online shop. You should work for them for such same outcomes! 


Thanks to the staff of Leeline Energy for saving my BRAND. My customers were complaining about POWER BACKUP. It was due to low-quality batteries in my power stations. But leeline energy changed this perspective. NOW they last longer and have some extra customization, too.


Leave us a message and we will get back to you

    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Portable Battery Power Station

    How to guarantee the quality of your products? 

    We have a Strict QUALITY control to detect faults/errors during production. Later, our staff ensures detailed inspection before shipment to filter out low-quality items. You receive premium quality protective packaging for both smaller and larger units. 

    What is your lead time for the mass production?

    It depends on various factors like payment date and sample confirmation. As a leading Portable Battery Power Station supplier, we automated our production. On average, you expect 25-30 days for mass production after complete order confirmation. 

    When can I find tracking information on the internet?

    You find the tracking information two days after dispatching the order. TRACK your best portable power station units through third-party or partner sites. Our dedicated resource also gets your tracking and sourcing progress updates. 

    Should I get a LiFePo4 portable power station or Li-ion?

    Li-ion batteries have higher energy density with low cost. LiFePO4 is safer and has a longer cycle life alongside current stability. The choice depends on requirements but discuss with our experts for DEMAND ASSESSMENT. 

    How to find reliable, long-term, lasting battery power stations?

    Use our product hunting service, where we test many portable power stations. You get a SAMPLE INSPECTION report on solar panels and other portable power stations. Make an informed decision with output wattage, input wattage, and battery type. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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