240v Inverter Manufacturer

Turning up to SUSTAINABLE energy? That is the BEST IDEA ever!! And Leeline Energy is the BLOCKBUSTER of this decade. It is a dedicated TEAM of solar SOLUTION experts dealing with 240v inverter SUPPLIERS. We come up with the RIGHT DEALS. And never LET your business go down!! 

Trust us— your BUSINESS never looks BACK with exponential growth!

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Premium 240v Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is a PIONEER of GREEN energy solutions. You get access to REQUIRED VOLTAGE, power, and DESIGNS of solar tools!! 

Built-in MPPT

We know how IMPORTANT it is to have the MAXIMUM solar power TRACKING. Don’t worry; we have it in our SOLAR power inverter. Built-in MPPT helps you TRACK the power. Charging EFFICIENCY is a game-changing point here. You get 20-30% FASTER charging. 

It relieves the PAIN OF INVESTING bucks for your consumers. And gives your BUSINESS a LINEAR track to ATTRACT new consumers. 

Integrated Function

Now we have INTEGRATED the BATTERIES and made up a BETTER control. How? Our modified SINE WAVE inverter has BMS link communication technology. It is a DREAM CHARGE CONTROLLER. No overcharging and UNDERCHARGING with automated systems. 

Your customers don’t have to WORRY about the decreasing BATTERY performance. Your BUSINESS emerges on the TOP for durable modified sine wave inverter solutions! 

Attractive design

Not only TECHNOLOGY but also DESIGN. Nothing goes out of OUR SIGHTS. Our lithium battery has a COMPACT design. Plus, the smooth button setting is your BEST FRIEND

With OEM services, you can TURN out to be a SOLAR GIANT in the industry. And raise your BUSINESS sales to NEVER-SEEN levels EVER! 

Intelligent management

NO MORE DAYDREAMING for innovative technology as we have made it REALITY now. Our BMS management controls the CHARGING systems. Plus, they OPTIMIZE AC electricity output. 

It IMMENSELY decreases the BURDEN for manual efforts for optimizing performance. This is a colossal chance to REVOLUTIONIZE the solar inverters wholesale market. And keep your NAME on the TOP of the list.

Safety approval

One thing we ENSURE— SAFETY of the customers. Don’t believe in it Until you find the USER-FRIENDLY designs of our DC input VOLTAGE inverter. No more HASSLE for the dust removal. Built-in OPTIMAL cooling pre-wired system.

Your customers get a BADASS pure SINE WAVE INVERTER SYSTEM. And pour more CONSUMERS into the business by referring others.

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Advantages Of The Best 240v Inverter Services

Production Equipment

Automatic Equipment

We know how COMPETITIVE the solar market is. But it is NO Longer as AUTOMATED equipment is the ultimate solution. You get a NON-STOP supply with short lead times. And never lose consumers due to LOW stock. 

High Efficiency & Designs

Custom Solar Designs

Harness the FULL FLEDGED customization opportunity from Leeline Energy. We help you PURCHASE desired INPUT and output voltage inverters. It fetches DIVERSITY for your solar brand. And raises your PROFITS by launching lucrative MODIFIED SINE wave inverters. 


Worldwide Market

Don’t just FOCUS selling in your local market. Our certifications and SUPERIOR quality 240-volt power inverter are a GOLDEN ticket worldwide. Believe me—it brings a NEW WAVE of global consumers. 


24/7 customer support

Got a PROBLEM? Let’s resolve it TOGETHER with our Expert solar power Inverter team. Our team is available 24/7. You provide EXCELLENT customer service to consumers. And make your BUSINESS a SYMBOL of Trusted POWER inverter SOLUTIONS.

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Trustworthy transportation

No matter where you live, we guarantee two things. TIMELY shipping with 100% SAFETY. Your customers receive pure sine wave INVERTER products in one piece. It is time to tackle the customer complaint!! 

Strong supply capacity

Trusted Supplier

Our dealings are ONLY with the VERIFIED suppliers. Plus, we ensure 240v supplier COMPLIES with SOLID-ROCK quality power inverter solutions. Your CUSTOMERS always smile when buying products. And KEEP TRUST in your business dealings. 

A Wide Range of Applications



field power supply

Field Power Supply

solar farm

Solar Farm







240v Inverter Production Line

Our production line comes up with INNOVATIVE WAYS to assemble components. And brings up the TOP-NOTCH solar inverter manufacturing. It kicks off the COMPETITION. And makes your BRAND more reputable. 

Product Parameters

ModelBS4 -3.6kwBS4-4.2kwBS4 -6.2kw
Maximum PV Input Power6200W6200W6500W
Rated Output Power3600W4200W6200W
Maximum Solar Charging Current120A140A120A
On-grid operation
PV Input(DC)
Nominal DC Voltage/Maximum DC Voltage360V DC/500V DC
Start-up Voltage/lnitial Feeding Voltage90V DC/120V DC
MPPT Voltage Range90V DC -450V DC
Number of MPPT Trackers/Maximum Input Current1/27A
Nominal Output Voltage220/230/240V AC
Output Voltage Range195.5 -253V AC
Nominal Output Current15.7A18.2A27A
Power Factor>0.99
Feed-in Grid Frequency Range49~51±1Hz
Maximum Conversion Efficiency(DC/AC)98%
Full Load3600W4200W6200W
Maximum Main Load3600W4200W6200W
Maximum Second Load(battery mode)1200W1400W2067W
Main Load Cut Off Voltage22V DC22V DC44V DC
Main Load Return Voltage24V DC24V DC48V DC
AC Start-up Voltage/Auto Restart Voltage120-140V AC/180V AC
Acceptable Input Voltage Range90-280 V AC or 170-280V AC
Maximum AC Input Current30A30A40A
Nominal operating frequency50/60Hz
Surge power7200W8400W12400W
Nominal Output Voltage220V/230V/240V AC
Output WaveformPure sine wave
Efficiency(DC to AC)94%
Nominal DC Voltage24V DC24V DC48V DC
Maximum Solar Charging Current120A140A120A
Maximum AC Charging Current100A100A100A
Dimension,D X W X H(mm)420*310*110
Net Weight(kgs)101111
Communication PortRS232/WIFI/GPRS
Operating Temperature-10-50℃

Take your brand to the next level with our high-quality 240V inverters. Contact us today to discuss wholesale pricing and how we can power your business’s growth.


Leeline Energy OFFERS SOME certificates like FCC, TUV, CE, and RoHS. You’ll get a GREEN SIGNAL for entry into GLOBAL MARKET. And enjoy PERKS of an International BRAND! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We deep dive into the 240v INVERTER factory. Check their EQUIPMENT quality. Monitor modified sine wave inverter PRODUCTION process. And PREPARE A REPORT. You ensure a BETTER PRODUCT safety. And build a PROFESSIONAL credibility of your brand.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We have THOUSANDS of 240-volt inverter deals under our BELT!! You’ll be SURPRISED to know the SUCCESS RATE—100%. It is UNBELIEVABLE, But customers got the RELIABLE 240v inverter wholesale. Say GOOD-BYE to low-quality inverter solutions. 

Our trustworthy SUPPLIERS support you till the END. And let you SOAR SALES in the solar industry. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Enough dealing with the PESKY suppliers. Don’t struggle too much because we will SAVE the day for you. Our one-STOP sourcing team NAVIGATES FASTER. Handles all your 240v inverter SUPPLIERS under one COVER. And perform QUALITY checks to grab FLAWLESS QUALITY. You don’t have to WORRY about warehousing and shipping as well. 

Ignite Unlimited GROWTH potential with our one-stop sourcing services!

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

It is our GUARANTEE— we won’t let SCAMMERS steal your money. Our team acts QUICKLY. It takes a LOOK at all 240v inverter manufacturers to CLOSE the BEST deal. We SCRUTINIZE the TRANSACTION safety. Plus, your DELIVERY is always on time TO KEEP your business alive. 

Your customers START trusting your BUSINESS. And BECOME loyal as you are sheltering them from B2B scams.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

To be HONEST, we treat you like our BOSS. Attentive listening and CAREFUL evaluation of your business is our PRIORITY. We think from VARIOUS perspectives. And land WORLD-CLASS quality. 

Leeline Energy TEAM GOES to the FAR END for your 240v INVERTER wholesale. And let you FILL your pockets with INCREASED business revenue! 

standardized procedure

In SOURCING solar inverter suppliers, we apply our EXPERTISE. Trust our TEAM—we work according to STANDARDIZED processes. Get the TOP-LEVEL Input VOLTAGE inverter. 

It makes your BRAND more trusted. And let you enjoy STELLAR GROWTH due to ULTIMATE expertise and exposure to devoted consumers. 

custom solutions

Your consumers are Important to you, right? So you are to us. Our TEAM gets the REALISTIC demands for your 240-volt inverter solutions. Ensure the SAME specs. And goes one-STOP ahead to get PREMIUM solar inverters. 

You SUFFICE NEEDS of your consumers. And skyrocket your BRAND SATISFACTION by 100%. 

Our Payment

Multiple payments like PayPal, Bank transfer, or credit cards alleviate your problems. We’ve MADE safety as a priority. Avoid the RISKS of theft of BANK INFORMATION with our safe transactions

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We are the GUIDE for you. Assess your DEMANDS for the AC output inverters. And get you PREFERRED quality, quantity, and features of SOLAR INVERTERS. One MORE THING. We offer EXPERTS’ market analysis. There is a 100% SUCCESS guarantee as you launch ONLY lucrative inverters. 

  • Supplier Management

Keep the EXTRA BURDEN off. Let us handle all your 240v inverter SUPPLIERS. We will monitor their performance from TIME TO TIME and scan the QUALITY of the solar inverter. You save MORE TIME. And focus on your BUSINESS marketing and promotion

  • Contract Negotiation

One thing is for SURE. No LONG-WINDED contracts will increase your headache. Our legal TEAM takes an audacious entry into the arrangements. And provides a SEAMLESS experience with legal agreements. Relax YOURSELF more and focus on the CUSTOMER ACQUISITION for better revenue

  • Order Management

Let us handle your ORDER MANAGEMENT. We help you CONFIRM, track, and accept changes in 240v inverter wholesale on time. Plus, we ENSURE the TROUBLESOME supply chain risks. You enjoy REDUCED operational costs as our EXPERTS take the whole operation professionally.  

  • Logistics Coordination

The Connected LOGISTIC team is SUPER FAST. It receives the SOLAR inverters ORDER DETAILS. Prepare shipping labels. And ship products on time to ensure the TIMELY delivery. You get REAL-TIME TRACKING. You don’t have to LOSE any more consumers due to late shipping

  • Installation Support

We do not just PROVIDE but also HELP install. You get DETAILED VIDEOS and phone help linked with Remote GUIDANCE. It helps your consumers install SAFELY with extra COSTS. And keep your Solar BUSINESS as a TOP bias for THEM. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 240v Inverter Factory

Our 240v inverter FACTORY is NOTHING less than a POWERHOUSE in the town. It BEATS in the efficiency game. And produces SUPERIOR 240v inverters wholesale with 100% ACCURACY. Your consumers will TURN their HEADS to your top-QUALITY inverters firsthand. It MAKES UP more business for you BY GENERATING more sales. 

inverter factory

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Liquefy all your TENSIONS about the delivery and PACKING. Our team guarantees TIMELY shipping. We ensure the SAFE AND SOUND delivery of 240v inverters. Say GoodBye to customer COMPLAINTS for delayed delivery. 


Successful Project

case inverter

Celebrating Success: Mr. Stokes’ Journey to Efficient AC Power

It was about a WEEK before Mr. Stokes talked to our POWER INVERTER experts about the suggestion. In actuality, he needed a COMPLETE setup of: 

  • Batteries
  • Solar panel
  • Power inverter. 

Regarding a power inverter, we PLACED two types of power inverter solutions. One is pure sine wave INVERTER with pure sine wave output. Another is the SPLIT phase inverter. Split phase inverter is also POPULAR. 

However, Mr. Stokes kept REALISTIC demands of: 

  • Conversion of DC power into AC output. 
  • Different power tools for continuous output power. 
  • Durable shore power inverter solution. 
  • Temperature protection with temperature LED indicator. 

However, our solar power inverters EXPERTS looked around. Tried to hunt down the BEST pure sine wave inverter with a HIGH battery power system. 

And here it is, our efforts bore FRUITS. We got the promising POWER INVERTER on a reasonable budget. Our video installation helped Mr. Stokes install it on the LOCATION. 

Do you know what happened next? Now, he can CONVERT DC input into AC output. It was about today when he THANKED our team for the best solution he could get. 

That is how we ACCOMPLISHED a deal.

What our CUSTOMERs say


I asked Leeline Energy’s team to get a power inverter with a load-maximum operating temperature inverter. And they got it. One thing is good. It is durable. I think you should never hesitate to talk to the Leeline Energy team. 

Betty H Phillips

It has been a delight to connect with such a dedicated team. I loved each moment of the work. They got me a solar generator, inverter, and battery SYSTEM with a recharge controller. Every tool was perfect. 

Harold F Hedin

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 240v Inverter

    1. What is the best 12V to 240V inverter that works in the UK?

    A pure sine wave INVERTER with a pure sine wave output is the BEST SOLUTION. You get an efficiency rating of 90-95%. That is COOL for the environment in the UK. Choose wisely about the pure SINE WAVE inverter. 

    2. Which inverter is more economical in power savings, 12V, 24V, or 48V?

    48V power INVERTER is often recommended for power savings. It is because of its long life and HIGH power-saving features. But the pricing is ALSO high. You need to check it, too.

    3. Can you run an inverter 24 hours a day?

    Yes. Power INVERTERS has efficient cooling tools, PROVIDING continued performance. A power inverter is compatible with HOME and business applications for 24-hour operations. So, don’t worry.

    4. Where should I place my inverter?

    A POWER INVERTER is an electric device. That means you need a COOLER area for PEAK power performance. It is often GOOD to install in garages, utility rooms, or OUTSIDE. 

    5. How to buy solar inverters at a low price?

    You need the BEST and reliable suppliers to get a POWER INVERTER. Look around. Take advantage of EXPERT companies like Leeline Energy, who know the MARKET. And settle at a QUOTE that gives you enough profit. 

    Transform your wholesale business with our top-notch 240V inverters. Let’s collaborate and empower your brand’s growth. Contact us to get started!

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