50kw Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a TEAM of experts that deliver SOLAR power solutions!! We have a WELL-ESTABLISHED supply chain that partners with you through THICK and THIN of business. It gives you the RIGHT WAY to high-performing solar INVERTERS. No more HASSLES to obtain the QUALITY 50kW solar inverters

Move with our TEAM. And enjoy a STELLAR business performance at hand. 

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Premium 50kw Hybrid Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is a PROFESSIONAL team that OFFERS a customized solar power system! You get TOP-NOTCH single-phase hybrid INVERTERS with the desired power, voltage, and design! 

MPPT efficiency

Say WELCOME to the MPPT technology in our THREE PHASE hybrid inverters solutions. Do you know the MAGICS of MPPT technology? 98% efficiency. No more CRAVING for excessive energy. Super ADJUSTABLE at 208 or 240v if you want. Smart battery CHARGER. 

It is TIME to take over the WHOLE SOLAR MARKET with high-efficiency THREE-PHASE hybrid inverter solutions. And MAKE a DISTINCT name for your business! 

Proven safety

Based on MULTIPLE complaints about SAFETY, we have MOVED one EXTRA step. It is JUST for you. Our THREE-phase hybrid Inverter Solutions have IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion grading. Plus, there is TYPE II SPD for both DC and AC. 

Creating NO MORE HASSLES for safety will make your Business a TOP PRIORITY. And let you make more SALES! 

Smart charging modes

Guess what makes our THREE PHASE hybrid inverted solutions the BEST? It has FOUR SMART CHARGING modes. Solar only, mains priority, solar priority, and PV charging. Before CHOOSING, our inverters think like humans. Take the suitable CHARGING mode. And keep power at maximum. 

No more CONCERNS for the overcharging or AC surge problems. I am 100% SURE your business will be the NEXT SOLAR INDUSTRY leader! 

Flexible communications

Tired of DISABLED Wi-Fi connections over time? No problem. Our THREE-PHASE hybrid inverter solutions tackle this SITUATION as professionals. They support WLAN, 4g, and USB connections. The SECRET? It is the SMART COMMUNICATION at its best. 

That relieves the HEADACHE of your consumers for solar power COMMUNICATIONS. And you GET a HUGE wave of new consumers. 

Simple management

The SOLE REASON behind the SUCCESS of our THREE PHASE HYBRID inverter. It is the SIMPLEST MANAGEMENT EVER! It is super EASY to plug in. Effortless installation. And above all, you get STRING detection technology to FIND abnormal strings. 

Your consumers WILL SAY HELLO to the simple and easy installation. It POSITION your BUSINESS better in the solar POWER market due to 100% consumer satisfaction! 

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Advantages Of The Best 50kw Hybrid Inverter Services

Quality Control

Strict Quality Check

 Say GOODBYE to the low-quality THREE-PHASE hybrid inverter solutions! We have DEPLOYED stringent quality CHECKS at every point. And get you the PREMIUM PV inverters in the town. 

It POURS A HUGE Tide of consumers with ALL SMILING due to high grades! 



 Planning on LAUNCHING your solar brand? Leeline Energy is the COMPANION that stands with you THROUGH ups and downs. We get you ORIGINAL products. 

Sell them under your BRAND label. And make MORE PROFITS due to branded products. 


Reasonable packaging

 Our PACKING has SOLID-ROCK strength. Not a SINGLE CASE in which customers get DAMAGED packaging. 

It lets your BUSINESS start shining on the TOP due to robust packaging! 


Clear-Cut Transactions

Hidden TRANSACTIONS hurts. But it is not the CASE with us. There is no OPAQUE fee. You pay for what you GET without any AMBIGUITY. 

No more EXTRA EXPENSES keep your PROFITS booming for extended periods! 

Quick Shipping

Various Shipping methods

TONS of shipping options for your SINGLE phase inverters. We deliver at the DOORSTEP of your consumers. Believe us, EVERY SINGLE order ARRIVES safely. 

Rest EASY and enjoy the SKYROCKET sales due to TIMELY shipping! 


Professional sourcing staff

 We are PROFESSIONALS with 10+ years under our BELT. Every SINGLE PHASE hybrid inverter WE source has ULTIMATE QUALITY. You don’t have to TARNISH your business reputation. Due to LOW-QUALITY single-phase hybrid inverter solutions anymore. 

Make your BUSINESS A SYMBOL of professionalism! 

A Wide Range of Applications

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings











50kw Hybrid Inverter Production Line

We KEEP the SHOW ON with the ACCURATE assembly of solar components. And secure the BEST EFFICIENCY of solar inverters. Kick off the COMPETITION with the BEST ASSEMBLY of solar power inverters. And BECOME undefeated! 

Product Parameters


Input Data (PV)
Max. recommended PV power(for module STC)109.2kW124.8kW156kW156kW
Start voltage195V
Nominal voltage550V
Max. Input Voltage1100V
MPP voltage range180V-800V
Max. input current per MPP tracker32A
Max. short-circuit current per MPP tracker40A
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker2
No. of MPP trackers781010

Output Data (AC)
AC nominal power50kW63kW75kW100kW
Max. AC apparent power55KVA69.3KVA82.5KVA110KVA
Nominal AC voltage380/400/415V
AC voltage range-15%~+10%
AC grid frequency50/60 Hz
AC grid frequency/range45-55Hz/55-65Hz
Max. output current[email protected]@400V[email protected]@400V[email protected]@400V[email protected]@400V
Adjustable power factor-1…+1
AC grid connection type3P3W+PE/3P4W+PE

Unleash the Power of Wholesale: Partner with Us for Exclusive Access to High-Quality 50kW Hybrid Inverters. Start Saving on Your Bulk Orders Now!


Making GLOBAL business? We got your BACK with multiple CERTIFICATES like CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA. Set up a NAME of TRUST with these CERTIFICATES in the global solar power market! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We not only TEST the 50kW hybrid INVERTER Factory but also PREPARE report. Say BYE-BYE to consumer complaints due to a low-quality PV energy storage system. And decrease the RETURN RATE significantly. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a REAL DEAL for solar power CONSUMERS. In 10+ years, we have settled HUNDREDS of the B2B solar power system trade. Oh, the SUCCESS RATE? 100%, it is genuinely UNBELIEVABLE. But our TRUSTWORTHY team has MADE it possible for solar power system consumers. 

Reach the NEW HEIGHTS of a 50kW hybrid inverter WHOLESALE business! 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Stop CHASING the USELESS deals and TROUBLESOME 50kW hybrid inverter suppliers. We are an ALL-IN-ONE package here. Our EXPERTS handle the sourcing, STORAGE, and LOGISTICS. Plus, we have QUALITY checks at DIFFERENT points. It helps in EVALUATION of 50kW hybrid inverter wholesale

You save TIME as we handle all your DEALS. And give a NEW PATH to the successful journey of your business! 

Sourcing Agent

safe business environment

Reduce Transaction Risk

Trust us—WE won’t let you lose even a SINGLE PENNY due to fraud. Our EXPERT team goes through the whole solar POWER system B2B DEALS. Confirm their SAFETY. And move forward only with the RELIABLE 50kw hybrid inverter suppliers

Build a PROFESSIONAL credibility by NURTURING the SAFE DEALS to your consumers! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Your needs are the NUMBER ONE priority!! Have faith in it. We do not let you BE DOWN. Our experts get your DEMANDS to adhere to your NEEDS. Expect nothing less than a WORLD-CLASS quality.

Our TEAM moves according to your SINGLE PHASE hybrid inverter BUSINESS. It lets you ACHIEVE the HIGHER revenues! 

standardized procedure

In every SINGLE deal, we try till the FAR end. And try to accomplish it on time. Our professionals HANDLE each trade with expertise and CARE. You can FORESEE the PREMIUM integrity of a SOLAR POWER SYSTEM.

It sets you as a SOURCE of RELIABLE grid Inverter solutions. And increases the RUSH OF CONSUMERS due to a professional energy STORAGE system. 

custom solutions

Have you got any NEEDS? We warmly welcome you to LET us know all your NEEDS on the table. You get the DESIRED solar power system with the SUITABLE design you need. 
You BANISH customers’ Concerns with their favoritе 50kW hybrid inverter.

Keep your BUSINESS alive. And enjoy a HIGHER NUMBER of sales QUICKLY!

Our Payment

PayPal, Bank Transfers, and Credit Cards are some MATCHLESS payment options. We have CHECKED their security. Pay SAFELY by avoiding the risks of significant BANK information leakage. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

The Leeline Energy team is a PERFECT guide for you in the hybrid inverter system. Know the SPECS, QUANTITY, and quality you need. And one MORE you’ll love. It is the EXPERT’S market analysis that is a HUGE plus for your business. Focus on CONSUMERS’ preferences and MAKE more PROFIT margins by launching favorable items. 

  • Supplier Management

Don’t worry too MUCH about 50kW hybrid INVERTER manufacturers. Count on us! And let us CHECK the performance of the suppliers. Adhere them to COMPLY with standard quality. And OPTIMIZE their performance. Acknowledge our management SKILLS. And GROW your business FASTER than before! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Decrease STRESS! And the contract is the MAJOR SOURCE we have tackled here. Our legal TEAM prepares the LEGAL documents for a hybrid inverter deal. Streamline the GRID CONNECTED inverter deals. And save time for you to attend BUSINESS promotions! 

  • Order Management

Are you feeling EXTRA BURDEN? Let our experts TAKE the order management burden off your SHOULDERS. We’ll confirm all the GRID-CONNECTED inverter orders. Track them and handle all the CHANGES on time. It improves your CUSTOMERS’ experience as we HANDLE it. And let you surge on the TOP in the solar power system industry

  • Logistics Coordination

The sugar FACT about LEELINE ENERGY is connected to the logistics team. You receive a hybrid inverter ORDER. We pack it. And ship it to your consumers. Also, your Customers CAN track all the ORDERS while sitting at their SOFAS. No hassles, accessible Business, and more SALES. That is the DESTINY for your business. 

  • Installation Support

As I said, we are the DEDICATED partners. We help you till the INSTALLATION of a HYBRID INVERTER. You get PHONE support and detailed videos. Our REMOTE guidance is the HEAD-Reducer you get. You can EASE up your consumers. And increase their LOYALTY toward your business

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 50kw Hybrid Inverter Factory

50kw Hybrid Inverter FACTORY is a REAL-SHOW. Highly efficient with cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY never disappoints. You get an ACCURATE design with shorter LEAD TIMES. And save warehousing costs with FASTER production! 

inverter factory

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Special ATTENTION to safety and TIMELY delivery are the BEST features. We confirm packaging is SUITABLE and 100% SAFE. And ship on time to AVOID ANY delivery delays. Do CHEERS for reduced customer complaints and HIGHER business prestige

Successful Project


From High Bills to High Savings: Mr. James’ Solar Success Story

Mr. James is the owner of a PAPER production factory that comprises 20,000 SQUARE METER!! The energy consumption was QUITE high, leading to EXPENSIVE bills. But he wanted to CUT DOWN the bills and save more money with a SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE system. 

Upon talking to our EXPERTS, we asked about the COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL applications. Application scenarios help DETERMINE how big the energy system he needed. 

Our experts’ ABILITY enabled us to evaluate COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL applications accurately. Turn our heads to the BEST suppliers for premium deals. 

Before that, we went an extra step for requirements. Mr. Jame needed: 

  • A unique design that matches his business. 
  • Complete energy storage system in the commercial sector. 
  • Affordable costs

Now, it was OUR TIME to spread the magic of our skills. We found the best supplier in the TOWN for GRID solar inverters with energy storage systems. We got the best quote as per the BUDGET of our customer. 

It doesn’t end here. We helped Mr. James INSTALL the GRID INVERTER in his locations. Now, he is GENERATING more than enough energy. And stores the Extra energy in energy storage batteries. 

That is how we have been VERY SUCCESSFUL in the grid inverter business! 

case inverter
What our CUSTOMERs say


Thank God, I met the leeline energy team for my grid inverter with the energy storage system. They have been exceptional. The quality and pricing are beyond imagination. Thank you, Leeline Energy, for such an excellent service! 

Stella R Maines

My friend told me about the Leeline Energy team. I have talked to them. They are pretty professional. This, in turn, turned into a long-term deal. I am still working with Leeline Energy. Good Luck, guys! 

James N Miller

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 50kw Hybrid Inverter

    1. What is the difference between a PWM inverter and an MPPT inverter?

    In a THREE-PHASE hybrid inverter with MPPT technology, the power is DRAWN at maximum voltage. So, it has a HIGHER efficiency. And faster charging. In the PWM power inverter, the emphasis is drawn on battery VOLTAGE. So, it has less power output than MPPT. 

    2. What are some companies that manufacture solar inverters in India?

    India has a LOT of companies that manufacture SOLAR INVERTERS. Some prominent names are:

    · Servotech Power Systems.
    · Microtek
    · UTL Solar
    · Su-Kam Power Systems
    · Luminous Power Technologies
    · Goldi Solar

    3. Does a hybrid inverter need a charge controller?

    Nope. A three-phase hybrid inverter has a built-in CHARGE CONTROLLER. It helps in SMOOTH charging. No risks of OVERCHARGING or undercharging are there. It is due to the ability of the charge controller. 

    4. How do I match my solar panels to my inverter?

    It is QUITE. If you use a 1000-watt solar power SYSTEM, you need at least a 1kW inverter. It applies to all the Inverter types you want to buy. 

    5. Which is the best inverter for an average household?

    Household APPLICATIONS are pretty different from commercial and industrial applications. Various factors DEFINE the best THREE PHASE hybrid inverter. For example: 

    · Home applications you want to run. 
    · Power requirements
    · Solar power SYSTEM you already have installed. 
    · Budget you have. 

    Invest in the Future of Your Wholesale Business with Our 50kW Inverters. Get in Touch to Learn How Our Products Can Propel Your Brand to New Heights.

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