Distributed Energy Storage Manufacturer

Leeline Energy provides QUALITY items as a Distributed Energy Storage supplier.DURABLE structure and Smooth distribution grids without any failure or issues. Your brand earns high positive feedback from customers. 

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Premium Distributed Energy Storage Features

We got you the best Distributed Energy Storage wholesale units. High sales volume with enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Low noise for a relaxed user experience:

Liquid cooling plus air cooling to avoid loud fan noises. The user experiences <75dB of noise. Keep its operating temperature around -20 to 55 C for excellent battery cell function

IP34 protection grading alongside FM200 fire fighting design. Protects distributed energy storage systems for long-term use. You get high customer traffic on positive experience popularity. 

Easy to install:

Modular design with components for convenient transportation. Well-designed International standard-size containers for high mobility. Total net weight is around 18000 kg, including batteries. 

Saves your expensive installation costs, time, and effort in parts assembly. QUICK installation increases customer satisfaction during purchase. High customer conversion rate! 

Smart O&M and capacity cube:

24-hour cloud intelligent service for quick fault DETECTION and analysis.  AC/DC one-stop system integration combined with Energy Management System.  Large display to show the electric power distributed generation. 

Check distributed generation resources for energy system optimization. Convenient O&M with Modular battery cabinet design. You save expensive maintenance service and after-sales support. 

Exceptional and reliable technology:

High-performance LFP battery technology, which is perfect for electric vehicles. Standard 3-level battery management system (BMS) to ensure self-recovery. Efficient thermal management enhances the reliability of the power grid.

High capacity to meet peak demand hours of users. Increase users’ dependence on goods that get you continued sales and positive reviews. HIGH BRAND IMAGE for effective brand building.

5 minutes of charging:

Customers Install them on stations of electric vehicles with full confidence. Utilize renewable energy sources for fast charging. 5 minutes of charge gets the user to travel over 100 km. 

150kW charging capacity of a single charging gun. Multiple benefits to using them on a utility-scale to meet both high and low demand. Target a diverse customer base for a large audience pool. 

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Distributed Energy Storage by Kilowatt Hour

150kWh Distributed Energy Storage

Multi-functional bi-directional converter for both AC and DC supplies. Seamless switching between grid-connected discharging, charging, and off-grid operators.

2-level BMS design for hierarchical linkage & multiple monitoring of system status. All-in-one mobile battery energy solution to enhance customer purchase rate.

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1290kWh Energy Storage System For Industrial 

Stable current supplies on both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. Different models for different marketplaces to match voltage regulation.

Hybrid centralized grid for Commercial solar generation and power usage. You get high-paying industrial clients and sales opportunities. 

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Revolutionize Your Business with Distributed Storage!

Advantages Of The Best Distributed Energy Storage Services


Leading production technology

Customers tend to buy the latest electricity distribution system units. Tested power system units according to current trends. You experience sales increase and customer’s future proof trust in your BRAND. 

Sample Testing

Sample testing

Skilled staff meet your precise requirements in getting you related product samples. Informed decisions to save rework costs and product selection mistakes. 

Excellent After-sale

Professional after-sales

We handle consumer complaints to protect your brand image. Resolve disputes in a short time with our parts replacement & warranty claim service. Protect your brand from reputational damages! 

Quick Shipping

High timeliness

Quick delivery of power systems to meet the customer’s energy demand. Low freight costs by short route transportation. Improve work efficiency and Profit margin by reducing operational hassle. 


Efficient OEM & ODM service

You get priority-based sourcing to launch your BRAND FASTER. Build your brand without any operational and management hassle. 

Efficient Production Capacity

Smooth production process

Manufacturing experts supervise the assembly line to ensure no PRODUCTION ERROR. Reduce supply chain risks to meet customer’s QUALITY and usability expectations. 

Creative Applications of Distributed Energy Storage

Energy Storage Container


Home Energy Storage


Commercial Energy Storage Systems


Battery Storage


Utility Battery Storage Systems (2)


Utility-Scale Energy Storage


Precise production process

Starts with the battery type selection, like lithium-ion batteries. The inverters and control strategy are designed from distributed resources. Capacity allocation is done to differentiate between large and small-scale units

Parts go through an assembly line with an outer structure. Skilled staff tests the system in different electricity generation categories. Customers receive the finest quality that leads to a quality-based brand image!

Wholesale Energy Solutions: Boost Your Brand’s Potential!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our distributed energy storage systems are CE, MSDS, ROHS, and UN38.3 certified. EASY to expand your business to EU-restricted zones via certifications. Make more profit by expanding to new markets!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Detailed auditing of production processing and PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY. Ensure storage technologies comply with international standards and regulations. Prevent irresponsible accusations and customer complaints.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

End-to-end sourcing service, including effective strategy formation. Consistent supplies of Distributed Energy Storage with GRADE A lithium-ion batteries. 

Introduce the latest storage system technologies with improved power quality. Stay relevant in the competing market with high quality and functionality. 

One-stop Sourcing

Our staff handles customization, production supervision, and inspections. End-to-end handling of sourcing with continuous updates

Prevent hiring third-party service providers to save your operational costs & time. Optimized sourcing of Distributed Energy Storage to boost business efficiency.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We have an order confirmation service before final shipping to ensure terms. Avoid rework costs of replacements by getting the promised quality & quantity. 

Smooth supply chain to keep running your business non-stop. Avoid out-of-stock inventory risk by our planned sourcing.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Make your business stand out from competing crowds by our optimization. You capture customer attention with the fast launch of Distributed Energy Storage units. More market share means more profit! 

Standardized Procedure

Save time & costs in Distributed Energy Storage sourcing by automation & standardization. More time to invest in customer acquisition and optimization. SKYROCKET your sales volume by high customer traffic.

Custom Solutions

Design Distributed Energy Storage CUSTOM solutions for unique BRAND IMAGE. Experienced staff in R&D to ensure the finest designs and solutions. You get high customer retention, leading to long-term BRANDING. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

You get DATA BACKED decision on Distributed Energy Storage sourcing. Reduce your sourcing expenses by choosing the right quantity, quality, and features. 

  • Supplier Management

We evaluate production processes to give you the right product estimation.

You receive production performance reports from time to time. Boost your Distributed Energy Storage brand with fail-proof supplier management. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Secure the best possible sourcing quality and pricing via our negotiation. Make your Energy Storage sourcing profitable to earn more profit. 

  • Order Management

We ensure theorder contentof Distributed Energy Storage units. Our staff pack and add shipping labels alongside premium packaging. Save expensive labor costs. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Finest shipping structure, including many options (Air, sea, and land). Global coverage includes many shipping zones and regions. You get faster shipping at a low shipping price for Distributed Energy Storage. 

  • Installation Support

24/7 technical support to address your installation queries. Modular design alongside step by step guidebooks for your installation staff ease. Quick installation to improve your customer satisfaction.

Storage project

Our Payment

Flexible payment options to choose an independent payment gateway. REDUCE your transaction hassle and fees by paying via the existing channels. International coverage to reduce payment friction. 

Western Union

Empower Your Brand: B2B Energy Storage system Solutions Await!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Distributed Energy Storage Factory

Large Distributed Energy Storage factory with many production lines. Avoid power quality problems and errors by automatic production. Strong supply capacity to meet high market demand for fast ENTERPRISE EXPANSION. 

Our Distributed Energy Storage Factory

packaging & shipping

Small size in compact boxes to facilitate loading and unloading. Customized packaging to match product characteristics for enhanced safety. Reliable shipping patterns with continuous tracking to REDUCE transportation costs

packaging & shipping

Wholesale Power Play: Camping Energy Storage Delivers!

Successful Project

Storage project

Unveiling the Journey of Distributed Energy Storage Wholesalers – Solutions and Real Results!

Our client had a large farm which needed continues electricity supply. We visited the area and tried to utilize wind power in the system. After a detailed discussion, experts formalized a system for distributed energy resources. It generates electricity from the HYBRID approach. 

We designed the system around lithium-ion batteries for long-lasting energy supplies. Total capacity was around 20kWh to meet his energy needs. He liked the system and approved the idea for sourcing. We got him the best production facility for the finest quality. In 15 days, he got his ready to ship to his farm after manufacturing.

Experts inspected the system before dispatching them for installation. We have durable packaging for shipping to protect their components. He got them in a secured shape without any damage. No product replacement issue with packaging precautions. 

First, we installed PV panels to enhance its electricity generation efficiency. PV panels and turbines were enough to produce electricity. Panels have 25% efficiency, which is one of the best energy conversion rates. 

During installation, we made them customized frames. They were durable with anti-corrosion layers to resist environmental impacts. Also, the installation was done in a short time to run the farm on distributed energy. 

Now, it was running smoothly, and he was happy to save his electricity costs. Non-stop 24/7 supply of renewable energy. He referred our service to many of his friends.

storage Successful Project
What our customers say


Working with leeline energy was a fantastic experience for me. I outsourced high-quality DG technologies for commercial applications. My customers are sending me positive feedback, which is boosting my sales volumes. 


You should work with Leeline Energy if you are looking for QUALITY. Their experts gave me a reliability assessment before making final decisions. It helped me to choose cost-effective and long lasting energy storage systems. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Distributed Energy Storage

    How long does it take to receive the goods?

    Many factors affect your delivery time. On average, you get distributed energy storage systems in 7-30 days. Overseas shipping time varies from 14 to 35 days, depending on destination. 

    Can the goods and brands be customized?

    Yes, we are a leading Distributed Energy Storage manufacturer. You get detailed customization in renewable energy system units. Our staff helps you in brand building of power system products. 

    How is the package of the goods?

    We follow international safety guidelines for power generation and storage unit packaging. Durable packaging with cushioning layers to protect products from shocks. You get fast clearance and avoid product breakage issues. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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