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Leeline Energy helps you to achieve the best quality through our production facility. Top-notch equipment that lowers production costs with speedy manufacturing. 

Order without any limit from small quantities to bulk manufacturing. Manage your storage effectively and reduce financial stress. 

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Premium Solar Cladding Features

Widely recognized as a trusted manufacturer of cutting-edge Solar Cladding. Leeline Energy helps you generate clean and renewable energy sources.  


Solar cladding helps to reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption. Around 50% of electricity bills are reduced after one building has complete cladding. 

Solar facades help to achieve net zero building while protecting the environment. Produce clean electricity & increase loyal customer support through eco-friendly business.

Design Flexibility:

Solar cladding is customized to match the building’s architectural design. Both vertical and horizontal installation options can be utilized. Transparency options make solar light pass easier. 

It lowers the energy consumption rate of commercial buildings. You request customized shapes and sizes. Unique shapes & textures attract potential buyers the most. 


Solar cladding panels have different types with different weights. The lightest solar facade system panels weigh 10 to 30 kg per square meter. 

It makes installation easy into existing buildings. You transport each panel safely with easy handling. Saves you extra handling labor with service charges. 


PV solar cells vary by 10% to 20% in energy generation efficiency. Energy efficiency increases with better-quality solar modules or cells. Consistent performance even in shading of nearby buildings. 

Solar cladding provides facade insulation. Also More profit in Net metering and fast ROI due to highly efficient panels. Increase customer satisfaction with energy-efficient systems. 

Weather Resistant:

Impact and corrosion resistance make it a long-lasting solar facade system. Temperature resistance makes it withstand high cold and hot weather. 

It’s Durable enough to have a lifespan of 20+ years. BIPV Solar facade systems with long shelf life build your enterprise reputation. 

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Solar Cladding by Material

Solar WPC Wall Panels Cladding

Solar WPC Wall Panel Cladding

The wood-plastic material composition makes it best for both aesthetics & functionality. Resistance to moisture, rots, and insects makes it more practical.

Usage is versatile and can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. With these solar cladding panels, you target both clients and have a bigger audience pool.

Solar timber look wall cladding

Solar Timber Look Wall Cladding 

You request various uniform colors from us. It is easily processed into building-integrated photovoltaics design.

Installation time is low as you install quickly after delivery. Serve your customers in a short time and save time. 

Solar Aluminum Cladding

Solar Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum layers provide extreme strength and rigidity. Most customers want a durable and long-lasting solar panel that fulfills their demands. 

Superior impact resistance gives extra support to the inner solar cells. Perfect for a building envelope with thermal resistance. You receive positive feedback from your clients. 

Elevate Your Brand with Solar Cladding – Wholesale Solutions for Sustainable Excellence!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Cladding Services

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

We help to establish a new brand and launch it quickly. Customize your own design, sizes, and textures with different requirements. You manufacture BIPV cladding with a uniqueness that makes your brand different. Easy branding to build loyal customer support. 

99% Customer Praise

99% Customer Praise

Customers would be happy with quality products. You make the product better by adding unique features. It Improves users’ dependence on products and provides better benefits.

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

We help you to get the best price from a Solar Cladding manufacturer. Detailed supplier hunting process to get direct manufacturing facility with low price. You provide cost-effective products to meet the needs of consumers. Makes it easy to increase your enterprise’s market share.

Optimizing Procurement Costs

Optimizing Procurement Costs

Our staff helps you to manage your supply chain effectively. Suspend costly processes with low to zero benefits. It is beneficial to control costs & improve the economic benefits of enterprises. You make more profit by minimizing costs. 

Sufficient Inventory

Sufficient Inventory

Non-stop supply through all shipping channels. Our team works closely to deliver your shipments on time. Increase product competitiveness & improve development flexibility. You have in-stock inventory all the time. 

Reliable Suppliers

Reliable Suppliers

Detailed background check of every Solar Cladding supplier before sourcing. We ensure high-quality products to avoid purchasing fake and shoddy solar panels. You avoid bad reviews and feedback on your BIPV solar products. 

Creative Applications of Solar Cladding













Precise production process

First, the Production started in our Large production setup. Silicon is the basic material to produce PV cells. 

Later, boron is added to give an electrical polarity. It gives high efficiency to solar cells. Solar cells get printed on a thin film sheet with traditional cladding materials. 

It depends on your requirements, like which sort of panels you want. We build all shaded, transparent, or semi-transparent panels. They will start to design buildings’ outer texture to match new construction.

AFTER Production, each panel is tested and packed with great care.  

Revolutionize Your Business: Solar Cladding for Brands – Wholesale Opportunities Await!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Certified with CE, ISO, CB, and  ROSH for free circulation in the EU market. You get a wider customer coverage without any limit. CERTIFICATIONS enhance user experience & trust. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our inspection experts test product samples and Production facilities. Detailed inspection of Solar Cladding factory processes. You avoid all the bad quality unreliable Solar Cladding wholesale suppliers. Receive the best quality products to Increase client flow and sales relatively. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We look after your solar cladding supplies in detail. It prevents any potential delay and fault in your supply chain. Our main goal is to build long-term cooperation with your enterprise.

So Leeline Energy focuses on getting you quality products even at low prices. Establish your brand through quality BIPV solar panels at lower operating costs.

One-stop Sourcing

Our experts take care of your solar cladding sourcing from all channels. We manage sourcing, inspection, storage & shipping with all extra services.

You won’t have to hire multiple agents. Save your communication costs & time and focus on business expansion. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Professional process with best industry business practices. Avoid business scams / B2B fraud/trade scams through our auditing.

Our inspection staff filters out damaged solar cladding products before shipping. You save yourself from an angry customer due to an unfunctional product. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We check each and every step for your ease. You won’t have to get extra services from third-party agents. Save your costs and time through our best-sourcing solutions. Build long-lasting relationships with mutual benefit & respect. 

Standardized Procedure

Years of experience help us to design smooth processes. Our team established A to Z processes with different rules and principles. Saves your time without any interruption in solar cladding sourcing. Enjoy the best quality & smooth sourcing process with timely delivery. 

Custom Solutions

We entertain your customization requests to meet your dream supply chain process. Adjust processes and delivery options as per your own requirements. CREATE your own Solar cladding sourcing strategy with the help of experts. Manage your inventory effectively so keep serving customers non-stop. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our experts help you to choose the quality & quantity of your solar cladding sourcing. You get the best-selling products feature to attract customers.

Best sales data of solar facade systems to ensure you fantastic ROI. Avoid high marketing costs through our market research & analysis. 

  • Supplier Management

We help clients to choose trustworthy suppliers with consistent evaluation. Our supplier network has a detailed background check.

You work with suppliers that provide high-quality solar cladding. Fewer inspection services would be required and save your multiple inspection costs. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Our negotiators get you the best power purchase agreement terms. Direct communication for the best quality standards of solar cladding. You get better prices or quality without spending much. 

  • Order Management

You get time-to-time updates from solar panels Sourcing to final shipping. Our staff handles tracking, product changes, and delivery issues.

Multiple inspection processes to meet the best quality of order. No more hassle of the cladding return or replacement. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our team handles all shipping and logistic processes of solar cladding sourcing.

We manage storage and transportation through multiple shipping options. You get protective packaging to Reduce rework costs.

  • Installation Support

Online video lectures help your installation staff to understand key details. We also add an installation kit to every solar cladding product for you. Reduce installation costs for you. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Multiple payment gateways as per your flexibility. ENCRYPTED channels for secured business transactions. Less tension through already accepted payment channels(Paypal, Payoneer…).  

Western Union

Wholesale Solar Cladding: Powering Brands, Empowering Businesses – Discover the Future of Energy Solutions.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Cladding Factory

The large Solar Cladding factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters. 200 SKILLED workers that ensure top-notch products. You get timely production with the ability to control risks. Improve the economic profit of the enterprise. 

Our Solar Cladding Factory

packaging & shipping

Convenient and efficient packaging services to ensure the safety of your goods. Avoid returns and exchanges and establish a good business reputation. You save transportation costs & improve efficiency through consolidated shipping.

packaging & shipping

Solar Cladding: Illuminate Your Brand’s Future – Explore Wholesale Partnerships Now!

Successful Project

Successful Project

63 sets of 20KW solar commercial systems in Chad

The client wanted to power several buildings through solar technology. He decided to embrace BIPV technology to produce clean energy. He wanted a mixed combination of solar glass, multiple solar panels & BIPV cladding.

Luckily, we had complete creative freedom. Our staff chose customized panel size over standard panel size. We installed all of the combinations instantly. It also powers the whole building block through various backing systems.

200kw solar power system kit for hotel use in Papua New Guinea

The hotel owner wanted energy generated by the BIPV solar panel system. He was eager to contribute to the betterment of our environment. We designed a BIPV system for his hotel. We added solar panels and cladding to provide thermal resistance and power. 

CLADDING provided a better look from the outside. Our staff chooses junction boxes with better quality that easily handle the load. CLIENT was happy, and now he is saving his electricity costs. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Leeline Energy helps me to get the best quality ventilated solar facades. My sales increased after such good quality solar cladding panels.  


My business was facing huge losses due to bad sourcing practices. I worked with Leeline Energy on different types of high-strength panels. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to all energy business owners. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Cladding

    Is Solar cladding the same as Solar composite panels?

    They are similar in most ways but very different to each other. Solar cladding is outer cladding or building facades with energy generation features. Conversely, Solar composite panels have many layers for insulation and weather resistance. They both fulfill different purposes. 

    What type is the best Solar cladding to sell?

    Energy efficiency, durability, and design are the main factors. Most people have desired design aesthetic requirements. Aluminum solar facades are best for commercial buildings and get you many sales. 

    How can I get the cheapest price?

    Negotiation and exploring around get you the best price. Yet some people compromise on quality to get the best price. Yet, it is not a good idea to get a low-quality BIPV technology system. Go for standard purchase, ensuring durability and the best features. 

    What service can I get from you?

    Leeline Energy provides end-to-end sourcing & shipping services. Our staff manages all processes, inspection, storage, packaging, and shipping. You receive your solar panels at your warehouse in a short time. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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