Premium Portable Solar Panels Manufacturer

Looking for a trusted GREEN ENERGY EXPERT? Well, look no further because Leeline Energy is here. We’re pros when it comes to solar power solutions in various areas. Our fantastic solutions save you time and help you conserve heaps of resources! 

Plus, our excellent products from MULTIPLE suppliers ensure top quality. This gives you unmated brand awareness. And we keep the communication lines open for SMOOTH OPERATIONS. All this allows you to ESTABLISH and EASILY run and GROW your business.

Solar Solutions for Your Company!

Premium Portable Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a leader in the NEW GREEN ENERGY solution, you rely on for the best products. 

High Light Transparency:

Our portable solar panels are unlike any other. That’s because of their super high-light TRANSPARENCY solar cells. These babies have a mind-blowing 23.5% efficiency in converting sunlight into usable energy. 

That makes them the best in the business for MAXIMUM solar power output. You don’t need direct sunlight – a little sun exposure does the trick too! With our top-tier products, you’ll be raking in those dollars from INCREASED SALES.

Water Resistant and Dustproof:

Our stellar solar panels – they’re seriously the BEST portable solar panels. They are waterproof and dustproof. And this allows them to handle any HARSH ENVIRONMENT you throw at them. That gives them super reliable power output

These babies are perfect for off-grid adventures like car camping. Or emergency backup situations. That means these foldable solar panels are like a portable power station. They give you an EXPANDED TARGET MARKET and boost your profits!

Adjustable Stand:

This super cool portable panel has an adjustable stand. And it lets people TWEAK the angle for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY using the sun’s rays. Your customers enjoy solar charging on their devices in a jiffy. All this without sacrificing PORTABILITY or how many watts they get. Talk about giving them convenient and efficient charging options! Your business will be seen as a MARKET LEADER with a DESIRABLE reputation.

High-Quality Material:

Our solar panels are made with love and care. We only use top-quality materials, like fancy imported ETFE surface material. This makes our panels super STRONG and RELIABLE – better than all those other panels out there!

Your customers trust these lightweight solar gems as their go-to power source. Plus, you SAVE on REPAIRS or REPLACEMENTS in the long run, making it worth it for your business.

Strong Frame:

These lightweight portable solar panels have a strong frame for EXTRA DURABILITY. The serrated-clip design, glue injection technology, & seal-lip design make these panels super tough! 

They can be installed pretty much ANYWHERE – roofs, ground mounts, cars…even an off-grid solar setup! So your CUSTOMER base will EXPAND FASTER than ever before, allowing you to GROW your business!

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Portable Solar Panels by Types

100w Portable solar panels

100w Portable solar panels

Our awesome 100w portable power station. It’s SUPER QUIET, so no annoying generator noises here! These solar panels give you a totally peaceful charging experience.

Offering something different like this folding solar panel gives you a NATURAL EDGE. So you DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the competition.

200w Portable solar panels

200w Portable solar panels

The 200w lightweight panel has anti-reflective glass. Unlike most solar panels, this sucks up all the light and HARDLY REFLECTS any of it. That means more power for those monocrystalline cells! And it provides better energy conversion efficiency overall. 

Your customers LOVE having more bang for their buck with these bad boys. So they keep COMING BACK to buy even more from you, increasing your SALES!

400w Portable solar panels

400w Portable solar panels

These 400w portable power stations are perfect for all sorts of situations. This foldable solar panel handles what is thrown at it! So, people can charge MULTIPLE devices wherever they are off-grid or on the road. That includes using USB ports, electronic devices, USB charging ports & small devices. 

As a result, these panels make your INVENTORY way SIMPLER to manage. That’s because you DON’T need to stock different panels for every scenario.

Portable Solar Panels by Uses

Portable solar panels for rv

Portable solar panels for rv

Our RV portable solar panel is the ultimate solution for PEOPLE ON THE GO. These bad boys have a smaller solar panel design and are foldable. So, they DON’T limit people with how much space they have.That means you can SAVE BIG on delivery and transportation COSTS. Plus, you’ll be able to attract even more customers and grow your income.

Portable solar panels for home

Portable solar panels for home

The portable solar panel for the home is foldable and easily transportable. And the best part? Its COMPACT SIZE makes it super portable. No more lugging around heavy equipment. So installing these babies is EASY and CHEAP, which means big SAVINGS on OPERATIONAL COSTS.

Portable solar panels for camping

Portable solar panels for camping

Looking for the best solar panels for camping? Our top-tier portable solar panel has a LONG LIFESPAN and minimal energy loss. People enjoy optimal performance year after year! 

So HAPPY customers will SPREAD the word about your brand. Get ready to see INCREASED DEMAND and a higher ROI!

Portable solar panels for apartments

Portable solar panels for apartments

This superb portable solar panel is made EXPLICITLY for APARTMENTS. It’s built tough to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way – moisture, salt…you name it! These power stations have ANTI-CORROSION, so it won’t even budge.

Say GOODBYE to regular maintenance or replacing rusty parts. You get to save on MAINTENANCE costs & time and build a STELLAR REPUTATION!

Portable solar panels for ev charging

Portable solar panels for ev charging

Our premium design portable power station for EVs is where it’s at. It balances SLEEK DESIGN and POWERFUL charging capacity. It’s the right mix of style and functionality. Selling these?

Your brand stands out, attracting customers who appreciate QUALITY and premium designs. And that means HIGHER (premium) prices and BIGGER PROFITS!

Portable solar panel for backpacking

Portable solar panel for backpacking

This backpacking-friendly small solar panel option is a game-changer! It’s LIGHTWEIGHT and super convenient, perfect for your adventurous lifestyle. And guess what? 

MORE PEOPLE will be able to enjoy the benefits of solar power! That creates NEW opportunities for your business, allowing it to EXPAND!

Unlock Savings and Sustainability: Explore How Our Portable Solar Panels Can Benefit Your B2B Operations – Get Started!

Advantages Of The Best Portable Solar Panels Services


Automatic production line

Our portable solar panels manufacturers’ production line is as MODERN and AUTOMATIC as they come. That means our solar panels are the best in quality and reliability. You offer SUPERIOR solar panels with more efficiency than ever before. That leaves your CUSTOMERS super SATISFIED.

solar panel

Short lead time

No worries about delays! Our solar panels come with a super SHORT LEAD TIME, guaranteeing timely delivery. 

Alleviate customer concerns and hello to SMOOTH OPERATIONS for your business. You maintain your GROWTH MOMENTUM without any interruptions!

Safety and Reliability

100% product quality assurance

We assure you with our commitment to 100% product quality on all the panels. That means FEWER RETURNS and LESS BREAKAGE, saving you money. Also, HAPPY CUSTOMERS mean they’ll keep coming back for more. That’s how we grow together!

Professional after-sales service

We stay in touch even after you make a purchase! Our fantastic customer service team is always ready to help online, 24/7. We respond quickly and make sure your expectations are met. This helps you build LOYALTY. And it grows a PRISTINE REPUTATION that leads to long-term SUCCESS for your business!


No need to worry about meeting any wholesale minimum order requirements! Manage your finances STRESS-FREE. And you keep operations running SMOOTHLY with the PERFECT STOCK levels every time.

Reasonable packaging

Our wholesale portable solar panels are carefully packaged, PROTECTING them from pollution and breakage. This means you enjoy the portable solar panels. That keeps your CUSTOMERS SATISFIED and COMING back again and AGAIN.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels









Office Building

Office Building



Precise production process

Our team is about professionalism, efficiency, and getting things done right. Your customers TRUST in the QUALITY of our solar products without any worries. That allows you to build SOLID BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


International organizations independently evaluate and certify us with CE, TUV, ETL, and FCC. That means you trust us to deliver the best portable solar panels. It boosts your BRAND IMAGE and sales because customers TRUST YOU!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

A thorough factory AUDIT and QUALITY INSPECTION report back our solar panels. You confidently build your brand image knowing we have your back. And you get to MINIMIZE RISKS and keep COMPLAINTS at bay.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member4

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re a kickass product sourcing group with 10 years of experience under our belt. Our company is BIG, and we’ve got a team full of EXPERTS who know their stuff. Trust us to find the BEST portable solar panels that meet your needs. 

Also, no worries about cheap products causing trouble! You see a BOOST in PURCHASE INTENTION & SALES and reduced OPERATIONAL COSTS.

One-stop Sourcing

We are here to help you remove the hassle of dealing with MULTIPLE portable solar panels SUPPLIERS. With our expertise, we understand portable solar panels factories inside and out. And we have a knack for understanding what customers REALLY WANT. 

We handle your procurement, quality inspection, and logistics. You SAVE TIME and MONEY and STREAMLINE your business process!

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Leeline Energy helps you reduce risks with your transactions finding portable solar panels. We eliminate the potential for B2B scams and fraud. Our quality inspection processes ensure that you receive nothing but the BEST. 

So, you are saved from UNNECESSARY LOSSES and operational DISRUPTIONS. This also allows you to MAXIMIZE PROFITS.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We’re all about giving our clients the best service and support possible. We make sure we always put your needs first with portable solar panels. With a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC approach, we’ll tackle any problems from your point of view. 

You provide products more likely to meet CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. And it creates superb brands REACH and LOYALTY.


Standardized Procedure

At Leeline Energy, we’ve got STANDARDIZED procedures for getting portable solar panels. Our unique service process guarantees PROFESSIONALISM and RELIABILITY at every step. You count on consistent, high-quality service and top results in your projects with us. 

It is EASY to INTEGRATE into EXISTING SYSTEMS, allowing you to get up and running QUICKLY.


Custom Solutions

OUR team takes the time to really get to know our customers. We listen, understand your UNIQUE NEEDS and GOALS, and then deliver what you need. Think personalized portable solar panels & solutions tailor-made just for you! 

The result? More HAPPY CUSTOMERS as you easily ALIGN your OFFERINGS with their PREFERENCES.


How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (8)
  • Demand Assessment

Our team is here to help you navigate through important DEMAND needs. We help with portable solar panels details like specifications, quantities, and quality requirements. Plus, we even throw in some extra MARKET RESEARCH and competitive intelligence. 

So, you’ll be making WELL-INFORMED DECISIONS that will set your business up for SUCCESS!

  • Supplier Management

We’re all about helping our clients build solid supply chain relationships. We’ve got the expertise to handpick, evaluate, and choose only the BEST Portable Solar Panels SUPPLIERS for you. We also keep a close eye on their performance to ensure they meet your expectations every step of the way. 

All this gives you improved quality control. And it establishes you as a MARKET LEADER in QUALITY PRODUCTS.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our team handles the nitty-gritty CONTRACT DETAILS. That includes negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contract terms. We keep things fair and legally sound so that you have PEACE OF MIND in your transactions. 

This protects your business from UNNECESSARY LOSSES involving FRAUD, SCAMS & BAD CONTRACTS/DEALS.

  • Order Management

Leeline Energy group takes care of the solar order jazz. That’s from confirming your requests to tracking, making changes, or cancellations. We DON’T MESS AROUND, you get a smooth and timely delivery while minimizing supply chain risks. 

We SAVE you TIME and MONEY, allowing you to focus on important solar business areas like sales.

  • Logistics Coordination

We handle the ins and outs of transportation, warehousing, and distribution logistics. Our knack for timely order and delivery makes people TRUST and RAVE about YOU. You get high CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as people know you deliver YOUR solar products on time.

  • Installation Support

We provide CLEAR portable solar panels INSTRUCTIONS and helpful videos to guide your customers. And if that’s not enough, our online support team is ready to give a HELPING HAND. That makes your products accessible to MANY PEOPLE, increasing sales due to EASE OF USE

leelinesourcing team (4)

Our Payment

We have safe and secure payment options. You use PayPal, bank transfer or a credit card with peace of mind. We PROTECT your transactions from SCAMS and FRAUDS. That allows you to establish TRUST and CREDIBILITY with your customers. 

Western Union

Step into a Greener Tomorrow: Request a Quote for Our Portable Solar Panels and Join the Renewable Revolution!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Portable Solar Panels Factory

Our mega portable solar panels factory is built to meet the skyrocketing DEMAND for portable solar panels. You confidently forge LONG-LASTING PARTNERSHIPS with customers built on dependability. And it allows you to STAY AHEAD of COMPETITORS.


packaging & shipping

We TRANSPORT the panels in tough, rugged, shock-resistant, vibration-resistant, and moisture-resistant packaging. That means they can HANDLE the bumps and jolts of delivery without breaking a sweat. NO MORE damage or loss during transit. That means you SAVE money which would be used in REPLACEMENT and REPAIR COSTS!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

How We Support You?

15KW Solar Power System in the Netherlands

We hooked up a customer in the Netherlands with our top-quality 15KW solar power system. The system was packed with PERC technology and a German 5s controller. It was like they had their very own renewable solar power station! The best part? 

Our solution slashed their ELECTRICITY BILLS big time. That’s why they said they’d waste no time placing another order. Their expectations were met, and they were satisfied!

Airport Projects 60kw Solar System in Indonesia

We set up Miangas Airport in Indonesia with our powerful 60KW Hybrid solar system. Now, their controlling center enjoys an UNINTERRUPTED POWER supply like a champ.

No blackouts here! Talk about RELIABLE ELECTRICITY in a tough spot. It’s cost-effective and eco-friendly, too, boosting the airport’s operations to new heights!

What our customers say


I’m thrilled with the bang for my buck from Leeline Energy’s solar panels. Not only were they easy on the wallet, but their top-notch quality and performance blew me away. Their team went above and beyond to give me all the deets I needed to make a smart choice. Trust me, if budget-friendly reliability is what you’re after, these guys are it!

Antonina F Robles

Leeline Energy, is now my go-to off-grid savior! They gave me an innovative and full solar solution coverage, complete with a portable battery pack. Now, I sleep better at night because they’ve unlocked the freedom of an off-grid lifestyle.  

Now, I can power up my devices anytime, anywhere! Trust me on this one – these guys are it with solar systems!

Teresa R Henderson

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Portable Solar Panels

    1. Can portable solar panels charge an electric car?

    Yes. Technically speaking, you can juice up your electric car with portable solar panels. But is that really the most efficient way to do so? No! Let’s be real. They have limited capacity and slower charge speed. That makes them less convenient than dedicated EV charging stations.

    2. How fast can portable solar panels charge?

    Charging speed on portable panels depends on stuff like panel angle and power output. So when shopping around, make sure to compare the current or amperage for smart choices. 

    3. Can portable solar panels be wet?

    Portable solar panels can handle a little rain and still keep going. But not all of them are water warriors – some get damaged by H2O! Look out for the waterproof ones that resist both water and dust. Don’t forget to read those manufacturer instructions, alright?

    4. Can portable solar panels work in the rain?

    With portable solar panels, their waterproof level is key when it starts pouring. Splash-resistant ones rock an IPX4 rating. Heavy rain & temporary immersion don’t faze the IPX6 champs. And if you want submersion-proof power? Go for those bad boys with an IPX7 rating!

    5. Is it worth getting a portable solar panel?

    As the clean energy hype keeps growing, portable solar panels are here to save the day. They’re an affordable and eco-friendly solution that harnesses sun power into electricity. Best part? You can rock them in most places – versatility at its finest!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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