500w Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is your go-to SOLAR SOLUTIONS COMPANY in the new green energy space. We also bring over 10 years of experience in overseas solar project construction. With our RICH EXPERTISE, you can trust us to deliver guaranteed RESULTS. And with higher work efficiency. 

We’re always ready to provide timely SUPPLIER SOLUTIONS. We ensure you receive high-quality and reliable solutions. So you can easily grow your business.

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Premium 500w Flexible Solar Panel Features

Here are some game-changing features of our solar panels you’re gonna LOVE.

High-quality material.

Our flexible solar module features HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. Made with ETFE material, this panel boasts a lifespan of up to 15 years and more power. That’s three times longer than those clunky traditional rigid solar modules. 

So, the high-quality, flexible design means you get fewer REPAIRS or REPLACEMENT costs. Some key benefits to you include lower OPERATIONAL EXPENSES and improves BRAND CONFIDENCE

High efficiency and reliability.

These 500-watt flexible solar panels have HIGH EFFICIENCY (about 22%) and RELIABILITY. High efficiency monocrystalline cells are designed to consistently deliver optimal power output per square foot, even in low light. 

So, the solar flex kit ensures MAXIMUM solar power for your customers’ needs. This allows you to establish a STRONG REPUTATION as a trusted supplier

Sufficiently utilize sunlight.

Our flexible solar kit features the ability to utilize sunlight SUFFICIENTLY. This means customers can harness MAXIMUM ENERGY from the sun per square foot. That provides efficient and cost-effective solar power solutions for their SOLAR POWER NEEDS. 

You get increased customer demand for the solar flex kit. Your sales volume and revenue will soar high like never before.

Thin, lightweight design.

These 500w flexible solar flex kit boasts a THIN and LIGHTWEIGHT design. They are 2.5mm thick and are 5.7 kg in weight, which makes it easy to install the flex modules on almost any surface. 

You offer your customers a sleek and versatile solar power solution. And you enjoy an EXPANDED MARKET REACH and MORE PROFITS due to their versatile design.

Corrosion resistant.

Our flexible solar panel is CORROSION-RESISTANT, ensuring long-term durability and performance. 

Customers understand that you offer them a reliable and long-term solution. You get an enhanced REPUTATION as a TRUSTED supplier of durable solar modules.

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Advantages Of The Best 500w Flexible Solar Panels Services


100% on time shipment guarantee

You can count on our 100% on-time shipment guarantee. With it comes low-cost, high-quality, flexible solar modules. 

So you get CONVENIENT transportation and reduced storage. This allows you more resources to maximize your business’ EFFICIENCY.


Supply chain stability

As wholesalers, experience supply chain stability with us. We work with 500w flexible solar kit manufacturers, ensuring you are always in stock. Plus, your customers will receive their orders ON TIME. 

You enhanced customer SATISFACTION and helps build TRUST and LOYALTY.


High-tech equipment

Boost your solar module business with our high-tech automation equipment. It saves time and reduces errors. Improve product QUALITY, avoid complaints/recalls, and enjoy a seamless manufacturing process.

Some key benefits to you include that you maintain SUPERIOR product quality and get a COMPETITIVE EDGE.


Aim to diversify markets

Expand your solar module business by tapping into DIVERSE MARKETS. So you attract a wider range of customers with our 500w flexible solar panel.

Guess what you get? INCREASED PROFITS and achieving long-term GROWTH for your wholesale enterprise.



With our OEM/ODM services, your business can REDUCE development time and effort. So you save valuable resources. 

And you benefit from factory-customized solar modules that cater to your unique needs. You EXPAND your product OFFERINGS & PROFITS without investing heavily in R&D



Safe payment method

Our safe payment method ensures FRAUD prevention and protects customer interests. It also offers efficient fund allocation for a hassle-free solar module transaction experience.

This helps you build trust with CUSTOMERS, enabling profitable LONG-TERM for you.

A Wide Range of Applications





Solar buses

Solar Buses



house roof

House Roof

Solar Panels Road

Solar Panels Road

500w Flexible Solar Panels Production Line

Our 500-watt flexible solar kit production line offers a FAST and EFFICIENT solution. This allows you to meet increasing demand, boasting your REPUTATION in the industry. 

Product Parameters

Module Dimensions2278*1134mm*35mm
GlassSingle glass, 3.2mm coated tempered glass
Junction-BoxSplit junction box, IP68, 3 diodes
Cables4mm2, positive 400 / negative 200mm, length can be customized
Cell Orientation144 cells(6*24)
Minimum performance at standard test conditions, stc1 (power tolerance 0~+5w)
Max. Power570575580585
Open Circuit Voltage51.9152.0652.2152.36
Short Circuit Current14.0714.1414.2014.27
Max. Power Voltage43.7643.9144.0644.21
Max. Power Current13.0313.1013.1713.24

Empower your brand with sustainable energy solutions! Elevate your business with our high-performance 500W flexible solar panels. Unleash wholesale opportunities and drive profits. Partner with us!


Our flexible solar panel holds CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA certificates. This ensures product safety and quality. And it establishes a strong BRAND IMAGE that customers can TRUST

Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We offer factory audit & quality inspection reports. These REDUCE risks, minimize COMPLAINTS about the flexible solar modules, and prevent disputes. You get a seamless customer experience and reduced OPERATIONAL COSTS.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member1

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re a bunch of product-sourcing experts. With 10 years in the game, our company’s got serious scale, a BIG team, and tons of experience under our belt. TRUST us when we say we’re reliable partners for your 500w flexible solar panel wholesale business needs. 

Sure, you might find cheaper 500w flexible solar panel options out there, but with us? NO WORRIES about shoddy products. We’ll connect you to TRUSTWORTHY factories that meet your requirements. This allows you to MEET increased demand efficiently and maximize profitability.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Forget about juggling multiple 500w flexible solar panel suppliers. That’s just a recipe for wasting time and money on endless back-and-forth. Lucky for you, we’ve got your precise market positioning covered! With our EXTENSIVE KNOW-HOW in the industry, we totally get what factories are all about. 

Even more than our customers do. We take EVERY perspective into account. That’s from the FACTORY to TRADE to SUPPLIERS themselves. This gives you unmatched FLEXIBILITY in the market and saves you TIME and EFFORT.

sourcing agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We specialize in reducing transaction risk for solar module businesses. Say goodbye to quality concerns, delivery delays, high transportation costs, and scams/fraud. We ensure a SMOOTH and SECURE PROCESS when purchasing our 500w flexible solar panel.

There is a professional team that is dedicated to answering questions all day.Some key benefits to  you include SMOOTHER operations, reduced downtime, and ultimately improved BUSINESS PERFORMANCE.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We believe in the quote: First customers, then other businesses. Our professional team TAKES a CLOSE look at your requirements for flexible solar panel purchases. We think from your PERSPECTIVE. Ensure a high-quality wholesale 400w flexible solar panel. And assist you even after the PURCHASES. 

Build a STRONG CUSTOMER base by promoting professional solutions! 

Standardized Procedure

We’ve got our own way of doing things. And let me tell you, it’s about being PROFESSIONAL and reliable every step of the way. When we take on a PROJECT or provide a service for you, rest assured that you’ll be treated with top-tier PROFESSIONALISM. 

We’re about giving consistently HIGH-QUALITY 500w flexible solar panels and services. So you can STREAMLINE your workflow and ultimately get higher CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Custom Solutions

We aim to understand your individual NEEDS and GOALS. No cookie-cutter solutions here – we’ll tailor things to fit you like a glove. Our aim? The goal is to ensure you’re one happy customer with the best service imaginable. 

We give you the 500w flexible solar panel you desire. So you get enhanced COMPETITIVENESS in the market. Plus, increased opportunities for BUSINESS GROWTH.

Our Payment

We offer an array of payment methods that suit your preferences and ensure your security. You pay with ease and confidence, reducing UNNECESSARY LOSSES from FRAUD.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

We dig deep into your NEEDS and figure out those nitty-gritty DETAILS. Think of things like specifications, quantities, and quality requirements. Plus, our MARKET RESEARCH skills are on point. You ensure EFFICIENT ALLOCATION of resources to meet customer needs EFFECTIVELY.

  • Supplier Management

Our team takes a moment to carefully select and evaluate top 500w flexible solar panel  suppliers. The goal is to make sure they fit your needs. And that’s not all – we’ll keep an eye on their performance too. You enjoy REDUCED administrative BURDENS and improved product QUALITY CONTROL.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our team knows a thing or two about negotiating and reviewing those CONTRACT DETAILS. We’re here to make sure things are on the up and up with your 500w flexible solar panel contract. NO FUNNY BUSINESS allowed! You get cost savings, reduced risks, and improved profitability for the business.

  • Order Management

We’ve got your 500w flexible solar panel orders on lockdown from start to finish. Whether it’s confirming, tracking, or making changes – we’re all over it. Timely delivery? Consider it DONE! We take supply chain risks seriously and do what we can to minimize them for you. This leads to increased PRODUCTIVITY and REPEAT CUSTOMERS for your business.

  • Logistics Coordination

We ensure your 500w flexible solar panels get to you safe and sound – ON TIME, every time. Our team handles the transportation, warehousing, and distribution logistics with PRO-LEVEL coordination. Trust us to take care of things behind the scenes. So you can fulfill your orders and focus on your CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS!

  • Installation Support

We’ve put together EASY-TO-FOLLOW instructions and helpful videos to make installation a BREEZE. Plus, we’re always here online, ready to guide you through the process STEP BY STEP. And we even throw in an installation package with your product. The easy installation enhances customer SATISFACTION and ultimately INCREASES SALES. 

leelinesourcing team (10)

Our Reliable Partners


Our 500w Flexible Solar Panels Factory

You can rely on our cutting-edge 500w flexible solar panel  factory and services. With our extensive PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES, we deliver customized solar solutions. That helps you adapt to market trends. So, you always stay COMPETITIVE, ADAPT to market demands, and remain PROFITABLE


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Our packing & quick transport ensures timely delivery, allowing you to MEET market demands. NO more canceled, delayed, or damaged orders. You get an unmatched REPUTATION in the market and maximize SALES.

packaging & shipping

Successful Project


63 sets of 20KW solar commercial system in Chad

We provided 20KW solar energy systems to a customer in Chad. Our solution included panels, batteries, a solar controller, and an advanced German inverter. It allowed the newly BUILT SCHOOLS to have reliable power without a main grid supply.

The customer got what they needed as our products exceeded expectations. They trusted us for their government projects’ long term solution. 

200kw solar power system kit for hotel use in Papua New Guinea

We helped set up a solar power system kit for this hotel in Papua New Guinea. The more power package had what they needed. That’s solar panels, batteries, and even a backup diesel generator to keep the lights on no matter what. 

And we didn’t just leave them hanging – we trained their staff on connecting, testing, and fixing any issues with the system. Now, they’ve got an efficient off-grid power setup that meets all their needs!

What our CUSTOMERs say


I just got myself some awesome solar panels from Leeline Energy. And let me tell you, it’s been amazing! The folks there really know their stuff and were super helpful every step of the way. They had my back, from picking out the perfect panels to getting them installed. Now I’m saving big on energy bills and feeling pretty darn good about using renewable power, too!

Frank C Simpson

I gotta say, I am absolutely blown away by Leeline Energy! Seriously, their service is next-level amazing. These guys actually take the time to get your solar power needs. And let me tell you, they hooked me up with a totally personalized solution using traditional rigid solar modules. Now that’s great customer service. Not much can beat that!

Regina R Cloutier

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 500w Flexible Solar Panels

    1. What is the highest watt solar panel for residential use?

    Regarding solar panels for your home, the top guns have a wattage of around 500W. And trust me, that’s plenty powerful for residential use. They keep them at that limit so they won’t be too big to fit on most rooftops. 

    2. Will broken solar panels still work?

    Broken solar panels might still do some work, but don’t expect them to perform at their best. If cracked or damaged, you’ll only get a fraction of the energy output compared to when they were in good shape. And if a panel is completely shattered or destroyed? Yeah, that baby won’t be producing any energy at all.

    3. How do you clean flexible solar panels?

    Grab some regular cleaners and water to wipe the dirt from your 500-watt flexible solar kit. But for maximum effectiveness? Break out that trusty garden hose and a soapy bucket like when washing your car at home! Easy peasy.

    4. Should solar panels be turned off before cleaning?

    Before you do things with your solar system, including cleaning, turn it off first. Safety first!

    5. What is the most efficient solar panel available in the UK?

    When it comes to solar panels, the AIKO 72-cell N-Type ABC White Hole takes the crown in the UK. With a rating of 24% or higher, you can’t go wrong with this bad boy!

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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