Residential Roof Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a GREEN SUSTAINABLE company with ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS. From sourcing quality solar panels to shipping. From choosing the BEST raw materials to grabbing the AFFORDABLE prices. You get reliable PROFESSIONAL services. 

Boost your PROFIT MARGINS with our reliable SOLAR PANELS.

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Premium Residential Roof Solar Panels Features

Leeline ENERGY is a GREEN technology that FURNISHES access to a CUSTOMIZED solar energy system. 


These PV modules have positive and NEGATIVE electrodes on the REAR side. It potentially decreases ENERGY LOSSES. With conductive BACK SHEETS, PV MODULES guarantee you HIGH efficiency.

Cell Structure:

Solar cells are BUSBAR-free designs. The shading area is less than 3%. That means renewable ENERGY production is HIGHER and more. Better efficiency of PV MODULES wins more customers with increased electricity generated.

EVA encapsulant:

EVA encapsulation is, BY FAR, the most impressive technology. It prevents the MOISTURE from decreasing performance. It protects CELLS and provides LONG TERM solutions. You gain more authority by delivering long-lasting solar panels. 


Dual glass adds a BETTER protection layer to the solar system. It takes care of the MECHANICAL stress. You MOVE UP your business status by delivering the DURABLE panels.

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Residential Roof Solar Panels by Types

Polycrystalline residential roof solar panels

Polycrystalline solar PANELS have anti-crack features. In cases of GRID breaking or mechanical stress, it SAVES the solar panels. In the LONG-RUN,  there are no risks of solar panels’ breakage. That is how you CAN set an EXAMPLE of quality for your brand.

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Monocrystalline residential roof solar panels

Monocrystalline solar panels have SELF-CLEANING GLASS. Effective cleaning and high yields maintain it for EXTENDED periods. It saves costs on MAINTENANCE!

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Full black residential roof solar panels

These solar panels are suitable for HIGH solar energy production. Installed on LARGE SCALES, these copy up energy needs. It produces EXCESS solar energy. And cut down your HUGE ENERGY BILLS of your customers. It will INCREASE the customer retention rate.

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Bifacial residential roof solar panels

Bifacial solar panels MAXIMIZE solar production. With an ALUMINUM frame, it offers anti-corrosion features. You deliver all-rounder solutions compatible with ALL SEASONS. It can GROW your solar panel sales.

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Revolutionize Your Brand with Solar! Unleash the potential of Residential Roof Solar Panels at wholesale rates. Elevate your business, embrace sustainability, and lead in the renewable energy era.

Advantages Of The Best Residential Roof Solar Panels


Large Global Customer Base

You grab the BEST QUALITY solar panels. It expands your BUSINESS REACH to the international market. So you get HIGHER SALES


Custom Solar Designs

Our customized solar panels help you START your own solar business. Attain a new level of reputation. And manage a good brand image.


Supply Capability

We have large PRODUCTION capacities. It increases the CHANCES for cheaper products. And increases your PROFITS with a well-established supply chain.


Aim to Diversify Markets

Our team DELIVERS professionally to your consumers. It is a GOLDEN TICKET to access the global market. With more customers,  raising the status of your solar BUSINESS. 

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Our inspection teams evaluate the PRODUCT quality. Improve access to high integrity of solar panels. And deliver HIGHLY EFFICIENCY modules. You generate more SALES AND BUILD more trust. 


OEM/ODM Service

With OEM and ODM services, you can plan your solar business—Start from today. And produce PV modules in short periods. It SAVES money and time for you.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels



Solar Carports

Solar Carports

Lighting a Home

Lighting a Home

Solar Panels for Camping

Solar Panels for Camping



Street Light

Street Light

Precise production process

We have a LARGE production setup. All the raw MATERIALS are tested and verified. You don’t have to COMPROMISE on quality. It is time to SAVE COSTS and raise profits.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our professional team enables ACCESS to global markets with AUTHENTIC certifications. CE, TUV, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certificates IMPROVE your product value. And help you generate more revenue.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We do not only evaluate the SUPPLIERS. But also get you detailed inspection reports. It boosts your CONFIDENCE in quality solar PANELS. And   pumps possibilities to enhance deals.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member4

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline ENERGY has a DECADE of experience in green technology. Our professional TEAM closely works with B2B CUSTOMERS. Find out the BEST WAYS to scale businesses. And provide 100% QUALITY residential roof solar PANELS. You get BETTER customer satisfaction and make up more for the SALES. 

Gain more TRUST from your consumers with our RELIABLE team. 

One-stop Sourcing

You don’t have to WANDER anywhere else. We have SUPPLIERS to SHIPPERS in one place. Our teams invest time and money in exploring the TOP Residential Roof Solar Panels SUPPLIERS. Get the BEST DEAL for your solar systems. And BUILDS a strong relationship with the suppliers to EXPLORE opportunities for lower prices. 

You increase PROFITS by saving time and MONEY. 



Reduce Transaction Risk

Our team CONSIDERS all the vulnerable cases for SCAMS. We sort out the payment options for RESIDENTIAL roof solar panels. PROVIDE the authenticated payments. And dodge the SHIPPING delays with our FAST delivery services. You surprise your CUSTOMERS with timely delivery and TRACKING. 

Decrease RISKS of delivery delays or PAYMENT SCAMS. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Leeline ENERGY always KEEPS the customers on top priority. We PAY attention to all the needs of our customers. Find the BEST solar panels suppliers to meet their demands. And fulfill all the requirements for residential roof SOLAR panels. You get solar power systems with exact needs. 

Grow your customer BASE by providing RELIABLE solar power solutions.

Standardized Procedure

Our team is VERY PROFESSIONAL at implementing the solutions. We URGE to take up only the standardized procedures. Follow the CONDITIONS as specified by ISO standards. And deliver the HIGHEST quality residential roof SOLAR PANELS. You WIN customers by handing over HIGHLY INTEGRAL solar panels. 

Gain more REPUTATION as a clean energy solution. 

Custom Solutions

We KNOW the importance of the GOALS and NEEDS of the customers. To fulfill their needs, we offer them customized solutions. You can let us know the SPECIFICATIONS of your wholesale solar panel. We manufacture as per REQUIREMENTS. And deliver your CUSTOMERS. 

Set an EXAMPLE of confidence for your customers with CUSTOMIZED solar solutions.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

The first thing in the DEAL is to assess your demands. We LISTEN to your requirements. Give MARKET INSIGHTS on solar products wholesale performance. And ensure QUALITY production. You gain the attention of more customers with the high integrity of wholesale residential roof solar panels.

  • Supplier Management

We manage your ALREADY available suppliers. Sometimes, we help you FIND quality suppliers. Check residential roof solar panels FACTORY. And grab only the QUALITY product. You avoid the risks of decreasing your reputation with QUALITY.

  • Contract Negotiation

We know the WORTH of flawless deals. So, we ensure the SUPPLIERS OF solar panels are reliable. Prices are competitive. And your customers get the FIRST-CLASS experience. You obtain a SEAMLESS experience at AFFORDABLE costs

  • Order Management

Our Order Management will CONNECT all the chains. Orders shipping will OCCUR on time. And you enjoy higher earnings by providing an EXCELLENT customer venture.

  • Logistics Coordination

In the supply chain, we have an integrated LOGISTICS team. Order PROCESSING and shipments occur in NO TIME. Your customers get TRACKING facilities. It boosts their FAITH in your business.

  • Installation Support

We provide DETAILED guides on residential roof solar installations. Video guides and MANUAL support further ensure safety. Your customers save INSTALLATION costs. And anticipate the SAFE energy production. 

leelinesourcing team

Our Payment

We have multiple PAYMENT options to increase your EASE. All of our payment options are fully ENCRYPTED, increasing your security. Get 100% payment SAFETY with us.  

Western Union

Wholesale Solar Advantage! Secure your brand’s future with Residential Roof Solar Panels. Join us in driving sustainability, reducing costs, and gaining a competitive edge in your industry.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of Residential Roof Solar Panels

We have ADVANCED technology for the MOST EFFICIENT solar panels production. You MANUFACTURE large quantities within a short time.


packaging & shipping

We pack the SOLAR PANELS in robust packaging. It improves the QUALITY and safety of shipping. Timely SHIPPING avoids the risks of DELAYING delivery with 100% SAFETY.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case 6

Mr. James wanted to INSTALL solar panels at the home

When Mr. James, a FLOUR MILL OWNER, contacted us. He wanted two THINGS. One is the LOWER solar panels cost. The OTHER is the quality. Our team took this task to the TOP and brought a list of top suppliers for solar equipment. 

We helped in solar installation as well. Today Mr. James called us for the SECOND home solar panel system. That has been a GREAT deal. 

Mr. Lynn contacted us about the PERFECT solar energy system

Mr. Lynn lives in the UK and runs a COLD DRINK FACTORY. He talked to our team about the SOLAR POWER SYSTEM. We did a quick question about CUSTOMIZATION. Upon request, we found SOLAR COMPANIES with full customization features. 

This deal went SEAMLESS. We helped in the COMPLETE INSTALLATION process. Mr. Lynn was thrilled after the DEAL. He appreciated our efforts.

case 19
What our customers say


I have been very thankful to Leeline for installing solar panels. Their team is speedy and brings up quick solutions. They are good with a solar panel system. Don’t hesitate to work with them. Thank you, leeline team.


It won’t have been possible without the Leeline Solar Company. They helped me get an affordable cost for the solar panel system. I love them for their honest services. I’ll work with you once again. 


People Also Ask about Residential Roof Solar Panels

1. Where can I find a list of the most prominent residential solar panel manufacturing companies?

There are tons of ONLINE WEBSITES to find the top solar panel systems.
For example, Alibaba, Dhgate, Amazon, and many other online sites. LEELINE Energy can get you the BEST solar panels. 

2. What is the best angle position for solar panel installation in the Philippines?

For maximum electricity GENERATION, your solar array must FACE the sun. True SOUTH is an excellent position. Sometimes, it does not work. You need to FIND another angle to produce CLEAN energy.

3. Why should you go for residential solar panels in Milngavie?

Not a SINGLE REASON. You’ll get the following benefits. 
· Lower solar prices
· Solar savings on electric bills
· Longer life span

4. In what situations is it economically beneficial to install residential solar panels?

A: You need to know MANY FACTORS for home solar panels. These can be: 
· The sunlight your SOLAR FACES. 
· The direction of your ROOF
· What solar incentives does your AREA have? 
· Whether you can afford the solar panels or not.

5. What is the best/newest Market for direct sales of residential solar panels?

There are MANY LOCAL or global markets. If you want to PURCHASE, China is at the BEST. For instant selling, you can target the US, UK, or European markets. 

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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