Solar Light Installation: Guide You Every Step


Ready to SPRUCE UP your outdoor spot? Brace yourself for an ENLIGHTENING lesson in solar light installation. Get ready to DAZZLE!

Hate struggling with WONKY solar light setup? Ugh, we get ya! NO WORRIES, though; we’ll show you the way and make LIGHTING a BREEZE for you. Let’s do this!

That’s because we know the struggle of setting up SOLAR LIGHTS. Don’t worry, Leeline Energy‘s got your back with SOLAR LIGHT GUIDANCE! We’ve been DOING this for over 10 years and KNOW all the TRICKS to fulfill your outdoor lighting DREAMS. Ready to light things up?

We’ve got all the deets for OUTDOOR INSTALLATION. From STAKES to STRINGS and SECURITY LIGHTS, we’ll spill the secrets on making it shine!

Solar Light Installation

What Are The Essential Components Of Solar Lights?

components of solar lights

If you want solar lights to WORK, you’ve gotta have a few KEY COMPONENTS.

First up, we got those RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. It stores all the power generated from the SUN during the day so your lights can PARTY all night long. 

Then we got this baby PHOTOVOLTAIC cell or solar panel. This bad boy CAPTURES sunlight and converts it into ELECTRICAL ENERGY. Oh yeah! Just make sure those solar panels are facing DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Or your lights will be like VAMPIRES hiding from the SUN. 

Next in line is our superhero CHARGE CONTROLLER. This guy MAKES SURE those batteries DON’T get TOO CHARGED with electricity. That is when the sun’s ENERGY DECIDES to blast EVERYTHING with its CRAZY BRIGHTNESS. 

And last but not least, we got good LEDs shining bright like DIAMONDS (thanks, Riri) on the FIXTURES. They provide the light show to ILLUMINATE whatever is around them. 

So there you have it! Panels, batteries, controllers, and LEDs – all work together to BRING some EPIC illumes!

How To Install Outdoor Solar Lights?

Here is how to install three types of outdoor solar lights.

Installing Solar Stakes

Installing Solar Stakes

Let’s get those solar stakes POPPING! 

Step 1: Find and prepare a suitable location

First things, you gotta decide on the PERFECT SPOT. Mark it out – NO GUESSWORK allowed.

Step 2: Stake them into the soil 

Grab your TRUSTY rubber mallet and slam those FOUNDATION STAKES into the ground. Pro tip: water the soil BEFOREHAND to make it EASIER. And eyeball alert! Use a level to check that they’re STRAIGHT and push them in just right so your LIGHTS don’t end up looking WONKY.

Step 3: Secure them Properly 

If your lights aren’t already ATTACHED (aww), SECURE them properly. Oh, and please PAY ATTENTION – position that solar panel where it gets MAXIMUM SUNLIGHT during the day. It’s POWER-slurping time!

Step 4: Hook up the wire 

Okay, smarty pants… Want lights in SHADY LOCATIONS? No problemo! Get stakes with REMOTE panels that ATTACH with cables like they are BFFs. Place that panel in a SUNNY SPOT (duh!) and hook up THAT wire according to instructions – NO EXTRA WIRE length, though – stay TIDY! Keep those lil’ buddies CLOSE so there’s NO need for MESSY burying.

Step 5: Use them 

FINALLY… activate those bad boys by SWITCHING on prior to use if needed (some are AUTOMATIC at sundown). TIME for beautifully lit WALKWAYS or BACKYARD rampages under stellar SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTS!

Installing String Lights

Installing String Lights

So, you WANT to add some pizzazz to your outdoor space with BEAUTIFUL string lights? I gotchu covered! Here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1. Stick that solar panel in the ground 

The panel usually has a STAKE attached to it, unlike some solar wall lights I’ve come across. Just JAM it into the SOIL and make sure it gets PLENTY of SUNLIGHT.

Step 2. Choose a purrfect location

DECIDE where you want those lights to shine their magic. But BEWARE, DON’T put those wires across any WALKWAYS. Trust me, I learned this the WRONG way. Someone might TRIP and do an UNEXPECTED dance number, like my DAD did!

Step 3. Give them something to hang them on 

If you have WALLS or EAVES (fancy word for the hanging part under a ROOF), yeehaw! Use screw-in HOOKS and let those lights dangle like tiny shooting STARS. Can’t use hooks? No worries! Staples can be your friend here, too; just make sure they’re BIG ENOUGH not to hurt the WIRE INSULATION.

Step 4. Flick that switch & Enjoy 

MOST solar string light panels wanna be used as soon as you install THEM. They come with POWER SWITCHES just on them! Turn them on and ENJOY.

Install Solar-Panel Security Lights

Install Solar-Panel Security Lights

Wanna keep that outdoor space SECURE? Here is a STEP-BY-STEP process on how to INSTALL your solar-panel security lights:

Step 1: Pick a security light 

Get one of those fancy SOLAR LIGHT KITS with the INSTALLATION MANUAL, the light fixture, the solar panel, and all the STUFF you need. I don’t have MUCH EXPERIENCE with lights that don’t COME with an INSTALLATION KIT.

Step 2: Figure out a location to put it

Grab a COMPASS or use an app if you’re a tech guru to help ORIENT you with the SUN’S DIRECTION. Install that sucker in a SUNNY place or facing the sun to TAKE up as much SUNSHINE as possible in your area.

Step 3: Drill some holes to install 

Use those MOUNTING BRACKETS on the security lights. They’ll GUIDE you where to SCREW into your wall or WHEREVER you want this thing.

Step 4: Slap and install solar lights on there tight 

Get your drill handy and SECURE it with the PROVIDED HARDWARE. I like to use a SMALL DRILL bit; you can begin here and EXPERIMENT to see what WORKS for you.

Step 5: Hide them cords like a magic trick 

Run those cables SNEAKILY along your eaves or inside walls for ultimate INVISIBILITY. Friends will think it’s just pure ELECTRICITY showing up outta NOWHERE.

Step 6: Time for lighting showtime 

Pick a SPOT along your WALKWAY to enjoy the view and SWITCH on the security lighting.

Important Tips of Solar Light Installation

Tips of Solar Light Installation

1. Choose the right place

Where should you INSTALL solar lights, you ask? Well, my friend, it’s SIMPLE. Stick them OUTSIDE in places where there’s PLENTY of SUNSHINE. I go for patios, walkways, gardens. That’s because I find those are all tricked-out spots for solar-powered ILLUMINATION in North America. 

Just make sure to PREPARE the area FIRST and leave ENOUGH SPACE for those panels to soak up the sun’s delicious ENERGY.

2. Prepare before you install

BEFORE you go sticking those solar lights in the GROUND or WALL, lemme drop some knowledge on you. Those bad boys need to be CLEANED and CHARGED before they’re ready to rock your outdoor spaces. 

Give them a WIPE-DOWN with a SOFT CLOTH, and make sure the battery is FULLY JUICED up from BASKING in the sun. You can start installing those beauties wherever your HEART DESIRES!

3. Maintain your solar lights

I know solar lights give you a LOW-MAINTENANCE vibe, but they still need some loving. The LED lamps got the STAMINA to go up to 100,000 hours, and BATTERIES usually CHUNK along for about 5-7 years

Show them some TLC so they can shine their brightest. Clean them SHINY and make sure those POWER CELLS have soaked up enough SUN JUICE. And remember, regular check-ups will keep your solar lights game STRONG!

4. Place them thoughtfully

First off, what kind of VIBE are you going for? Is it a kickass PATHWAY or a GORGEOUS garden feature? Depending on that, you’ll want to space the lights accordingly. I like to make sure they’re VISIBLE and won’t get swallowed up by my LAWNMOWER or RUN OVER by my fancy wheels. As a rule of thumb, if my kids can’t easily see them, I need to adjust my placement.

Oh, and keep them AWAY from places where kids play to avoid tripping HAZARDS. Get CREATIVE with your install PLAN and draw it out ahead of time for MAXIMUM SUCCESS!

5. Consider the weather

When it comes to solar lights, THE ELEMENTS can get in the way of their BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE. Rain is a small issue as it helps CLEAN panels, and LIGHT SNOW slides off at the right angle. 

But beware of SUPER DUSTY or SNOWY ZONES that might block those SWEET SUNBEAMS! A quick wipe-down may be needed to keep them shining bright. Consider POLE-MOUNTED systems if accessibility is challenging.

People Also Ask about Solar Light Installation

1. Should you turn off solar lights during the day?

Solar lights are hassle-free! Keep them on at all times; they AUTOMATICALLY detect SUNSET and SUNRISE. No need for manual switch flipping.

2. What kind of homes are suitable for installing solar lighting?

You can stick solar lights ANYWHERE with the SUN! Caravans, tents, swags—yep, they WORK there too!

3. How much does it cost to install solar lights on your property?

Solar lights can cost between $150 to $500 per light, including installation. But it all DEPENDS on SIZE and QUALITY. Compared to traditional lighting, solar REDUCES long-term bills for electricity and maintenance. Yay for savings!

4. What problems should be paid attention to when installing solar lights?

For solar lights, stick them in SUNNY SPOTS—they won’t juice up in trees or such! And BEWARE of hype—lights aren’t super BRIGHT or STRONG. Keep your wits when buying, and DON’T expect MIRACLES, okay?

What’s Next

First, we DUG into the nitty-gritty of solar lights to know WHAT’S WHAT. Next, step-by-step INSTALLATION TIPS for three types. These included installing Solar Stakes, String Lights, and solar panel security Lights. Anyhoo also shared 5 ESSENTIAL tips for your solar light setup. Good luck with installing your solar lights!

Learned the ROPES of installing solar lights? Take your skills to Leeline Energy for KILLER TIPS. And hey, we tackle more than just solar slights stuff! Got other GREEN ENERGY puzzles on your plate? Check out our website—we’ve got solutions there like buried treasure!

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